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A preview of ‘SINGULAR PARTICULAR’…Part 1…



this is a sneak preview of 'singular particular’

…this is part 1 of a 2 part post…

part 2 can be found here:

it's the first of my epic poems.

 estimated length of the finished piece is 25000 words.

our protagonist loses his much loved husky whose name is 'bliss'. after receiving instructions in a lucid dream to set out on a profound journey - he finds himself dropping into deeper and deeper layers of self-realization, until...

well, that would be telling, wouldn't it?

it's an ode to creativity and a manual for the ascension and descension process now presenting itself to so many on our planet.

it's an eternal love story.

it's an autobiography.

it's many many things all rolled into one.

‘singular particular’ will be published in free-to-download pdf format here on

with a good wind...

sometime in october 2024


permanent pilgrim poetry


…on becoming HUman…

…a work in progress…


~ they will call it fantasy, but of course, it was real ~

the day she left was the worst so far

the dog you loved - loss left its scar

that cross-bred husky you'd christened 'bliss'

just disappeared - you'd been remiss

you weren’t aware of what you’d done

but elsewhere bliss she chose to run

the following night came the lucid dream

instructions clear from a being supreme

and as you listened to the words he spoke

a higher sense of purpose woke

"if you wish to find what's gone astray

then walk this road - don't stop halfway

i ask you to empty your self and your soul

i ask you to trust you’ll discover your role

explore the numbers - search inside and out

you'll soon discover what this was all about

and when you're whole again and in sovereign command

you'll feel who and what you are expand

to a state of being that can evoke

the magic of your masterstroke”


a numerical adventurer

an empirical deliverer

a graduate of my new earth school

and through your own life lived - without doubt or fear

bliss will return - she'll reappear

none to thirteen - you’ll ascend on this ride

and with what you uncover - please write us a guide

you’ll enter pure waters of aquamarine

your journey into light foreseen”

so familiar was this gentle voice

you were left without another choice

like honeyed oak your teacher's tone

unturned you'd leave no single stone

so you packed your bags and grabbed your tarot

always would be in front an arrow

first steps you took without delay

and out of nowhere did appear the way

you started bright and bushy tailed

your dear departed soon unveiled

friends - all that i've found in the faraway

i shall do my best to now convey


i remember in those early days

so much time i spent down alleyways

where the light was always far from near

where i’d fight my mind’s imagineer

with the going so slow

and loss buried below

the weight would interfere

in my wandering

always pondering

how these numbers to engineer

on this adventure - sure - the way was marked

but more than sometimes full of dogs that barked

as i flippity-flopped the same old ground

with the spring of me so tightly wound

you see - i still carried a torch

so the goodwill of each porch

hid a hungry hollering hound

there was no way in

no way to begin

this journey that promised profound

then i realised when i analysed

in my life the choices i’d made

what materialised on this route i’d devised

without harmony: retrograde

all those wrong-ish roads taken

my creative self forsaken

just quick fixes sought by this graceless renegade

you see - i’d purchased bliss

to fill in the abyss

of a love mislaid and by these senseless loops delayed

so close we’d come to union

but this love it just would never run on time

we were in obvious communion

but so full of mistrust - our bells they would not chime

so i’d lost my love - i’d lost my dog

my creative channels i couldn’t unclog

from my soul’s dark night i couldn’t seem to climb

these three losses were one i couldn’t outrun

i was trapped at the scene of a self-inflicted crime

i couldn’t find my way out

no matter how loud i’d shout

i just sank down this hole within me

until one day i would choose

left with nothing to lose

to let go and live my life empty

as the numeral nought

the past’s funeral brought

the way in - it seemed - accidentally

for when you truly let go

source power can flow

and what you need comes ‘coincidently’

as i stood there silent in the street

i chanced on who i’d been fated to meet

we clocked each other straight away

we knew which were our roles to play

when one’s ready the right white witch appears

together to act as pioneers

through template exchange and codes rearranged

really nothing feels strange when all’s prearranged

her name was

kitty catiya darling

she wheeled in like an other world starling

star seed - take heed - god speed - rolled into one

her game was

quantum disentanglement

a technician whose many angles meant

she’s both the highest of the high and lower than low

we lapped up each other’s stories

we put us more and more at ease

we chatted away and each felt better by half

she listened to what i had to say

how i could not find this entryway

her eyes lit up and she began to laugh

“he’s up to his old tricks again

he’s counting on me to explain

i’ve been carrying these keys on your behalf”

“you’ve both chosen and been chosen

it’s like your life’s been freshly frozen

you’ve been kept in loops that to you just didn’t make sense

but in that system was perfection

  for through your radical redirection

the harnessing of the HUman can commence

you'll be homo universalis

an aurora borealis

to light up the world and grow into immense”

“a bit of background here would make things clear

sometimes i lose my way my dear

the paradigms i live are far from stable

the hybrid human’s been kept in a state

a condition to which all can relate

we couldn’t transform until we’d shown we’re able

this safety catch has long denied

our higher powers locked inside

as we waited on our paragon’s new timetable”

“until recently we’ve all been stuck

in karmic loops we thought bad luck

what to us had seemed like our free will

was in actual fact just a treadmill:

the interference of - the zero infinity cell”

“two thousand and twelve has changed all that

for those who wisely choose their hat

the time has come now to instil

in us what takes charge of the nil:

the perseverance of - all willing personnel”

“an operating system that’s brand new

in its infinite wisdom’s changing you

it’s now anchored in our hearts upon the earth

it’s coursing through the planet’s grid

enforcing us to lift the lid

on new divine humanity’s eon birth”

“this is

new earth eternity training

it’s her way of ascertaining

who is now capable

it’s inescapable:

the merge of selves - the embodiment of light”

“it’s his

modular training program

that will sift right through you gram by gram

all distortions in your essence to overwrite

this process leaves you black and blue

you’ll have the shit kicked out of you

‘till you emerge light shining brighter than bright”

“in this moment i’m here to tell you

through these channeled words compel you

to accept this road

on you bestowed

be brave”

“your enrolment on this upward track

it means that you can never go back

you’ve already passed the point of no return

your previous incarnations

and this life’s accreditations

have marked you out - their trust you’ve managed to earn”

“you’ll take a crash course in creation

you’ll master meditation

you’ll go above and beyond - you’ll journey far and wide

you’ll take your place in the first wave

you’ll have to change how you behave

show in how you respond: an exemplar cannot hide”

“through the hall of mirrors you must walk

through custom classes learn to talk

a language more in key with all you are

each component turned up to the max

you cannot paper over cracks

to all that wasn’t you: merci and au revoir”

“you’ll become

a responsible spiritual pirate

you’ll reboot your being in private

your tune remixed - your fullness fixed anew”

“and don’t be glum

with all your fragments freed from fret

each aspect sees its needs are met

and pretty soon the world will change around you”

“this is your process

of ascension and descension

it’s your radiant reinvention

with your divine self you will merge in human form

i guess you’re feeling apprehension

it’s beyond your comprehension

it’s a little too far removed from what's the norm"


let’s take a moment here to find

the rhythm slow for peace of mind

these downloads they can be too much

i’ll put my foot down on the clutch

let’s drink some tea and then begin again”




"...that's better..."


when you align with who and what you really are

right on time the proper tools are duly gifted

when you move towards that glistening guiding star

you’ll find your focus well and truly shifted

as you improve in this his listening seminar

you’ll find your groove with limitations lifted

when you make a move to raise the bar

you’ll begin to find it quite bizarre

all that through which your old self coolly drifted”

“…and with regard to her…”


you’ve never ever been alone

the wind has always her way blown

but the both of you are just to tough to tether

the stronger share in higher aims

no longer care for love-me games

you’re just the same - two birds of a feather”


the magnitude of the connection

give gratitude for the reflection

each mirror soul does clearly show the other

the two of you indeed are linked

as prophesied a breed distinct

to take the lead and trigger one another”

“that's how you endow

each other with creator skills that have that cutting edge

each time you’ve met in them there hills you'd already made a pledge

to bring about the circumstance - to spark the inner change

you’ll both take each and every chance to extend the other’s range”


on this earth they’d call you twin flames

in other worlds you’ve other names

such concepts can be oversubscribed

but your presence here has been prescribed

and it's best to work together - of that i’m sure”


the two of you have always known

until you had in all ways grown

and from yourself you’d ceased to run

you couldn’t pair and lie as one

to taste this sacred union so pure”

“this is how

the balancing of energies between you will assist

higher versions of reality for humanity to exist

your elevated consciousness - your unconditional love

your union is a gateway opening up to what’s above

humankind depends on you as it does the ascension tribe

you’re the leading edge creators of this higher kind of vibe

that is set to be the new foundation all are anchored in

the next stage in evolution each soul is seeking to begin”


just as we thought - love is the bridge

it’s permanent your pilgrimage

to live and be this harmony - this eternal unified state

emotions, thoughts and body are merged

shadows accepted and baggage is purged

loss and fear removed from here by wiping clean the slate”


down through the old and sow the seeds

of a timeline that fulfils your needs

counter intentions and progress abstentions will cease

those old beliefs will fall away

those memories of yesterday

are all stirred up for your loving cup's increase”


to move to neutral your response to what this process triggers

to greet your coming renaissance - for the true you it  configures

subconscious tired reactive states

must be rewired for what awaits

each new instalment teaches how to move to the next number

by opening up the pair’s connection fully between each heart

the light and dark of your reflection's back and forth will start

as you move to install resolution

as you clear this room of all pollution

all that's lain dormant up to now awakens from its slumber”


to the beauty of the counterparts - two cogs that interlock

to the pathway of the mystic - your resistance cannot block

it goes right through your darkness to the light within your core

in your being are components it’s your duty to explore

on the outside is a mirage calling you to go inside

to the innermost point - your effort joint - where each becomes their guide

your wounds must heal

you can’t conceal

the cost you’re carrying here

the more you try to fix the shell

the more your focus feeds a hell

it’s crossed this bridge - there’s safe passage

for those whose hearts are clear”


the influence of all that harms you and that includes your one

the continuance of what alarms you - it’s there to be undone

you can't feel bad when you are glad that learning comes your way

if it makes you mad or you get sad - just let it fade away

love is always seeking higher and higher forms of love

your destination's speaking - you may require a little shove

once already you've rejected her

and she has done the same

until you're clear this will recur

you've both yourselves to blame”


the work is yours and yours alone

there are no outcomes set in stone

if there’s any kind of longing you won’t together be belonging

the idea of separation is precisely what’s prolonging

the utopia of consummation remaining out of reach

you enter into union first and foremost with yourself

your centre will become well-versed with your uppermost bookshelf

the masculine and feminine

these principles they underpin

the immensity of all you are - forged from the best of each

with solo sovereign self the goal

this deep let go helps make a whole

where density will have no role - this journey how will teach”

“the here and now

the more steady becomes our daily state

a higher vibration we can create

a new point of perception on self, life, love and death

harmonised - internalised

the sovereign self is energised

by the ecstasy of each and every breath”

“...that's the what and why and how

and before too long you shall...”


like cats wild dining on sardines

a breakfast fit for kings and queens

to replenish essence spent the night before

you'll astonish with each other’s touch

this piece of heaven sent is such

a perfect fit - spirit's design

immaculate - it's crystalline

you'll cherish each and every part adore”

“once again wow

she’s your mistress, muse and mate combined

you resistless fuse - star gates aligned

you've found each other's sensual guarantor

in sync you'll induce waves divine

you'll drink each other’s juice like wine

she'll clamp down on you - lose control

you'll feel the trembling in your soul

spellbound - reclined content - forevermore”


“...i see you've raised your eyebrow


“perhaps you’re feeling that such talk is too far fetched

that right now you’re both outside of what i’ve sketched

it’s nothing new - her finite self’s confused like you

don’t misconstrue - this mirror’s working good and true

while you’ve been dilly dallying down in your doldrums

she’s not been nonchalantly twiddling her thumbs

her higher self's been hard at work behind the scenes

beyond the veils - when it’s required - she intervenes

and as you couldn’t hear her voice she left you clues

in language meant for you a deeper truth to choose

she was convinced you’d recognise just what it means

with eyes wide shut - you just got stuck in in-betweens”

“her passion and her patience know no bounds

even if her methodology confounds

with her foundation in the movement: arts and crafts

she’s devoted time to building you the rafts

that you’ll need to stay afloat as flow returns

when self-improvement tops the list of your concerns

a higher road - how could you try to undertake?

creative waters - they must break - for goodness sake!

so you’re late starting - now three paths are underway

these three programs each the other overlay

the ascension and the mirror process - both

the work you do in each - eternal personal growth”

“'s maybe phrased a bit highbrow


“despite the hoity-toity terminology

down-to-earth is where we birth cosmology

a neoteric esoteric - labelled 'sage'

but you've not been putting words down on the page

you'll be surprised - a lot of this is very grounded

it's customised to leave you feeling quite well-rounded

through this crash course in creation - grow your being

i'm guaranteeing source will change your way of seeing

at the start you should just focus on the dog

with this clarity you'll see through your thought fog

it's with your art you generate the bliss you need

so if your own you can create you will succeed”

“now follow this tao

as you well know - for harmony - bliss is the key

so to reverse your husky's loss you've sources three:

first through being creative and through loving your own work

then on the mirrored journey an upgraded heart's the perk

new levels of elation that you can accommodate

and nobody can miss this biochemical update

lastly light integration - yes this really is your fate

as you embody this - it's true that bliss becomes your resting state”

“both source and guiding principle of all that exists

on calm communication with your true self it insists

the spiritual and physical are one and the same

embodiment - enlightenment - your lifetimes' aim”

“what you're guided to see - what's put in front of you

the person that you are right now - you understand through

there’s always more occurring than just what’s in view

making episodes recurring far between and few”

“you deal with each challenge at the point that it presents

you integrate the learning - step by step developments

and when a happening that cuts so deep you bleed comes up

you'll have dug the well you need to better fill that loving cup”

“now we're getting near the moment we say ciao

we're coming to the end of our privileged powwow

so let's together drink a final cup of tea

we've just a few more points to cover - if you agree”

you'll be beginning to discern a certain theme

that's underpinning your return to being supreme

so let's unpack the higher three that make me me

they'll help peel back the layers laid down in 3d”

so my dear - i'm going to ask - what's it to be?

will you be equal to this task with normal tea?

perhaps the finest blend of lavender we'll move to share a flask

it quiets the mind - let's you unwind - removes the ego's mask

your line of sight is remedied - those grey clouds they’ll recede”

“words of wonder will flow through when your inner skies are blue

when the influence you're under's good and true

so is it more normality like hitherto?

or could 'infusion-no-illusion' be our brew?

i'll have the same as you and you the same as me

like two light workers lending solidarity

now if you're willing i am ready to proceed

but pretty soon you're going to need to take the lead"


"star seed"

"you’ll understand my mind is classified: asperger's

i'm a dab hand at these kind of mental mergers

with beings from other realms i can converse

the dimensions of existence we traverse

star soul family - they're coming through

i hear them loud and clear

paradoxically - this is your crew

they’re here but won’t appear

they’ve a few things to communicate

some knowings which illuminate

as is their way - expressed in lines of verse:”

“the divine council of overseers has authorised

your first contact to be kitty supervised

we’re invested in your total transformation

we’ve requested anecdotal activation

as you create and evolve

all barriers dissolve

and you’ll begin to tell the story of ascension

the inspiration is inside of you

you know just what you’re meant to do:

pen poems of your higher self’s invention”

“you’ve lived so many lifetimes as a human

we’ve watched your light grow lumen by lumen

you identify with origin realms whose forms are biodiverse

you personify the wisdom learned across our universe

in every incarnation your god spark you do discover

the way home to the oneness through the dark it does uncover

and when you’re not aboard our lightships friend

your presence here is missed

for your highest evolution these many truths they co-exist

non-duality for the trainee is always ‘and’ and ‘both’

you’re all signed up - your cup of tea’s - accelerated growth”

“multidimensional you’ve truly always been

living levels that unduly can’t be seen

it’s just when heaviness is steering that this access is denied

now these obstacles are clearing you’ll begin once more to glide

and through density no longer have to trudge

we are not higher

we are other

we require

one another

to help humans chart a course through all this sludge”

“unconsciously or consciously - whichever way they walk

each soul is making progress and that’s not just empty talk

but for big jumps in the species some of you they must diverge

so that lightbody integrated HUmans can emerge

we don’t want to overwhelm

but you’ll need to take the helm

as your destination’s clearly off the chart

the canary isles is where we’ll meet

with miles and miles in them there feet

you’ll be on your way to mastering your art”

“as your seedling of ascension starts to flower

the fragrance of its truth will thus empower

new recruits to put down roots for activation

of a coming golden age of transformation

as you create and evolve

all barriers dissolve

and there’ll be no need for further intervention

your story is your jewel

pure lovelight is your fuel

the building of momentum’s your intention"

"take heed"

"now i’ve some words of warning that i must relay

as some hazards can appear on your pathway

enlightenment’s perceived as close to madness

by those deceived by struggles lost to sadness

they will ridicule the new

what in actual fact is true

so you must take care to disentangle first

and when eventually they catch up with your teaching

some’ll turn it into dogma for their preaching

and when another gives their all in odyssey

this new orthodox will call it heresy

so avoid such interdiction

and write it all as fiction

gift your readers an elsewhere to be immersed”

“at present you’re an echo that’s ensuing from the past

a younger you from long ago’s continuing broadcast

it’s direct and lived experience - the doing that resolves

subconscious elements around which suffering revolves

now gather up the echoes and begin

the recasting of your resonance within

make this journey not a struggle but a joy

with a rewrite of that brittle little boy

you’ll work best without the need for their approval

through those dreaded voices’ surgical removal

a new palette of emotions you’ll deploy

find the freedom to create and not destroy”

“in ascension’s an intrinsicality

that you must upgrade your physicality

in your cells is a consciousness that sends

its own signal that on context past depends

you’re a feeder of attraction

so best carry into action

intentions, thoughts and feelings that are pure

do the heavy lifting soon to reconstruct

your new vessel free from anything corrupt

transformation can be felt but is not seen

the palpable has always this way been

the spiritual body heals

the physical’s ordeals

if those patterns change and change it can endure”

“it really can be difficult to deal with your own soul

if to injury you add insult you’ll pay a heavy toll

the guidance that is given’s not just to the promised land

it’ll take you down some alleyways you never would have planned

expansion comes through blessed highs and lows

you’ll have to learn how to absorb the blows

it’s right energy you need to best respond

as spirit crafts from kings the vagabond

and with awareness of the mirror system’s aim

comes the need to step away from blame and shame

your core challenges will cause constant revolts

so to level up please fit new nuts and bolts"

"god speed"

"now you cannot force the numbers - they've momentum of their own

and they flow much better when it's all home-grown

it’s the same way with your projects - with your poems - with your pen

like a pro pacesetter - your work knows when's when

going hammer and tong can make it all go wrong

no rushing in the morning when you hear birdsong

so put your focus on the number in view

that way they'll be bringing out the best in you”

“each digit is profound and comes inbound

and all have meaning newly found

they'll appear on your journey at each breakthrough

help steer the discovery of a self that’s true

as from the ground on up you build yourself again

you'll be taking the curricula that can contain

the keys - if you please - to sovereign command

each number's completion's the way to expand”

“your classes are learned in a modular way

your passes are earned day by day

their timing is perfect - the words that you need

the teachers and teachings you now should read

you’ll balance the knowledge that spirit supplies

with comings and goings of who you think wise

so it's up to you just how to direct

in these programs you’re the architect”

“an accomplished apprentice who's pinning

their progress on private awards

to be always at the beginning

to be still and moving towards

new earth eternity training

devotees they know it as NEET

an artist's life sustaining

a poet becoming complete”

“so this entranceway - it must be found for you to start

your voyage of learning the ways of the heart

the sound:

one hand clapping and two frogs napping

it’s here where we find the most accurate mapping

the nothing, the nada, the nought and the nil

the zip all, the zilch that thought will fill

so what is the zero? and why is it key?

and how can it help the creative trainee?”

“the centre of the zero is a silent place

a kind of expand and diminish space

the peace in the middle - the quiet - the calm

a world where emptiness applies its balm

not a void to be feared but a space embraced

where possibilities can all be traced

infinite potential for all to arise

a home where the law of one applies”

“so the entryway you’re looking for’s inside

where a nobody and no-thingness reside

so go slow - just stop

let go - just drop

those things that weighed you down but were unseen

there’s no more need to struggle

and you’ve no more balls to juggle

with your resting face a picture of serene”

“meditation begins as medication

for the illness of mind to be healed

as from noise one finds liberation

that stillness behind is revealed

you’ll rise from within like a sun

and you’ll feel in the unified field

that emptiness powers the one

the self that had been concealed”

“the deeper you go - the higher the states

a transfer in point of perception awaits

we move beyond our limited notions

we break the bond of lower emotions

detached from distraction - observing reaction

released from the thoughts that had driven abstraction

with clarity we see

we are pure harmony

our authenticity:

universal consciousness and me

in synchronicity”

“what had started as work dispelling discord

begins to build of its own accord

natural - continuous - your state

essence - unambiguous - innate

the emptiness we carry - we are the open space

now driven by an engine running on grace

the zero is our vehicle - where travelling rewards

yes - being very still and moving towards

with our higher self creator we have made contact

the merge coming later on will be exact”

“so the zero is present within - each number the journeyman dwells

when we take this kingpin for a spin - our motion it propels

but to learn to captain this ship and to sail the seven seas

we must have at our fingertip the requisite expertise

to command this craft - both fore and aft

capacities new we inward draft

we move towards permanence - giving relief

to the property held by the zero chief”

“we learn about no-thing in neutral

sometimes we can clamber aboard

but the buffeting it can be brutal

with ownership left unexplored

the presence you own you must hold

in the zero infinity cell

now free from being controlled

you can make your new home in its shell”

“your command will start part-time - the authority of i’m

comes as you through the numbers climb - a hero riding rhyme

on the road of calm meditation - the zero is guiding a guest

till you master your mode of creation and true essence is always expressed

if the script you steer through your ego

ill equipped and put out to sea you will go

you’ll fall off a number no doubt

and arrive back at zero to pout”

“you’ll move into a dyad - one that better can command

the who and what you really are you’ll start to understand

a state of duality - updating your mentality

where zero and the one share a certain commonality

in both potential unity of self in solo

in both the opportunity to grow grow grow

when the two are put together they’re expressed as ten

where you become attested through your own amen

the significance of ten you will discover in due course

it’s when you’ll be beginning to vibrate like source”

“so much depends on your focus - to the centre you manage to hold

to balancing one's prognosis with letting the journey unfold

to be solo sovereign self - one's oneness it’s crucial to know

is the zero in charge of the one or is one in charge of their own zero?

from an unconscious kind of hypnosis

to conscious, knowing and gnosis

from temporary, part-time, say-so role

to mastery - control”

“in full and solo sovereign command

of own zero you only can be

through your physical ascension and

gradual integration of your lightbody me

into this vessel your essence distilled

a conduit pure for source recast

new earth from within to help build

as you enter zero point at last”


she slowed down

she stopped

she cried

she flopped

at the end of the channelling - eyes downcast

the magical moments had flown right past


she said she was sad and jealous a tad

that now she’s off-duty with little to add

that in spite of the beauty about which she’d talked

that this was a path that she never had walked

that through life she’d flown like the swallows

always bombing below down in hollows

so the human condition she’d know

and her skill as an empath would grow

but now she’s inspired to begin

to answer the calling within

to be swift and swallow her pride

take the bumps in the road in her stride

to nurture awareness of her divine seed

from searcher to finder and freedom from need

she knows she’s a long way to go

that her unique process she must undergo

her own two vehicles she would build

the zero first then a lightbody filled

with her true nature embodying gifts

relearning to fly like the strongest of swifts

again she’d never come down

regain the jewel in her crown

radar engaged and eyes shut tight

both resting and airborne day and night

at the end she gave some final instruction

recommended a friend - a worthwhile introduction

with professor polaris she'd book a tutorial

his role in ascension surpassed curatorial

a blue ray messenger - steadfast and pure

whose challenging forecasts would prep me for sure

she warned to be wary - the subconscious held weight

all at once things could vary - be in many a state

that i'd be living in worlds of restructured dream

then apply what occurred to my 3d life stream

she said:

"there are realms you’ve not been

not hitherto seen

your lightbody gives you the keys

from temporary access

to abiding address

our new earth is inviting trustees

please give my love to the number nine

it's easy to lose balance on ten's timeline

a great deal will happen at number thirteen

you’ll enter clear waters of aquamarine"

"there's no time like the present

no climb like this ascent"

and she gave me a last little squeeze

"embrace your art - now's the moment to start

to speak the language of the heart

i wish you well

you've a story to tell

we're all counting on your expertise"

when the student's really ready the teacher disappears

as she finally took flight and moved up through the gears

the only thing she left in sight - the trail of her tears

and with that she was gone

i would have to go on

on my own




that’s quite a thing

my mind is overloaded



me what to bring

my everything’s outmoded



to wandering

i feel i’m being railroaded

in each


a hidden sting

like mines left unexploded

excuses came

each one so lame

my confidence corroded

i felt such shame

so full of blame

in shock my rock eroded

i hadn’t realised just yet

the words she’d spoken would beget

rewiring that would me reset

they had been light encoded

the thing is:

i’m tired

for what’s required

is more than i can give

no-thing is:

quite frankly unachievable

stared blankly - unbelievable

that i this life can live

so full of resistance

as into the distance

stretched out this vast perspective

no end in sight

so fight or flight

would be my last directive


i sat down

a frown

upon my face

then from my tarot

pulled an ace!

the words began their work

i made myself a cup of tea

my attitude so uppity

i weighed it up - chose lavender

her spell did me have under

and soon the calm descended

with stimulants transcended

a switch was toggled

mind that boggled

no longer went berserk

anxiety replaced with trust

this journey’s yours to take - you must

you can adjust - you’re more robust

now go all in - just as discussed

do not your duty shirk

in the silence i could listen

i could give myself permission

to accept

all that which up to now

i would reject

i’ve a book to write

that feels alright

to say it and commit

from consumer to creator

a producer not a waiter

from wasteland lead to warmer waters wallow

now obey it and admit

you love the way it seems to fit

and once you start you will not quit

that is the truth - just let it hit

without poetry your life is rather hollow

through the language light transmit

make this road seem more legit

and your readers one by one will surely follow


the inspiration is within me

what i seek is seeking me

just a little preparation

then i’ll be speaking free


this up and down funicular

ascension and descension

i’m adding my own signature

i’m setting my intention

and with that decision to follow vision

i popped round to the shops

chose each provision with great precision

i pulled out all the stops

sourced beautiful notebooks - one so small

it could fit in your pockets - yes - one and all

2h - 4h - the pencils i picked

when i ran out of money - the rubber i nicked

i streamlined my backpack and sewed some new bags

to carry your tools - keep nothing that drags

to not suffer fools - add rainbow flags

a buffer that fuels - a tale that wags

my super computer comms device

i reconfigured to suffice

as a voice recorder - thoughts to splice

as a word processor - it’s twice as nice

everything you’d ever need

carried on your person

so well equipped you can proceed

to tell your own best version

inwards, onwards and upwards

the way to find the words

moving towards - not backwards

in conference with the birds

with the universe in balance

i can always be content

meditation finds my talents

can this pilgrim reinvent

i surround myself with clearest quartz

to lift from me those ugly warts

that undervalued being

this clarity it me transports

to somewhere solitaire supports

in me i make this sacred space

the middle of nowhere my birthplace

exactitude agreeing

with tuning fork and singing bowl

communing talk for bringing whole

you’ve found the frequency of soul

add sound of humming to extol

you’re looking through this new keyhole

now on the way to reach your goal

tried and tested - wide digested

simple these techniques

supplied suggested - guide attested

aboriginal antiques

i pressed forefingers into thumbs

the busyness of mind succumbs

as my awareness enters

the pressure - yes - it centres

focused on sensation

just modest conversation

my body all i’ve fought to feel

no shoddy thought must i conceal

i open up - and soon a space is held

at first i find it’s tough to build

but soon momentum is instilled

the depth to find the way is drilled

to silence all the noise - re-skilled

i swerve the cold and constant clatter

observe the senseless chitter chatter

manoeuvre round what doesn’t matter

urge the background sound to scatter

and just like that - distractions are dispelled

in defiance still some programs running

contrivance, craftiness and cunning

a crust that complicates the plumbing

mistrust - an outfit unbecoming

discouraging the downward flow

from as above to so below

historical - political

collectively - so critical

these veiled and vested voices - now be quelled

the dawn of stillness - yes - well done

up from within - the whole in one

the emptiness that holds us straight

our own potential’s natural state

we stand to enter through thresholds

in readiness our role unfolds:

with the layers of our onion peeled

surveyors of the unified field

from this vantage point - a view unparalleled

a sea of vibrant consciousness surrounds

each entity - autonomous - resounds

all of matter from this field emerges

gentle waves and sudden surges

in constant flux and free of fuss

it’s inside every one of us

here deities and devotees

can sit together all at ease

called on to grow the world

there’s rumi - shams - profound i ams

a thousand ‘i don’t give a damns’

all on this sofa curled

there’s a brand new feeling in this shifting sand

as higher self extends his helping hand

the door of zero’s open wide

inviting you to step inside

an auto portal - nonconformal

more than mortal - your new normal

essential nature - you’ve discovered

creator present - groove recovered

the first vehicle - you choose to climb aboard

universal love intelligence

serenity and elegance

you’re well and truly ready to record

a submersible that you can drive

slip into gear and inward dive

you contribute - enlivening

the field responds by widening

realm shifting revelation lifts

this presence for your path has gifts

all wrapped in easygoingness

and mapped by this pure knowingness

the field it grows

just sort of knows

both what to do and how it goes

here all are one

but each their own

solutions come

that feel homegrown

in doing comes enjoyment

accruing redeployment

of the self that sits on high a solar sun

everywhere around you friends

no driving you round awkward bends

no enemies will try to you outrun

no longer hierarchical

i choose to be remarkable

gaia - with your blessing - beautify

higher - now finessing - unify

the eggshell of your ego cracks

the doorbell’s rung - now please relax

keep pencil and notebook close to hand

set comms device to on-demand

i summon source

to chart my course

i ask you to my art endorse

let lovelight be my heart’s life force

now let us co-create

forgive me father for i have sinned

now i’d much rather a life destined

a deep let go will fuel belief

ascending into zero chief

this is our joint estate

comfort and security

undiluted purity

will quality dictate

feel rhythm build and strength increase

this wavelength will now not decrease

in you distilled

to be fulfilled

you’re now allied with fate

ordeals to suffer through shall cease

your wheels i will forever grease

i’ll iron out your slightest crease


you into peace




circular curricula

unendingly vehicular

centred in this infinite space

no one

can touch me through the borderline

all authority i'll reassign

elusive unity of self to chase

well done

expansion through the modular

your motivation not so popular

the whereabouts of bliss to trace

don't jump the gun

so many roads lead into one

to empty each of obstruction

the all in all that isn't you erase

and have fun

as a fool who's not yet even a student

incapable of being prudent

but finding joy in the commonplace

you have begun


singular particular

ascending perpendicular

everything with ease and grace


of masculine and feminine

in alignment with the all within

your expression with love embrace

silk spun

stories woven - soul attuned

emerging from your whole cocooned

a new outlook - a pocketbook - a pencil just in case


freshly formed - heart can instruct

imaginal cells do reconstruct

rhythm and rhyme now built into your base

here comes the sun

that spiritual bridge you love so much

is conjured by the magician's touch

she warms your face and sets your journey's pace

hard won

yet interference still from zero cell

you own two houses and a gym in hell

but know your oneness from this silent place

one glove


about more than you

just like a mirror to view

the core of all relationship

a clue

from a priestess high - secrets supply

intuition on which you can rely

she'll never let your patience slip

break through

what it means to exist in duality

why we need the presence of boundary

with such knowing we ourselves equip


recognition of sameness in all as one

dissolution of aimless searching

finding footprints in the sand

she's almost holding your hand

but still a way to go with digit researching

the glue

undo the knots in who you are

retie the strings of your memoir

this hall of mirrors' objective

to grow in you a perspective

where what you value's what you give

which virtues will you choose to live?

identify - do not deny

to each and every piece apply


all's an aspect of you - not your missing shoe

go figure




out of nothing all originates

ideas and sparks form sweeping arcs

in a sky that always changes

be free

self-creation truly starts from here

the downloads come through crystal clear

these higher self and lowest shelf exchanges

listening to your voice - evolving your style

finding your why - then smiling your smile

recombination of components in wonderful ways

production of penetrating insight

future, past and present combined

with who you want to be defined

rewired reality around you rearranges

we see

a world in which we play our part

that nature she inspires our art

that to truly come into one's own

we cultivate our roots alone

from our passion springs our water's well

as we fashion things that cast their spell

we look and touch and taste and feel

we hear the truth the birds reveal

we innovate and put our new

into everything we choose to do

we collaborate with artists too

but most carefully we choose the who

a trainee

on a journey to discover

who and what i really am

true self i can recover

through this pure program

with learner and teacher and master united

the apprentice is up to top table invited

with our progress these aspects are duly delighted

there’s not a need for a single exam


through discipline to make the time

for creative flow we climb sublime

techniques are learned and layers dug

practice into ourselves we plug

use all that on the way we find

to leave behind the daily grind

our output gives us confirmation

this is the way to total transformation

i am i am i am i am i am


write fact dressed as fiction - not fiction dressed as fact

give each verse its jurisdiction for the best impact

choose for episodes' depiction words with meaning closely packed

tighter lines carry conviction - all compressed - compact

our circuitry is different - the how we interact

the way we are efficient and make real the world’s abstract

we’re both full of contradiction and the most exact

this freedom from restriction keeps our own intact

we are careful with our diction when we’re reading an extract

for the texture of description does the unbeknown attract


to join the few in pastures new - be wise - set out your stall

your wherewithal - your clarion call - one size does not fit all

be true - be you - just jump the queue - and on your feet you’ll fall

you’ll have in view those masters who’ve the power to enthral

you find yourself in what you write

soon no one else has eyes so bright

you take it as far as you possibly can

you make revisions - spick and span

the outcome doesn’t concern you

you’ve always some candles to burn through

comfy clothes and cosy toes

you’re grateful for the life you chose

in partnership with higher mind

the someone else’s left behind

you’ll reach the pinnacle of your craft

you’ve a peach of an office that’s miracle staffed

you know:

i’m otherly

the human condition’s not for me - let others so describe

my acumen’s transition - i’m a born ascension scribe

earthy dreamy quirky be me

purely truly surely suits me

snugly wholly far from homely

lovely lonely i need only



the key

your essence expressed - your dreams made manifest

the wind forever blowing you forward

chart the course you receive - in yourself you believe

breathing life through priorities reordered

build a re-imagined world with your sails unfurled

through the numbers move upward and onward


unbendingly quadrangular

when i catch this bitch i'll strangle her

wisdom, strength - to any length i'll go

do more

solidity of structure whose boundaries protect

a frame for your creations to better project

a fluidity instructor building self-respect

as you move towards perfecting your flow


with a box for an energy - holding your idea

now rooted in the astral - all that you hold dear

up in the ether - supported down below

unexpendable dependable will help you better grow

the door

to a life full of meaning

is always left ajar

your new projects there convening

calling from afar

this your beauty-duty balance in its greening


once again he appears in a vivid dream

with variations on a theme

of what you learn from beings supreme

of how you float and flow upstream

of when your vessel to redeem

of how this cat can get its cream


“i intervene in the in-between

these words i speak to thee

in timelessness connection’s clean

and what will be will be”

“deeper than deep you’ll dive right down

find three keys are located within

and on this dive you cannot drown

it's lit by the flame of your ‘twin’

first you’ll find a love unconditional

for yourself you will adore

next you’ll love this journey additional

to the journeys you’ve lived before

then a love beyond the traditional

for another will you restore”

"and as soon as you find this third

you'll be answered - i give you my word

what was dormant will suddenly wake

kundalini will up through you snake

from the base of your spine

bursts this force serpentine

and the hand of the goddess you'll take

uncoiled and rising


your who we'll between us remake"

“in store

no more square and squat and angular

an elsewhere that’s not rectangular

the gateway’s here into the fifth

increasing entry shall be granted

a rationale that’s newly planted

into 4d will you convey herewith:”

“you’ve already moved with purpose away from ego mind

when ready you’ll be pre-approved - with limits left behind

releasing all convention - survival mode supplanted

fourth dimension - new locale - arrival road enchanted

a dream state of imaginative image and input

raw methods, forms and forces - you’ll be feeling underfoot

all aspects of existence - the awareness is provided

an architect’s assistance to a knowing non-lopsided

on those five senses you’ve relied

now higher skills run alongside

a rubicon for you to cross - a new way to be guided”


the operating system of your higher self’s design

embedded in your changing form - your bio-crystalline

the features of the fourth dimension live in your life stream

these teachers switch attention - truths are more than what they seem

the sixth sense is intuitive

the seventh sense is mine

to elevate perception - bless

they will in you combine”

“immediate understanding at the start will be defied

to remediate longstanding views - these senses are applied

a feeling of being between two worlds initially may result

as the ego thinks it’s strapped to a pneumatic catapult

through training in third density - the wanderer’s polarised

sustaining strong intensity - exposure’s authorised

more efficient here than in the more harmonious densities

this schooling grooms a set of more ingrained propensities”


individuals must release the learnings harboured in folklore

and turn their back on what seems stable, safe and more secure

repetitive pattering sewn by others unpicked and brushed aside

the words on loan from would be mothers hushed or woe betide

emotions may well overwhelm - wild dreams in overload

peripheral light anomalies - familiar furloughed

the busy mind it pussyfoots - it says - i can’t process

these multidimensional inputs will continue nonetheless”


material and spiritual existence here is bridged

the 4d gateway tests the seer - this portal’s privileged

in daily life one integrates the higher self’s perception

a ranging road this activates - each heart without exception

one learns to truly utilise the pathway of intention

just set your wishes and desires - no need for circumvention

time and space no longer will be factors that prevent

achieving your soul purpose in this loving life event”

“you’ll soar

above the shared but shaky ground on which you thought you stood

intent declared - now homeward bound - all for the highest good

new aspects they are guaranteed to start to supersede

the ego mind - it will concede - no longer you mislead

your integration - adaptation - charts between and in

remember that for your migration - art’s your peregrine”



pentacular spectacular

befriendingly vernacular

expanding now we glimpse 5d


at understanding your emotions are wiring your light

new dialogues in motion inspiring delight

shape feelings and notions and cause them to ignite

disentangled from distortion - co-creating out of sight

an artist living wild and free


harmony within builds harmony without

and soon you hear the stories of a she-wolf hereabout

both curious and furious - all the locals shout

unpredictable convictable - that's my girl - no doubt


you've chosen to believe in yourself and now

you've been released from groupthink and you've flown somehow

all dogmatic interference you no longer allow

your own progress you do oversee


right down and explore the deepest reaches of your core

putting out the work that comes from there will see your ceilings soar

all the stuff that makes you who you are's not hidden anymore

these new wings you've grown as you now own your vulnerability


to bring about the way to shout - i love the all i am

here i hangout - yes without doubt - i am my own ashram

self acceptance - sweet expectance

this the first key found

no dissonance - the consequence

i kiss this solid ground

test drive

to take your place in fifth dimension - to make permanent

the thorough purge - as selves converge - one cannot this prevent

the physical changes they will come - the lightbody awaits

for now we work on how and what - to tease apart the gates

new patterns of behaviour are a choice - free will respected

personal preference, selfish purpose, singular mind rejected

these patterns aren’t instinctual - there are no activations

one must relearn habitual - adhere to applications


let go - surrender - your mindset

by casting wide your neural net

a higher flow is hereby set

‘tis tricky to comply and yet

you’ll better cope

within the scope

of 5d frequencies

these blueprints follow natural laws

discernment - truth - no hidden flaws

your shadow in the shade withdraws

when shallow thought is given pause

you’ll recognise this choice within

you’ll humanise donatic din

you can ignore

already pure

no hive of secrecies

instruction comes with demonstration

show destruction transformation

follow close your inspiration

take this dose of liberation

the revelation shift will come alive

from explosion to expression

with devotion to obsession

comes a potion for progression

always was in your possession


move over and

let drive


sustainable obtainable

when there's reason for your art

unexplainable but trainable

you're anchored in the heart

you're making creation - its wisdom to impart

you're living in service by standing apart

just clicks

not for everyone but anyone who senses your joy

certain points of perception you may even annoy

your inventions are gifted with a life of their own

their attentions are lifted from their comfort zone

compassion and empathy - with this your work is full

your pieces possess their own strong pull

new tricks

you dream of your husky with a saddle on her back

a tiny you is riding her - you're both on track

the skills that you've learned by nurturing your needs

the capacities you've earned by sowing your seeds

embodiment of radical self seems just around the bend

no need to rush your chronicle - you'll get there in the end

we mix

in your dreams are found the lovers - exploring the unseen

as once upon a different time together they had been

but in her earthly incarnation: polyamory, disrespect

and these the aspects of her you would totally reject

the muck from out of both of you this process deeply dredges

the training hard, its calling card: divine love has sharp edges

now female and male can start the merge in each interior

for this is how these parts converge in a love that is superior

up sticks

with her wandering dervish formed anew - all about her she would look

you're never squandering her wish for you to write your holy book

and when she's finally accepted what is written on her heart

she'll know that it is you she loves - and it has been from the start

now she doesn't want to have to say again a fond farewell

but what will be the outcome - only time will tell

one love


analytical uncritical

heart draws the mind much nearer

a lyrical umbilical

the two together write much clearer

we move forward then into the stage:

development of thought

to truly learn to turn the page

new ways of thinking must be taught

he used to tie you up in knots

with nothing left to chance

now a finer pen can join the dots

and you can dance, dance, dance

all tangles are dissolved by love

dive deep - risk everything

when re-occurrence is resolved above

you’ll feel winter turn to spring

and even if the walls collapse

there’s treasure there within

and with the courage to ignore ‘perhaps’

new adventures can begin


with suspicions and secrets left behind

comes the potent power of higher mind

its ramblings tuned to investigate

integrating ways to better create

no longer trying to fix the now

so all that is you can allow

yes heaven

drenched in words - they come in herds

to quench their thirst as thunderbirds

when lightning strikes - take shape - reach heights

long spikes - agape - their flight delights

through sky scapes of the one who writes

to perch upon the page

there’s no need for meditation

when you’re focused on creation

you’re working with no space for righteous rage

the clouds from view are lifted

and the second key is gifted

as you learn to all your journeys better gauge

each life you’ve lived was formative

their function newly normative

designed for you to truly come of age

each leading to this fulcrum point

where your true self you can anoint

you find the love for each and every stage

the sun was always shining

and the clouds your ways refining

free of concern

will teach return

and calm like purple sage

you recognise all those who stood both with you and against

they helped you do and see what you could not yourself have sensed

you normalise that guidance is not just to promised lands

walls melted - their subsidence sculpted by such honest hands

each interconnected choppy ride

has redirected you inside

the ebb and flow of tide nonstop

you are that ocean in a drop

and you in both reside


means an influence that subtly works

to lighten all that in darkness lurks

the final release of density

through waves of increasing intensity

you're finding out how to own the realm

how to hold your own - safe at the helm

obsession harnessed for the highest good

that you have what it takes is understood

your accomplishments without compare

from the inside out to the everywhere

but take your time - rest your chariot's horse

reflect and project - are your plans on course?


steely focus wrapped in cotton

your husky's loss completely forgotten


meticulous ridiculous

upendedly conspicuous

you're sending me the master key

to your personal heaven's gate


makes strong imprints on infinity

trace your blueprints of divinity

you're working now in trinity

with your life you dedicate


through this stabler enabler

so fantastic is this fabler

stand the test of time much abler

so source can better replicate


both who you are and what you want

embrace your personal commandant

your role as gypsy-king savant

play the long game - educate

finding peace in your presence in the eternal now

holding your own essence - now that you've learned how

free from interference your own furrow you can plough

your portfolio of note will elevate

stamp down

part 2 can be found here: