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Living without fear


originally shared by sandra walter in 2015

Fear of non-judgment: Finding safety in the comfort of judgment. Judging others or their ability/inability to demonstrate grace under pressure. Holding onto religious or new-age beliefs about judgment day being decided by something outside of oneself. Fear of punishment.

Fear of not Ascending in this incarnation: Finding safety in the waiting game, rescue scenarios, or a consistent need for external information/validation of your experience. Examine this one closely, beloveds. Placing faith in the future, or entitlement scenarios, rather than the present, reveals responsibility issues, self-empowerment issues, and the inability to fully embrace self-realization. Ultimately this indicates a fear of death, not Ascending, or the fear of reincarnating into the false illusion.

Fear of abandonment by Source: Finding comfort in the visible external, worthiness issues, using suffering or separation-as-safety. Ultimately reveals judgment of the Self, fear of the Divine Self or fear of Self-as-Source. Finding safety in blaming the external, others, or Source, for what has occurred here.

Fear of Transfiguration: Avoiding Ascension activations because you cannot predict the results of that activity.
Fear of unknown, undocumented territory. Transfiguration happens relatively quickly. The light at this stage can be blinding, startling, and unfamiliar. Taking on the responsibility of becoming a bridge to higher consciousness.

Fear of Transcendence: Fear of dissolving into pure Presence. Finding safety in the distraction of external concerns; worries over family, friends, pets, material things that may be left behind, or your own legacy (grounded or Galactic). The lower levels may loop on questions such as How will I get by/walk in this world while resonating with another? How will others react if I AM no longer in the lower state of consciousness? What will my loved ones do without my lower-level presence? Did I do enough here?

Fear of Surrendering to Source and Divine Love: Fear of ending the dream of 3D/4D. Fear of completing the journey, and what happens next. The moment of final surrender when the Higher Self begins to rewrite the consciousness to completely align with Source once again.


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