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Facing the fear of transformation

Divine DNA - Our Key to Shifting Dimensions

The following content has been taken from Ascension Guide, Sandra Walter's social media posts. You can find her at:

Divine DNA – Our Key to Shifting Dimensions

The energies are challenging to the mind and the emotional levels because that is what affects the collective Ascension the most. That is where the most distortion takes place, in beliefs, emotions, judgments, and thought forms. They become triggered by the pure light coming on to the planet, and now from Gaia herself. Thoughts and emotions are directly associated with DNA activation. You know this if you are studying Ascension or spirituality; you change the biolandscape of your body vehicle and energy fields to receive the truth of Love. You feel the freedom of this new light because you are creating ways for the light to enter.

DNA is our key to shifting dimensions. In order for the DNA to reawaken, re-bundle and etherically reconnect, it cannot contract into old thought forms, habits, addictions, or beliefs about the self. This is why self-love, love of Source, and love of all of Creation is vital to the Ascension process and to restoring, reactivating, and ascending the DNA within you.

Divine crystalline HUman DNA is unique. We have access to pure Creator beingness, and to Source. We are creating a Galactic Legacy by learning, teaching and setting forth creations which demonstrate the finer capabilities of HUman DNA. As you Ascend, you might see the spiral of the helixes surrounding you, or entering your Ascension column. Make it conscious and active. Talk to your DNA just as you do the crystalline structures within you. Feel the Divine love available, and radiate love to your DNA through the heart center. The heart contains the keys to the kingdom; the spark of Source which will receive and broadcast the Solar Cosmic Christ activations, just as Solaris receives and sends forth information and upgrades. As above, so below.

Starseed Gatekeepers and many Gridworkers carry unique encodements within our DNA which activate at certain stages of the Ascension process. These encodements also trigger the opening of Gateways, portals, and Solar aspects of Gaia. This is why it is so important to follow the intuition when guided to travel to certain areas, or engage in Gridwork. Your DNA aligns with crystal beds, sacred sites, or ancient sites underground where you or your Divine Team have left specific codes to activate during the Shift. Your Solar Heart center becomes the mechanism for serving as a pure conduit, and reactivating those sacred aspects of your DNA in absolute presence during Gatework or Gridwork.

In the state of Divine Neutrality, when calling forth the highest light, highest activations, highest Christed timeline acceleration possible, in the highest interests of the Ascension, you become the pure conduit of Source via the Multidimensional Self. There is a merging of consciousness, and this consistent practice prepares us for what then unfolds. For those pursuing a path of Ascension, the intention of pure service and calm, clear resonation through the Solar Cosmic Christ Heart center is key to receiving what has been activated upon this planet. Vibrational match of pure intention.


Calling in Your Divine DNA

The following content has been taken from Ascension Guide, Sandra Walter's website:

The exact page is here:

Calling in Your DNA – Now.

Now is a perfect opportunity to call back your Divine HUman crystalline DNA. Personally, I work with DNA activation every day, in many ways, since it is so vulnerable to environmental factors, frequency levels, thoughts, emotions, heart center activation, and our own bio-landscape. Crystalline DNA is a key to shifting dimensional/density levels, since it creates bridges between realities, expressions of form, Galaxies … it is truly unique and Divine.

DNA is complicated, keep the invocation simple. Center yourself, align your toroidal fields and Ascension column for maximum effect. Stand outside in the SUN barefoot to connect with Gaia’s New Earth grids and emerging Solar grids. Unify with your Higher expressions and call upon your Divine DNA. Some of it will be existing internally, some of it can be recalled into your cells and fields, some may be brand new to your expression.

A basic invocation; adjust it according to your path and goals:

I fully accept these Divine Ascension codes, harmonics, tones, cosmic rays of evolution and Source Light amplifications into my cells and energy fields, fully and amplifying the Christed, Ascended state of consciousness, across all densities and dimensional expressions of Self. (Pause and feel it, let the alignment of Source-Universe-Galactic-Solar-Self-Gaia align.)
I call forth the highest quality Divine HUman DNA within me to fully activate.
I call to myself the highest quality Divine crystalline HUman DNA.
I reclaim my purified Christed DNA across all timelines, densities and dimensional expressions back to my cellular structure. Activate, etherically reconnect, rebundle, and replicate throughout my body and energy fields.
(Visualize the DNA rebundling, like a giant structure spiraling up within your Ascension column. 12 strand DNA activate, 13th strand of Christ consciousness activate, 14th strand of Source activate, 144 strand DNA activate – whatever level is complimentary for your path.)
Beloved DNA, light up and rewrite my form and energy fields into sacred geometric patterns, reflecting my Divine Highest Self. I fully reclaim my Highest expression, and welcome forth my Christed Universal Self. Crystalline DNA, activate to the highest level which compliments my journey.

I call forth the full activation of the rainbow lightbody codes within my DNA, opening the crystalline bridges of Ascension with my Divine Presence.
I command this under all graces and forces of pure Source consciousness, to express as a palpable reality, raising all of my consciousness to resonate with the Primary Christed timelines of the pure and true Ascension. So it is.


As with any invocation, visualization and FEELING the intention through the heart is essential. Meditate before and after to witness the subtle changes. There is a detailed module dedicated to DNA in Sandra's Ascension Path online class program. Please see her website for details of that.


We honour our natural progress as we ascend and activate DNA. We follow the ascension process step by step to assist the mental, emotional and physical levels to stay balanced and centred.


A Few Proven Methods for DNA Activation:

HEART COHERENCE: Choose, intend, visualize and practice a heart-centered life. Love is all: direct your heart to emanate love, and your reality will follow.

MEDITATION: Cultivate a peaceful, calm state for activation and reconnection.

COMMANDS & DECREES: The long-honoured tool of using intention and voice to activate and expand the consciousness, form and fields for Ascension. The "I am" presence...

FEELING: Genuine forgiveness, gratitude, non-judgment, divine neutrality, pure intention, and authentic desire to be of service to others. This is service whioh is "juicy" for you - that you really enjoy.

DETOXIFICATION: Spiritual, physical, mental, emotional detox. Empower the biolandscape to handle evolution. Eat live organic food and activated water.

NATURE: Sunlight, earthing, get in natural bodies of water. Be in the crystalline charge of Gaia's new grids to align your fields and heart often.

FREQUENCY: Solfeggio tones, high-vibe music, vocal toning, singing bowls, instruments, synthesizers, (for me - it's electronics!), whatever feels like high-vibe music to you...with the intent to activate DNA.

COLLECTIVE DNA: Connect with your Tribe to activate and exchange codes!

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