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Below is a document produced by Ryan June Kent - a Bristol based activist/visionary - who can be directly contacted by email:

Ryan's focus is in no way "spiritual" yet what he is writing about shares many core knowings of Be All You Are + AYA. Although it is perhaps a little challenging to read - Ryan is not a native English speaker - I believe this document to be an extremely useful exploration of the importance of ACTING rather then REACTING.

Alternative terminologies might include "acting from vision", "developing an artist's mindset", or "ignoring the noise and listening to your own truth"



* On the topics: Strategies and Aiming.


* Chances for success in reaching the aims,  and effecting the needed change.



 For communications between participants of the campaign.


   Locally, people have compiled a summary of human knowledge,  under the  heading  - 'Constructive vs. Destructive, Mindmap',

 This is in order for us to more easily focus, and to have a more organizing view - a clearer view while prioritizing, planning, campaigning and acting.

   So this document exists in order to develop a clearer vision of the SUCCESS that is ACTUALLY WANTED in practice.

   This summary does match up the relevant human knowledge, and shrinks it down to the bottom line.


(some parts of the summary may be repeated, and some inserts are taken from the minutes of meetings)



Orientations for a fight for change.

Part one:  - Symptoms.

                   - Re-action.

                - ''Energy''.


* Symptoms.

Firstly, one needs to remember  that the symptoms are not where you can get active on 'healing'.

You need to get very clear about what the illness is.

The symptoms of, for example oppression or exploitation, are many, uncounted.

Once we look at all  the symptoms that we're reacting to during these times,

we can recognize the actual model behind them,

and then we get a chance to see what the illness is really about behind all of them. The underlying reasons. A more holistic approach.


Only after clarification and agreement about what is being seen as the Illness,

we can start looking at ideas over how to - ''HEAL''.


The fact is that behind all symptoms of 'fails' (environmental destruction, etc.)

that we see in all the different forms and shapes they appear,

that we criticize, tackle, fight against


As falsely simplified as it may sound to some, it is fact. 

It helps to clarify the view, the conclusions on plans, the agreements over plans and actions

to review and define about the model, the illness behind the symptoms that get us alarmed.


(Insert optionally added: We can find ourselves reacting protectively against simple facts.

 This can be because we live with a daily volume of information,

that is in imbalance with our abilities to use the information.

     This often results in us almost living situated inside of the information volumes,

    and the appearance of some simple realities become something uncomfortable to even start with.

         This is but picturing a victim situation. But it is a tragic situation of incapacity.)


* Re-action.

Also, it reminds us that re-action is a completely different act than action.


If we go through all our personal and the world's timetables

and put to the side all our dealing with symptoms and the time we spend re-acting,

- although we are super busy, running around, every one of us, all-day -

we might notice

that there is almost nothing left after this, this running around that we do, nothing, no time at all.

Re-action to symptoms has thus incapacitated most movements.


People who experience burn-out, sometimes find out why.

Movements that burn out, most do not find out or do not even manage to reflect on why.


If we do not make a clear idea about the illness, make a clear diagnosis  of what the illness actually is, we cannot understand what 'treatment' is necessary, which means we cannot act with a chance to succeed.


If though we keep on re-acting, to symptoms, we burn out.


( On this planet, we don't have any time left to burn out.)


> Organizational. The Group. Governments <

Covering acting from the standpoint that at this time it can - legally - only be carried out by governments.

We do not need to be reminded that  'those positions built as seats for those we acknowledge as governors' ,

have become that attractive

- for a number of benefits of the position -

that by today

almost all those seats are inherited by persons,

whose quality consists of 'the quality to get on to those seats'

- in order to get hold of the benefits.


Those persons cannot act.

Because it is not their determination, it is not their aim, to act.

Nobody needs to be reminded of this.

(it is the centre point of speeches such as G.Thunberg's, 'You don't act').


This only gets repeated in order to clarify, that those persons in those seats - will not act.

Every effort to urge them to act or even to wait for them to act,

will end up showing that the time and effort are lost,

and that those persons have still managed to not act.


We will not achieve change, by demanding of 'them' to make the change.


It is as uncomfortable as it looks, that there is no option left, except for us to act.


The option: 'us - acting',

is that the exploitative ''movement'' that is in charge - in governments,

now will carry on until 

> the end of what they are exploiting < 

- which is the planet, and us,

- and finally in consequence 'them' too.

Exploitation and Intoxication are the two results we see in the current state.

Exploitation is a move after the priority to 'take' - not after the priority to build.

Exploitation is the move that is effected on the planet's natural life-system as much as on every vulnerable human being.


Intoxication is a by-effect of exploitation,

as the exploitative ''awareness'' covers only the act of - exploiting: taking.

In order to fight intoxication, we must fight exploitation.


> Clarification on Re-action <

   In opposition to 'Action'. (!)

Re-action is what the word says: to re - act (respond) to something.

Which means that something else has happened or has been done first already

- and then gets re-acted to.

This is the image of reaction.

Re-action always, naturally, starts later.

Re-action is an act that > depends < on the act or state of someone or something else.


A 'Fire brigade coming to deal with a fire'

- picture the image and nature of Re-action.


(Our governments at very best - do re-act. We demand they act. (as long as they believe they want to be governments)


Re-action is momentary handling. It cannot build.

Its reason  motivation, plan and action does not have the priority to build, but to protect.

In order to build we need to open visions that have been made in independent moments,

moments in which we are not threatened to re-act.


Building also needs generating. Generating does not happen from re-action.

One reason for this is, (repeated) that reaction > depends < on what is happening already or what somebody else is doing already.


Re-action does not have the 'motoric' capacity to build.

(Plans made in re-action to something that is criticized, are plans that deal with the threat they re-act to.)

It is the model of protection. Protection can be found utterly essential and necessary.

But it does not build.




> Action <

lives on a fully different branch and is born on a different ground.

Action is born from a vision, completed by a plan according to the vision.

Both - visIon and plan - unlock the motivation to action.

A result after action does unlock energy.

This is the action cycle of the organism. It is the motor of nature.

This the motoric that > builds < .

In order to get ahead and change, we need to build.


Summary of the chapter:



* Energy

The most undefined word: energy.

A general fact about energy is - that we all primarily react TO energy - in reality.

On a day that we feel very energetic,

we usually feel confident and stable to do, to solve, to face anything.


An actual Result

from Action after a Vision

- is the only genuine, independent, sustaining, source of - energy.

Result after an Action according to a Vision - unlocks energy.


Ideally we are always in a Chain of energy.

Which means that we'd ideally always have energy already in place to start with.


The factors that can limit or eliminate 'energy' in place to start with - are many.

       Many of the injustices, for example, that we see as major factors in human fatality,

are seen as reasons for the elimination of - energy,

are seen as the reason for (victimized) human beings in incapacity.


In this as an example:

It is a move for justice, to demand - justice.

The same as it is an essential move to demand right over wrong in all cases that we deal with.


The tragic major Pitfall in this is:

if we stay in demanding, rather than building, rather than generating in the time,

we are not generating - energy - of our own. We have not actually generated all along.

With or without seeing our demand met, we easily run out of - energy.

Many groups, and many individuals, actions, campaigns, movements,

run empty

while demanding but not generating anymore.

It is a too often occurring picture of an 'Anti' effort, that the effort runs out of motivation and activity in a short time.


Action after a vision is but potentially endless.


Demanding something from somebody else is often a very justified and essentially necessary move,

especially in the construct of a wider context, that is being questioned.

But  'to be right', justified in the context of demanding,

does not yet generate anything over the time the demand is upheld.

Only 'building' does.


The ''experience'' and belief that a group can give you the energy that you do not have by yourself,

is major, fatal pitfall -  one that has incapacitated individuals as much as groups, and movements.

Nothing lives on the energy of the group. Everything only ever lives on the result of action after a vision.


Humans/groups that cannot generate their own energy, their own fulfilment, over a longer term,

do seek an alternative in exploiting ''fulfilment'' from another source but their own creativity.


All tragedy of fatality in human history is based on the individual

> mistaking the group-identity for their own identity < 

(of the most devastating examples may be the different events in all human history concerning nationalism and fascism)


In nature, the identity of the individual must always be complete before the forming of the group.

An individual that has experience with their own vision, plan and action,

has  identification, 'relationship', with themselves,

and chooses a group cooperation as a choice, in order to build in a wider context.


A person that seeks the > group for identification < , will depend on the group's identification,


> depends <

on the group to plead the individual a legitimate member of the group.

(the same happens in partner relationships: ''i need you to love me'')

This model is a major model of fatality in human history.

A human that needs the group without a choice to also refer to their own vision, plan, and action

- does not cooperate, but complies.


Every human/living being is unique and has a natural right to build their own identification.

Nature lives and grows from its individuals evolving their own identification after their 

own vision, plan, action, and result.

A group that wants to be a thriving group,

understands the independence of the individual as the motor of the group's life.




The next pandemic

bears the risk that then we will not be locking ourselves away in front of our screens anymore, next to the fridge,

but will be - for example - without food.


Re-acting means we will not get ahead.

Re-acting depends itself on what somebody else is doing.

In order to act,

we need to give ourselves the time and space to be able to unfold a vision and a plan,

to prioritize, in order to build.


Being forced into reaction means that we will not build anymore.


Which means if science estimated another ten years time for humans to become non-toxic and non-exploitative on this planet,

with all the long-available alternatives in full practice,

then we know now that the declining (extinction) life-system of the planet is an easy path for diseases to find their way to human beings.

We do not have another ten years.


End of part one.



(it should be noted that the locally made summary: Constructive vs. Destructive, has not actually been included here)

(it is expected that the amount of information gathered here for this article, is already so long that many will not read it)


~ After having followed uncounted concerns and covering questions by activists around for a year now,

we do consider the content gathered here as essential ~


// ''We do not have any time.''//

Time is not a question of having it, as if somebody is giving it to us.

Time is a question of established priorities - in the life of the individual, established by the individual.

Prioritizing one's use of time is an act of responsibility taken on by the individual.



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