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The lotus is an aquatic perennial plant that lives in flooded fields or ponds and returns to bloom year after year. It is aquatic in the sense that it requires an environment of water to grow. It is a perennial in the sense that it regrows year after year and its seeds can create flowers and beauty, even after hibernation. But the lotus is so much more than an aquatic perennial plant. 

"Within your heart is a lotus, and within this lotus there is a diamond. This diamond is the source of creation. And in all creation, there is only one lotus." 


The lotus begins its life deep under water, in regions where the water is still on the surface. The lotus is planted in muddy waters, surrounded by muck, dirt, fish, and insects. As the lotus begins to grow, it pushes its way from the mud and mucky conditions that surround it, rising up with a strong stem through the waters to rise to the surface. Slowly, petal by petal, the lotus blooms. It blooms above the mud and muddy waters that surround it, untouched  by the mud as its petals open in beauty towards the sunshine. The story of the lotus has become a symbol of re-birth, survival, and opportunity in many cultures.

The story of the lotus is also the story of people. Of being human. Some of us begin our lives surrounded by muddy waters, an environment that may not be loving or supportive. Others may find that as they move through life they experience mud and muck and dirt. The mud can drag us down, trapping us underneath the surface, in a cold and dark place.


As we begin to grow, however, we can push our way from the mud and mucky conditions and begin to grow, rising up through the muddy waters to rise to the surface. Our roots exist deep within the mud that we have grown from, but we grow towards the light and the surface. At the surface, above the mud, slowly, one achievement at a time, we bloom. We bloom above the mud and the shit that has surrounded us, letting the mud slide off of us, as we open in beauty towards the sunshine and the light. We are out of the darkness. We can bloom. We bloom, sitting on the surface, surrounded by still waters and bright light from the sun. We rise to our potential, expanding in beauty and transformation. 

The story of the lotus is the story of being  human. Without the mud, there is no lotus. Without the shit, there is no growth. Without the darkness, there is no light. Where there is mud, there is a lotus. Where there is shit, there is growth. Where there is darkness, there is light. No mud, no lotus.


You are being presented with the opportunity to become a:


You will need to simplify your life so that it is in alignment with your deepest desires. Kindly do not resist the clearing of all that is not really you. You will begin having prophetic dreams, dreams which show you exactly what you need to do. You will experience some kind of kundalini awakening, and so begin the process of activating and integrating the light body. You may begin to experience contact with STAR FAMILY - beings of higher dimensional consciousness who are working hard to support you in this, the greatest journey of any of all your lifetimes. You will become an avatar of your higher self and seed the planet. Kindly take care to plant your seeds on fertile ground.

And so it begins...

"I have always had problems with keys and locks, for I knew how beautiful it was on the other side of the door"




At some point in the ascension process, the only thing that makes any sense is to live in divine service

You are being invited to answer your own call. It is the perfect time for all those with willing hearts to begin their own ascension process, the new operating system of the planet has been anchored in, all is well. You will have the chance to live life as all aspects of yourself. Choose wisely, try to master at least one aspect, make sure that at least one aspect can generate money, and allow what is not you to be cleared out of your existence, out of your being, out of the contexts you choose to put yourself into. Take care to move towards being the very highest vision of yourself.

Sometimes what is necessary to clear can be quite dramatic. You will need to learn how to let go, how to develop a mastery of non-attachment (maintaining your inner world whatever is happening in the external world), you'll need to become totally self-sufficient in love, and above all, you'll have to move towards loving yourself more than you ever thought possible. When the drama comes to strip you of something that is not you, we call this:


"There are many mansions in the house of the lord, and many lords in the mansions"

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