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the wake up experience

What is happening to my friend or family member?

Guidance on how to deal with someone you know who is going through an awakening process

Also very useful as a kind of evolutionary overview of what is happening post-2012


In my capacity as a New Earth Ascension Guide, I am growing somewhat accustomed to hearing many stories of the frustration and heartbreak of the awakening phenomenon. Indeed, the process can often be quite the opposite of what one might expect a “spiritual awakening” to be like. Its affect on relationships can be difficult, especially with family or friends. When two people see reality in completely different ways, it is extremely hard to bridge the gap between them. It is even more awkward when those people used to share many things in common.

This is a very brief introduction to a complex subject and is an adaptation of an established Ascension Guide - Sandra Walter, whose work I rate very highly. You can find her online here:


The primary audience for this information is meant to be friends and family members of the awakened, but it also functions as a quick, neutral, and objective overview on the awakening process. Through the sharing of such information, it is hoped that there will be some facilitation of understanding of this unique and challenging phenomenon. Any movement towards better understanding what is going on with someone who is awakening is a positive thing.


What is happening to my friend?

Maybe you haven’t talked with them in a while. Maybe your friend or family member dropped off of your social radar for some time. Then when you reconnect with them, you find a different person. They have changed in a way you just don’t understand. It's as though they are speaking a different language; they use terms like activation, amplification or clearing. They drop the term ascension into a conversation, and you worry that they've totally lost the plot! What is happening to my friend?

Before I explain awakening, I want to thank you for caring about them enough to read this article. Rest assured; their transformation is not an isolated incident. Hundreds of thousands of people are experiencing the same awakening phenomenon as your friend or family member. Actually the numbers are in the millions at this point and growing all the time.

People who experience the awakening phenomenon sometimes have difficulty with the division between their old life and their new life. The gap between family, friends and colleagues of the past and the awakened community becomes wider as time passes.


It's not that they don't care about you or have discarded you for their new life. The task of explaining what is happening to them, or describing what they are feeling, can be daunting. It may seem so difficult that they choose to keep quiet about it when they are in public. It's not a judgment of your ability to be open-minded or accept them. In fact, many awakened people decide it is easier to walk away from confrontation, rather than try to convince friends or family that what they feel is real. This is the purpose of this article - to explain what is occurring in the world, how it affects your loved one, and to calm your concerns.


The Awakening Phenomenon

The term awakening implies that your friend used to be “asleep.” Let's begin with an explanation of the terminology. The human body is undergoing an upgrade. You may have heard rumours about 2012, when an alignment of the Earth and the centre of our galaxy occurred. Even if you haven't read up on this subject, there are a few notable scientific discoveries that apply to the awakening phenomenon. The December 2012 alignment brought several galactic cycles to a close, ranging from 26,000 to 62 million to 16.9 billion years, just to name a few. It was a major astronomical event. Many of these cycles have marked evolutionary change on a massive scale in Earth’s past.

The Mayan calendar, which accurately tracked 16.9 billion years of evolution on Earth, came to an end. Major changes to the planetary structure have occurred every 62 million years. Every 26,000 years our planet and Sun align with the centre of our galaxy, completing the “precession of the equinox.” We move into a new zodiac age, the next being the Age of Aquarius.


These and other cycles which ended in 2012 provided notable changes to life on Earth in the past. In Earth’s evolutionary timeline, there are gaps in the fossil records known as “jump time.” We see a leap in evolution in a very short period of time. Creatures are swimming in the water one year, and walking on land the next. We have entered a “jump time” period. Historically, evolution speeds up and life on Earth shifts to something new.

The area of the galaxy we are moving into provides a strong surge of photonic and other kinds of light frequencies. Our alignment puts us directly in the path of this photonic light, which penetrates the Sun, our planet and everything living here. The alignment with these energies
in the past may have been the cause of gaps in the fossil record. The research on this topic is fascinating. Again, this is a very basic overview of a huge subject. And more often than not these remarkably swift evolutionary jumps are not taught much in our schools.

All of the planets are becoming brighter and hotter, but let’s focus on our home. The Earth’s frequency, or Schumann Resonance, is increasing. Gone is the textbook 7.83 Hz resonance of our school days, the planet is shooting up to 50Hz every day, with the baseline lingering around 14 Hz. That is a major change, because our reality is based on frequency.

A stable reality is contained within a range of resonance frequencies, like a bandwidth on a radio. These bandwidths of frequencies create dimensions in which to experience life. To exist in a certain reality, a living thing must match that bandwidth. It’s like turning the dial on a radio. To have the Earth experience, you have to match its frequency.

As the Earth increases in frequency, so must all living things on the planet. Since the lower frequency is disappearing, we need to adjust for the new range of frequencies provided. As we move through the Shift, the energies are changing minerals, elements, plants, animals
and humans.

Our cellular structure must change in order to “hold” the higher vibration of the planet. Between the new energies from the galaxy and the raised frequency of the Earth, our bodies are enduring an adjustment on the subatomic level. More of our unused brain cells and “junk” DNA - the dormant structures which have been “asleep” for a very long time - begin to get activated. This is where the term awakening comes from. What was asleep, or dormant, is now getting turned on.

Because this is evolution, it doesn't happen to everyone at the same time or in the same way. Yes, it is a relatively small window of jump time in the long history of life on Earth, but it won't be one sudden “pop” into a brand new frequency for everyone. This brings about an uncomfortable situation for humanity. Some dormant DNA and cellular structures have started to wake up, while others are still asleep. One person has experienced awakening, while another has not.

The terms asleep and awake seem to indicate hierarchy, as if the awakened have been selected by evolution or attained a higher level of being. Please note that no one who reaches a certain level of awakening has any judgment on the “un-awakened.” Awakening eliminates judgment and separation altogether, a nice side-effect of having more DNA and brainpower available.

As it turns out, the dormant stuff within us is the true heart of humanity, where peace and harmony become our modus operandi. The solution to our violent, greedy and distorted global culture is right within our own cells. World harmony and prosperity may be the big evolutionary payoff of our jump time.

This is where “The Shift” term comes from; a shift to a higher frequency, or higher level of consciousness. Kindwhile, we are on a planet where two distinct realities - an old paradigm and a new paradigm - are coexisting. This is not an easy situation if the two realities are cohabiting in your social circle or family.


What happens when you awaken?

Everything changes. Your reality is turned inside out, either by a sudden event or over the course of days, weeks, months, even years. It depends on what evolution has in store for you. After the 2012 alignment, the faster and more intense the awakening experience becomes. We used to have to meditate in caves for years in order to access the higher consciousness of our dormant structures. Apparently that is ancient history, because every day people are “waking up.”

In the realm where I work, awakening is a spiritual experience. This is not associated with religion at all; there are no groups to join, fees to pay or leaders to follow. It’s a process of self-empowerment which is unique to each individual.

Some define awakening as the realization that all is not right in the world. I do not agree that awakening is discovering dark agendas, global conspiracy, chemtrails over your house, or the existence of the Illuminati. Throughout my life I have been turned off by those kind of perspectives, the us and them. I feel an enormous amount of compassion in fact for people who have lost their way and may be labelled dark in their actions and motivations. When I was younger I coined the term “passive ideology” as a way of describing people who had backed themselves into a corner through their previous life choices so that toeing the company line, not speaking out about horrors they may have witnessed, or allowing themselves to be affected by peer pressure may have just become their normality. Passive ideology…

The awakening process gets intertwined with global conspiracy sometimes because one's vision and discernment become very clear. You begin to see the truth in people, events and agendas. It can be very disheartening to step out of the box of an old reality and see the mass manipulation of a “sleeping” population.

Awakening is not the awareness of wrong-doing on the planet. It's the experience beyond the manipulation that brings about evolutionary changes in the body. Awakening might happen in meditation, through an illness, or an event which alters one’s consciousness just enough to let something new occur. Maybe the individual questions the nature of existence, or explores something outside of their traditional beliefs. Maybe they impulsively take up yoga or tai chi, or something that uses their consciousness in a different way. Evolution is evolution, and there are many factors involved in why some people awaken and others do not. It’s not a survival scenario or a divine selection process. The community of awakened people are a very diverse group. Awakening is a truly widespread phenomenon.

The moment of awakening can be profound. A sudden feeling of expansion may overwhelm the senses. You might feel a seamless connection to everything in the universe, as if you are unified with all that is. It's quite incredible to feel that kind of energy pulsing through your body. In that moment, the lid is blown off your reality. All the barriers of the human experience disappear in a sudden blast of activation. In a few seconds, your life has changed. Your dormant self woke up. Even if the awakening is more progressive - a series of events which challenge the person's reality - the tipping point of activation sets the awakening process in motion.


Levels of Awakening

There are many levels to the awakening process, ranging from a new awareness to a complete overhaul of the person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. Some people experience a moment of activation and never go any further. They suppress their experience because it challenges everything they know. They decide it is just too difficult to change their entire perspective on existence.

For others, the need to know more becomes an obsession. They begin a quest to explain what happened to them and how they can experience more of that feeling. Sometimes that big blast of expansion is never felt again. Sometimes the expansion grows larger and larger, awakening
more of the dormant material within the body. This evolutionary process is unique to each individual. And others, such as myself, underwent a kundalini awakening, which I write about elsewhere on this website.



Awakening Experiences

Depending on the person and their choices, awakening can bring about a wide range of experiences. Feelings of blissful unconditional love, connecting with one’s soul or higher self, and deep gratitude for everything are common. Some awakenings activate psychic abilities. Others gain knowledge of past lives or Earth’s history. For a few, access is opened to the higher dimensions; angels or off-world beings. Many awakened are feeling a strong connection to Prime Creator/Source/God, which redefines their beliefs and faith.


Coping with Awakening

Choosing to expand one’s consciousness hasn’t been a popular or supported choice in our societies. In the UK and Europe we have meditation centres, yoga retreats and new age hubs, but the awakening phenomenon is still not widely addressed, even in spiritual communities. Because this is a scattered phenomenon, the awakened individual can feel extremely isolated.


It is very difficult to see beyond a perceived reality while others do not. Many awakened don't dare share their experiences with their unawakened friends or family; it sounds crazy! It sounds like you're “chosen” or special. The subject is often met with resistance. An argument might begin, or they are ridiculed or labeled as unstable, a hippie, a cult member, new ager, or a myriad of reactions to the concept of a different reality. So they don't talk about it, thinking it's better not to anger their friends or engage in a debate over what is or isn't real.

For those who have made the bold choice to have a “spiritual coming out” and start sharing their new perspective, the exposure can mean isolation from the old crowd. Since people don’t understand just what the heck happened to their friend, they cut off communication. The isolation can be very depressing. The awakened may abandon their families altogether, and in some cases that is a good choice. Neither reality - awake or asleep - has to tolerate friction from the other. Best to let it be, rather than get ensnared in an endless conflict to which there is no
solution. Neither will convince nor convert the other. Eventually the awakened person will step away from the conflict because it feels nonsensical as their awakening process intensifies. The wisdom of unconditional love urges the awakened to honour all paths. Often this
means walking away from friends and family.



Try this on: Perspective

For the sake of understanding, give this exercise a try. Pretend you are in a very lucid dream.
In this dream, your skin begins to glow! You feel amazing, like an angel or a radiant sun. You want the dream to go on and on; it’s one of those really vibrant dreams that you cannot forget.
You jolt awake from the dream and still feel the glowing sensation. You smile that the feeling is still with you. What a great dream! It still feels so real that you hold up your hands to see if they are glowing. And they are! In fact, all of your skin is radiating light; you're a human light bulb! You can’t believe it, are you still dreaming? Well, it’s time to go to work, so you go about your morning. You jump out of bed and the glowing light is still there. You shower and eat breakfast, it's still there. You go to work and it's still there, but no one else can see it. You wonder if you've lost your mind! Why can't anyone else see this? I'm glowing and I feel amazing! You ask a close
friend to take a look at you … do they see anything unusual? Your friend sees nothing. Your family sees nothing. Your doctor sees nothing. If nothing is wrong, then why am I glowing?

The glowing goes on for days, weeks, months. You start to feel separate from society. Here is this amazing thing happening to you and you can’t share it! You search the internet for anyone who might have the same ailment. Google reveals thousands of sites on the exact same phenomenon. Your jaw drops: Can this be happening all over the world? Thousands of
people are glowing and no one around them can see it? You're relieved to find an online community for the glowing phenomenon, but you still cannot talk about it with your friends, family or coworkers because they cannot see the evidence. My friends think I’m crazy, my parents think I’m in a cult, my life doesn’t fit anymore. How am I going to get through this?


This is what awakening is like for many people. A profound experience that no one around them can see or feel.



Challenges of Awakening

Besides the social issues, people who are affected by the awakening process may experience a number of physical and emotional symptoms. It depends on the level of awakening. Our DNA is a carbon-based structure, but in order to hold the Earth’s higher frequency it begins to transform into a more crystalline-based structure. This can create strange and sometimes painful sensations in the body. It can create disease or imbalance if the person does not take care of themselves properly.

Even if a person is very healthy, the energy can cause intense physical symptoms. In the last decade, we’ve seen many awakening symptoms misdiagnosed by traditional physicians as diseases and disorders. At the mental and emotional level, the activation of dormant structures
can overwhelm. Depression or lack of interest in what used to be fun is very common. You don’t want to participate in the old paradigm. For many there is little access to new paradigm activities unless it’s on the internet.


The awareness of two paradigms existing in society at once can cause disenchantment. Traditional activities become tedious or tiresome. Many lose the ability to concentrate on habitual or repetitive tasks. Dissatisfaction with jobs, relationships, lifestyle and friends leaves many of the awakened in a state of loss, with little income or support.


The Ascension Process

Ascension is a tricky term, because it brings up visions of floating up into heaven or physical death. It is neither. Ascension is a change in frequency within the body, in order to experience a higher dimension. Ascension is the goal of some experiencing a heightened level of awakening. Because we are in jump time, there is a rare opportunity to use this “evolution window” to ascend to a higher dimension. This would be a permanent state of higher awareness. Most of the Ascension-bound have already experienced a fifth dimensional “New Earth” - the higher frequency expression of Earth.


Rather than walk between the new and old paradigm for years, people on the ascension path choose to speed up the process in order to exist completely in a higher dimension. Those on the Ascension path use various methods to accelerate the evolution of their consciousness and dormant structures. As with the awakened, there are many levels to the Ascension process. It is an individual choice to ascend, and is an amazing yet challenging process. The symptoms can get intense at times, so rest and self-care is important. Indeed, sometimes one just gets knocked out and has to sleep, and often the various processes of clearing and activations and so on, take place at night, which can get complicated if one has to engage with ‘normal’ working hours.


Where is all of this leading?

The truth is, nobody really knows. Many in the awakened community believe that ascension is inevitable for everyone on Earth during this evolution window. Because dimensions are based on a range of frequencies, eventually this will be true. When the Earth’s frequency increases to the level where it will not support a 3D or 4D reality, everyone living on the planet will have to maintain a fifth dimensional vibration. 4D arrived in 2012, and has certainly become perceivable to many many beings on our planet. This goes some way to account for social unrest, government upheavals and a demand for integrity in our financial systems. It also accounts for the massive amount of new organizations dedicated to positive social, political and environmental change.

A shift in consciousness is a rare event, and the possibilities are wide open for what may occur.


What can I do to help my friend?

Even if you do not believe anything is changing on the planet, you can still support your friend or loved one. Be compassionate. Being awake is a very tough situation when it comes to interacting with family and friends. Let them express themselves. Listen to the changes happening in their lives and try not to judge them. They probably have amazing stories to tell, and brand new experiences they would love to share with you.

Know that awakening is not a threat to your religious or personal beliefs or lack thereof. There is no need to convert or convince anyone that they have to wake up or ascend. If you ask, they might share what they have learned. All life paths are honoured, that’s the beauty of being here and experiencing life any way you choose. It’s not a cult or group with leaders giving orders. You don’t have to perform a ritual, pay dues or follow a leader. There are many wise teachers and skilled healers in the awakened and ascension crowd. The authentic ones will always say, “Don’t follow me or think I’m above you. Take what I have to share, use your discernment about what is right for your path, and empower yourself.”


Methods to deepen the experience of awakening are chosen by the individual. Talk to them. Make no assumptions on what they think or feel. If you have looked at awakening or ascension information on the internet, you can see there is a huge range of theories and approaches to this
phenomenon. Don’t assume your friend believes any of it! Don’t discuss your opinion of your friend’s awakening until you talk to them directly. Be patient with them. The process can make the emotions and physical body go haywire. Adjustment symptoms can come on suddenly; give
them a break if they cancel plans or need to disappear for a day or two. Ask them if they need anything. Many awakened folks have lost a good amount of their old life to the process. It can be very hard to handle many dramatic changes in a short period of time. Ask your friend
what they need. A meal? Quiet place to stay? Money for a workshop or gathering? Support from outside of the awakened crowd is very rare. Why don’t you surprise them!


Gratitude for your concern

I hope this brief introduction to the awakening phenomenon bridges the gap a little between you and your loved one. On behalf of the awakened and ascension communities, I thank you for taking the time to read this. Hopefully it has provided some insight on a remarkable occurrence in human history. It is a strange and beautiful time for all of us.


Onwards and upwards…

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