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A preview of ‘SINGULAR PARTICULAR’…Part 2…



this is part 2 of a sneak preview of 'singular particular'.

part 1 can be found here:

‘singular particular’ will be published in free-to-download pdf format here on

with a good wind...

sometime in october 2024


permanent pilgrim poetry



with sacred heart and sacred mind

now never-endingly entwined

all that wasn't you now left behind

expansion happens inward


you've followed what was clearly signed

what benevolence for you designed

you've reached the source for humankind

without really being hindered

it's fine

whatever passed between you - you forgive and you forget

this process was preset in the moment that you met

now the counterparts they click and you can feel the first onset

of a love beyond traditional and freedom from regret

the rust removed within you - the connection is reset

you choose to join your songbird in a dazzling duet



luminescence bursts from base of spine

your light will now forever shine

i cannot lose what's truly mine

and source - of course - he keeps his word


you lie as kundalini rises

all of a sudden - she surprises

like a genie from its bottle freed

with houdini-on-the-throttle speed

shakti’s hand’s to you outstretched

she shall demand new depth is etched

each chakra will in time be cleared

your balance bioengineered

jesus - this feels way-out-weird

not volunteered but commandeered

this fairytale to bring me into line


with your frequency so well refined

your signature so softly signed

after all your searching you will find

the essence of nirvana is you

indescribable transcribable

innately realisable

a deep let go and bliss can come right through

sensational vibrational

completely transformational

that dog you know so well comes into view

out of the blue she runs to you

and knocks you to the ground

the two of you are paired anew

your husky you have found

completion but not finality

from the higher realms to reality

that's multidimensionality - it's true

she loves your particularity

sees your place in the totality

she licks your face and takes her place beside you

forever together

no need for a tether

come wild wind and weather

count down


here your zero you own to a certain extent

a hero you've grown into through your spiritual ascent

you've climbed up high in solitude with focused intent

but to shine alone cannot be permanent

every master must return with bliss bestowing hands

you're walking now together through these crowded lands

your husky's eyes are glowing - so so proud she stands

you give to her the only kiss she really understands


in each and every moment you're choosing to invest

in yourself you're responsible - you’re using what’s been blessed

what you’ve learned in the east you're now sharing in the west

your gifts are flowing freely to the dispossessed

and even though you still don't know the everything you are

you begin to feel inside of you the birthing of a star

now you operate and can create as divine self's avatar

accountable surmountable - you'll go far, far, far

your pen

is writing new realities - enchanting those who read

revealing all the truths that your audience will need

through your trusted co-creation the magical is freed

up the ropes that you've laid for them they're happy to proceed

sometimes we turn to teaching - to working with groups

a caretaker helping them to jump through hoops

but it's tiring for an artist always rallying the troops

some get rescuing addicted - just go round in loops

co-dependency a tendency - your vision it obscures

simply passage the energies then receive what's yours

and when once again you're making what your self adores

just ring the bell - it will propel - the opening of doors

again and again and again and again

it's easy to lose balance on the number ten

still possible to feel something too challenging to take

still some things that you can find impossible to shake

all that you've experienced and all that you've been taught

all lost and in the moment you fall back to nought

but don't complain - just go again

and another layer of peace you'll gain


and so it is - and it is so

that as above will flow below

all full of love and all in tow

to clamber through your third window

warm and rested - form attested

potent when you know

you generate - now you’re invested

the full force of the zero


through such personal development

comes diamond light envelopment

only true love for yourself can set you free

pure love energies must be received

for the purest giving to be achieved

this the upside-down delivered alchemy

essential is this mastery to properly affect

unless you're able your transmissions will remain unchecked

this the hardest test of the earth’s academy


always taking the curriculum rolled out in front

all those re-occurring issues - one must confront

to transition this position starts with me

of course working with others can greatly assist

through helping our brothers we can learn to co-exist

but take care my friend - remember - it's so easy to get stuck

once you open up a box of frogs they'll start to run amuck

just spend time alone so you can own your authenticity

once again heaven

an automatic charismatic

so idiosyncratic

your words they weave their magic tapestry

an emphatic enigmatic

your ego so ecstatic

all can perceive your fabric's ministry

progression comes dynamically

components formed organically

with a steady hand your bliss she walks to heel

non-attached in non-duality

all ways divine neutrality

you already stand upon an even keel

with pages' and knights' vitality

you input musicality

you manage being special - it's ideal

eleven's made of one and one

but at her core both two and one

so many truths they co-exist for real

this master number's out in front

but for romance she's on the hunt

that's part and parcel of her strong appeal

it can be lonely as a pioneer

only teamwork moves her up a gear

to new levels only counterparts reveal

that's why when two elevens appear

it's a message from who you hold most dear

the one who's all you cannot help but feel



you bend right down to tickle her

bliss rolls on to her back to feel your love

so many forms of this there are

from status quo to protostar

only self-induced will fit you like a glove

no matter how much time you spend

in the oneness - you'll have to descend

and bring below all that which sits above


all that can true self inhibit

to live a life that's free from limit

in the human design god breathed his spirit

so that we could propagate exquisite

the greatest show in the universe is here

our race from other worlds was seeded

these other dimensional beings succeeded

the hybrid human generates

much more harmonious templates

just learn to trust each cosmic puppeteer

they inject into your words a sphere

of influence both far and near

and to the light of the poet-seer

star family will oft appear

your course resourced to help you better steer


down deep because this way is steep

but always - such rewards to reap

with your renown you're dealing well

you away from town - freewheeling dwell

but be in love with the world - share a cup of tea

to be love with another - that's your phd

let go - lean into levels new

surrender to what's fated for you

you'll find higher awareness opening up

that the world will drink out of your cup

that there's never a need to push or shove

when you've learned how to embody love

by investing your zero into the tantra

your words become the people's mantra

for a poet's popularity

gifts universal clarity

you lift through your own spark and spirit

you shift the unknown - bit by bit

this infinity cell now whispers through you

for your way of seeing is always true

in all you write and all you do

all the crap you cut right through


and now as you approach the summit

they'll be on the hill - all waving their red flags

just ignore or back down you will plummet

she'll be bliss but still - with a tail that never wags


the bridge



rhythmically mean

but here and now

one comes across serene


you're a counsellor irregular

always tending to his flock

both interfaith and secular

are depending on this rock

forever seen

its electricity - simplicity

through endless eccentricity

this lighthouse shines its light to life unlock


times a multiplicity

god's shown through synchronicity

which door was yours on which to gently knock

both inwardly and outwardly

his pen has drawn you upwardly

he's a master craftsman of your life stream's clock

each of us a work in progress

better slow grown is our faithfulness

he's been busy with his task to you unblock

a now non-singular contributor

with an angel-winged distributor

to ensure our book's forever kept in stock

when they need to they will read your words

then vibrate like heavenly hummingbirds

for our process every single digit counts

of their truth they'll find themselves an inkling

glimpse a tantalising future twinkling

this one way humanity’s ascension mounts

our stories so extraordinary

both mystical and ordinary

each verse your life experience recounts

authority through quality

with just a sprinkling of frivolity

no need to try to justify amounts

reroute routine

by now we're always walking a little off the beaten track

we've moved beyond the obvious - we've coloured what once was black

so suddenly through shrouds of mist

appears the deepest gorge

it's inviting us - we can't resist

a more enlightened path to forge

it's unavoidable the void below

its landscape stripped and stark

we internalise our hard earned glow

and descend into the dark

it's here we hear our inner voice

"this the journey's pivot point"

it's here we make a channelled choice

our divine self did anoint

it's here we'll find the circumstance

our final fears to face

we must trust that we will have a chance

to play our strongest ace

we've proved that we can handle

ourselves out in the big wide world

we've kept alight our candle

as all about us chaos swirled

we now move beyond that dull desire

to keep things as they are

it's time to set our sights much higher

to level up our repertoire

we demonstrate - authenticate

we can now truly change the script

we assimilate - we integrate

that which our training us equipped

you climb down


the deep ravine

almost frightening this tightening

in the shadows and the fog

there's nothing here that's lightening

the load of the underdog

apprehension - tension's heightening

as you reach the bottom's bog

you should be scared but you're prepared

all obstruction to unclog

you'd expect to find a river

at the base of this incline

but what you see shall send a shiver

running up and down your spine

all around you muddy marshland

the air is dismal damp

all around you bloody zombie-land

life's self-imposed off ramp

the beaten and the broken

are collapsed and on their knees

as the final words are spoken

of self-fulfilling prophecies

here we rise above the quivers

even death he redefines

solo sovereign self delivers

very different storylines

"i've never had much time for tragedy

i'm the author of this tale

no one's writing my obituary

i’ve still got seven seas to sail

i am everything and anything

i find that blocks my way

i'll treat it as my plaything

make my graceful getaway"

with these cycles ending all around

you choose a different road

you look ahead - see higher ground

on which to build your new abode

you see nothing really changes

and nothing remains the same

make sure that no one prearranges

how you opt to play this game


we apply the understanding:

there's more we cannot yet perceive

then with what's possible expanding

the truly new we can conceive

we go beyond belief to knowing

feel our godly presence growing

we stay centred in our truth to truth receive

i see death as transformation

i am freed from all stagnation

the old self's release i witness and i feel

we don't take shelter in familiar

the external world is clearly a

sketchy imitation of what's real

the past - interpretation

the future - no location

only the now my illumination can reveal

from seekers to finders

we detach from all reminders

the old self he'll choose to die before he dies

he'll just jump from the tower

his leap will you empower

you'll see the 3d world dissolve before your eyes

the mist begins to dance like heat haze

through the power of your conscious gaze

all that’s matter's material disintegrates

a new vibrational plane of being's revealed

a dimension where your trust is healed

into this realm your form now emigrates


first the fears of your artist aspect

they've been tugging at your sleeve

they can make you feel so abject

now it's time for them to leave

as you move towards these blockages

as you focus on this task

your own self-talk it encourages

and answers what you ask

what if i am not good enough?

what if i crash and burn?

and what if when the times are tough

a living i cannot earn?

will they think it serious my stuff?

for validation i do yearn

what if my work’s thought empty bluff?

as its depth they can’t discern

“you speak of fear of failure

but i hear fear of success

you’re your one and only saviour

if just a few things you address

it’s yourself for whom your art you craft

they’ll make of it what they will

it’s its own reward - all your hard graft

finding purpose will purpose fulfil”

“they’ll take you just as seriously

as you do yourself you see

resources come mysteriously

gifts come with a guarantee

but you have to use them daily and present for all to see

if you suspend your disbelief - there comes prosperity

when your one and only driving force is creativity”

“and if you were made your own boss

what would you say your work was worth?

this’ll be the very value delivered on our fair new earth

you’ll always be in profit

you’ll never be at loss

and off from round your neck will fly that dreaded albatross”

ok - i understand you

i feel more fluid flow

with this woody debris cleared from view

this path my stream can follow

those beavers choose to beaver

on another waterway

you’ve made me a believer

you’ve convinced them not to stay

but i have a few more questions

if you don’t mind i’d like to ask

i trust that your suggestions

my true nature will unmask

i’m feeling such dejection

from work left incomplete

my last piece was such perfection

how can i this feat repeat?

how can i be original?

each theme’s been done to death

i need such levels of emotional

they’ll have to stop and catch their breath

i want to surf the waves of wonder-words

not be dragged by the undertow

to see things through the eyes of birds

and glide above below

“you are perfectly imperfect

your artwork’s this way too

the pursuit of picture perfect

if you let it can consume you

great art is never finished

just abandoned at some stage

its brilliance undiminished

as you release it from its cage”

“when it’s time - let go - just stop - just start

move on - you must now live your art

start small - walk tall - sometimes just crawl

remain accessible to all

unsatisfied in some small way

a master’s private price to pay

just published pieces can enthral

under your spell they’ll freely fall”

“there’s no safety in the waiting game

no birds-eye-view from an ivory tower

be a plucky pigeon - there’s no shame

down-to-earth the finest flower

and when the waves of wonder-words they come

go right out of your depth to see

magnificent’s cement’s the sum

of your heart’s humility”

“sure - some stuff’s been said a thousand times

but what you bring’s entirely new

you can adapt and sample - borrow rhymes

but your version’s built by you

so - can anything be sadder

than the work that’s left half done?

well - what could make you madder

than the work that was never begun?”

“the more scared that we are of a calling

the more sure that it’s what to do

for your soul will find it galling

if you don’t grow the truth of you

who would you be, what would you do

if you knew you could not fail?

fear’s a modest cost paid to pursue

our personal holy grail”

now’s as good a time as any

to commit - you’ve always known

in your heart - the times so many

a warm wind has this way blown

now i know this voice is me of course

direct line to divine self’s heard

so fabulous is this discourse

i’m hanging on every word

no longer one step forward two steps back

a leap of faith it’s time to take

feel fear - then jump - and don’t backtrack

with eyes so wide awake

with all that dammed eliminated

true self’s expressions flow

pure and uncontaminated

the world the way to show

“i am singular particular

always my journey's just begun

i’m a leading edge creator

powered by a solar sun

i open up these new frontiers

my truth i leave behind

i know that in three hundred years

i’ll still be touching dear mankind”

distinctively instinctively

i’m making it my own

my dna i do obey

this way my seeds are sown

i seize the day without delay

there’s no need to postpone

i feel the fear - jump anyway

and in the depths i stand alone


the witch’s number - one and three

but at its core - one, three and four

this self-evolution energy

is harnessed evermore

i imagine the clearest vision

the future’s foundation’s secure

it will need no further revision

i will need no further detour

as it’s always been

the goal’s this book

my whole outlook

takes on its silvery sheen

self-determined i can stay on track

to old ways - nay - i’ll never go back

the kindest cut is clean

when i live as empty as zero

i let life and love flow through me

instruction affirms

and guidance discerns

when and where to make itself known to me

i’m in my vicinity - my domain

still i find i cannot bask

for our own divinity we must train

a different kind of question ask

the fears of higher aspect

it’s time for us to face

the fact that we’re the architect

of this spiralling staircase

the selves convene

on the mezzanine


what lies sub-marine:

the fear of transformation

the fear of self-as-source

of our transfiguration

and being without recourse

so - what if i can’t ascend in this current incarnation?

how can i apprehend without external validation?

i’m wired for faith in future - for rescue scenarios

i’m tired of these displays designed to keep me on my toes

“place your faith in your experience - your present state ensures

no entitlement - enlightenment - you and yours secures

what you ask reveals some issues with responsibility

that there remains within yourself an inability

to fully embrace empowerment - be sure - self-realise

to prematurely end the hunt - for this way freedom lies”

“my beloved please examine close

the waters that you swam in most

the what-occurred-here was a choice

each rut conferred by your own voice”

“and is there?

some residual fear of death

of taking your last breath

in audio and visual do you still?

search for comfort and assert

that separation doesn’t hurt

that the outer is your aim

actions only in your name

that you can find some safety

in the blaming game”

“are you aware?

of the nonsense of abandonment?

with defence comes entanglement?

it’s no forgone conclusion

you haven’t sworn

to be reborn

into the false illusion”

ok - i hear you crystal clear

but-what-you-say seems somewhat cavalier

this nut to crack is tough

each day i’m working on self-worth

while living low down to the earth

but am i doing enough?

i understand the theory of the ultimate transition

but as i expand - i’m weary - this affects my composition

how will i get by? - please clarify - how will i walk this way?

while resonating with another world that’s worlds away

when my lower level presence does retire - what will they think?

i’m wondering what will transpire - when i’m standing on the brink?

i never thought i’d really get this far

each activation’s so bizarre

i can’t predict the outcome

i’d rather do without some

at times the light is blinding

like my fabric is unwinding

still in my adolescence

i’m afraid of luminescence

as i evolve

will i dissolve

into the purist presence?

“armageddon’s not a judgment day but a lifting of the veils

karma’s threatening made redundant as the shifting you prevails

to reckoning resultant - how one views oneself’s travails

not a weapon meant for punishment or locking up in jails”

“each of your cells - a story tells - your verdict it details

how you felt about each action and all that that entails

this consciousness til now was kept within

synonymous its how was clandestine

it could drive you to distraction and then run you off the rails

leave you through its rude exaction hanging by your fingernails”

“but as your increasing radiance removes that karmic debt

you’ll climb the steepest gradients in your dharmic turbojet

as truest calling is pursued

non-judgment grows at altitude

grace under pressure there is viewed

as an asset drenched in sweat

each day it starts - afresh - anew

forgive yourself - the others too

both up the hills and down the dales

on old treadmills and off the trails

through galloping and gliding

and slipping up and sliding

in all experience residing

comes the way of shedding scales

the best narrator he regales

both great success and epic fails

so let me see

your legacy’s

the sum of all these tales

as a bridge to higher consciousness

the wind will fill your sails”

“in your questions and their grouping

i hear lower levels looping

on concerns of the external left behind

the unknown and the unprecedented

territory undocumented

here distrust in the eternal’s underlined

anxiety and fear

they cannot quiet me - my dear

transcendence is a kernel unconfined”

“stop this riffing on what-if-ing and wake up

please remember we’ve refilled your loving cup

so drink it down and drink it pure

the only way is up for sure

using suffering as safety’s not a cure”

“gradual integration of lightbody is to come

kundalini’s preparation of your being has begun

to avoid the activations

is devoid of applications

so consent to destination and you will this bridge become”

“when it happens - transfiguration happens quick

at this stage the light can startle so best pick

a pathway to climactic that doesn’t show so much it’s teeth

they’re both grounded and galactic - what you’re wishing to bequeath”

“so make your peace

with divine self - your higher aspect - you have nothing to fear

once again i tell you things are rather more than they appear

pull your head out of noetic

choose instead the road poetic

and release”

“fear of surrendering to source and love divine

fear of completing what began at number nine

fear of finishing this journey and this text

fear of divinity and then what happens next”


with your course to source atonement

as you move towards the moment

of final surrender - you’ll feel higher self begin

to rewrite the consciousness and lock all levels in”


all at once this higher realm evaporates without a trace

and the pieces that its puzzle generates fall into place

evanescence gifts the chance for acquiescence

in lived moments to these learnings integrate

to better help the coalescence of quintessence

key components - these new earnings vindicate

as the lower self one implements

one loosens leaky elements

the working to replace them now begins to gather pace


the first thing i feel’s a cold, wet nose - it’s nuzzling my hand

it takes a while for - i suppose - it’s tiring to expand

then when i hear the echoes of her bark - i understand

she’s by my side and once again bliss waits for my command

my dogged companion

made her own way down the canyon

she’d sensed that she’d be needed later on



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