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I live as simply as possible and I am often on the move, in a kind of permanent pilgrimage, living and operating my service out of a rucksack and some carefully chosen gear. The wanderer-way-shower lifestyle is not for everyone. It can be extremely testing. However, my choice to embrace this style of life has helped to realign me with my True Self, as well as fulfil the duties of a front-runner. And along the way I have simply had to learn to stand on my own two feet in all aspects of my life.

Sometimes I spend more time in one place, particularly in Portuga, the Azores and the Canary Islands. Embedding myself a little in the culture in these locations, where I go about my grid work, is key to some of my future plans.

I am totally self-sufficient, and quite business minded, but I also rely on the support of like-hearted individuals.

I know my own worth, and I know the value of my time and energy.

I understand money as condensed energy. For me it's that simple.

True way-showers walk into new territory to prove that survival, fear and limitation are illusions. We make it easier for others to face their challenges by going ahead on the path first. Most of the information I collate through this website is totally free. I have built the site myself and manage it on-the-go myself. I have other functions too - particularly as a seed creator - both through projects and writing. The transformation of our consciousness and society demands that we direct our energy and funds into progressive endeavours which assist others at this time.

I am busy writing my first book - 'Permanent Pilgrim' - and this takes around 4 hours each day.

My work most certainly challenges the status quo and sometimes leaves me quite vulnerable to all kinds of nonsense.

If the work assists your journey, you can simply honour it with an exchange. That exchange can be spreading the work which resonates (for some, sharing this work is a huge step in their spiritual coming out). If you have financial abundance to share, it is greatly appreciated for grounded support.

  Assistance, referrals, financial support, technical support, all are welcome, as are offers of home stays and such things. 

Monetary contributions are graciously accepted via WIX Payments (secure debit/credit card payments) and PayPal (below), by bank transfer (just contact me and I will give you my UK bank details).

Thank you.

Love and Light.

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...onwards and upwards...


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