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of the post-2012

Here I take a look back at my own path of ascension between 2012 and 2019. I try to unpack a little of my personal journey in order to provide ascension guidance. I look ahead to see what may be expected to come through as we continue to anchor in this enormous shift in consciousness. Sacred beginnings. Higher realms. Physical transformations. Access to multidimensional self.

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​The 'first wave' of ascension...


While I don't like to talk about 'first waves' or any other kind of hierarchies, there has most certainly been a first wave of ascension, beginning in 2012. Spread across our planet so as to form a kind of grid, and going through their own uniquely challenging ascension processes, there has been a group of individuals, commonly referred to as 'empaths' or 'lightworkers' who have volunteered to be the first wave of ascension. Part of the reason for this has been to make it easier for those who are now choosing to consciously engage with evolution and begin their own ascension process. We have had to live through the knots in our own consciousnesses, through direct lived experience, so as to exit the matrix of collective consciousness, and begin sailing through uncharted waters. And yes, it has been tough. Of course, many millions of people on the planet have been doing their part by levelling up in so many different ways, but here on this page I am really talking about those who are experiencing the birthing, growth, integration and expansion of the light body.


After my own kundalini awakening in January 2012, I experienced the most monumental changes in my own consciousness, my own experience of life, my own experience of cause and effect dynamics, and my own understanding of who and what I really am. By December 21st 2012, I was actually incapacitated by the influx of energy, the influx of higher frequencies of light, so that I acted, as the others I am speaking about also did, as an anchor for the New Earth operating system. I repeat, the new operating system of New Earth was anchored in the hearts of those willing beings. For a week or so, I could barely move, barely function, and was totally confused about how to handle it, and when this initial wave was over, I then had to go to work in my relatively normal job, completely unable to share the experience with anyone. 

It was at that point that I simply had to search for others, reach out, and connect so that I could share and communicate and understand, and, to be honest, not go mad...

At some point in the ascension process, divine service is the only thing that makes any sense...


I have written a little about my own experience in the ABOUT ME section of this website, but really, the process has showed me that the best way for me to communicate is by writing a book, an autobiography written as fiction, a manual for ascension so that others might be inspired to take the journey. And, of course, this had always been one of my deepest desires, to write a novel. Ascension is like that - putting us in alignment with our deepest desires in a way that can then assist others and, of course, the planet. So, as things stand, I am busy writing, and thoroughly enjoying that co-creative pursuit. And boy, do I have a story to tell...

I'll be honest, I have fallen over many times on the way. And certain looping behaviours and dysfunctions have been incredibly hard to shift. But I also kept getting up again, brushing myself down, and kept going, kept walking, increasingly unconcerned with the opinions of others. That is absolutely critical - to ignore the noise and listen to our own truth.

Part of my confusion was that I have many talents (I feel a bit weird saying that), many aspects, many projects, dreams and visions, all of which could be labelled as divine service, and I found it at times impossible to choose which to focus on. One of the beautiful things about now focusing on Be All You Are, and the book, is that it allows me to integrate so many of these aspects of myself, and gives me a platform both to express, and to assist others as a teacher. In fact, this year, 2019, I have decided to be more like a student, at my own private university of life, working on developing these different aspects in as much balance as possible. Indeed, I had spent a lot of time in this life working to inspire and enable others, and I realized that this had left me without enough time and energy to give to my own creativity. That was quite a difficult realization to accept. And following guidance from 'The Art of War', I also realized that it was not necessary to aim directly at some of my visions, but just allow them to unfold. The way of the new earth is not linear, so some pretty magical stepping stones appear which do a wonderful job of joining up the dots. At the present moment, I am clear that my creative self-expression is the key.

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Falling over is part of the process...

Along the way, I've experienced great highs and great lows. Being alone has been hard, but also absolutely necessary, and at times I've wanted to shout about it all from the rooftops, and at other times, retreated into my shell and not wanted to say or write anything about what has been occurring. Most often, people just cannot relate. I've been homeless, actually becoming a resident at a Salvation Army hostel in central Bristol just so that I could have a door to shut out the external world, spent a lot of time walking and living in the wild, and also begun so many things I had always dreamed of doing. I've experienced contact with beings of higher consciousness, higher dimensional beings who have helped me to understand what was needed and what I was here to do. Those coming togethers were both extraordinarily beautiful, and so powerful, that returning to normality was very difficult. I was shown how my own upbringing in boarding school, and the abandonment that entailed was responsible for many of the reoccurring issues and behaviours that I have struggled with in this lifetime and I was given keys to get out of such loops. But I've also discovered that I do have some issues with keys and locks, perhaps because I know how beautiful it is on the other side of the door. In life we often have these problems with resistance. Resistance to living the life of our dreams, resistance to awakening to remembering our own nature as divine beings.

I've been in abundance and prosperity, as well as in total lack and poverty, and through this process of experiencing the fullness of duality before exiting separation entirely, I have become stronger than I ever thought possible. I do not dwell now in lower emotions, in judgement of others, in judgement of myself, and I am not driven by ego anymore, not driven by much beyond evolving myself, personal growth, my creative expressions, and, of course, providing a profoundly transformative service to my clients, and bringing together as much knowledge as I can about what is happening at this time, and how people can begin to engage with this new level of light and this new operating system I talk about. It is truly beautiful, wondrous, and magical. We become totally self-sufficient beings, not dependent on others for anything, beacons of unconditional radiant love, and are commissioned in ways that are sometimes beyond belief. And it just keeps getting more and more powerful, more and more expansive. This is the New Earth.

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“The feeling of RE-OCCURRENCE can be vital, as some of the main issues we are dealing with in this life, we have also had to deal with in all or many of the other lives we've lived”

In that space of the New Earth, the New You, the Ascended (or Ascending) You, sometimes what occurs, or rather feels like it's occurring, through the dissolving of the small self, through the deeper awakening of the heart to the higher self, may be felt as grief or sadness, as all the old ways pass away, this time forever...

The death and rebirth into that which truly is YOU, the soul-light frequency of you that has always existed...this is a crucial process, and there is no way to avoid it. Nor should it be avoided, we simply must trust the process.

Many of you are or will be going through exceptionally deep transformations, some of which may be very painful. Some of you are experiencing LOSS, some of you are experiencing ENDING, some of you are experiencing DESPAIR. Some of you have been or will be experiencing what you felt was (and, of course, WAS an ongoing transformation) a RE-OCCURRENCE of some of those painful experiences.

This feeling or process of RE-OCCURRENCE can be vital, as some of the main issues we are dealing with in this life, we have also had to deal with in all or many of the other lives we've lived. Through the ascension process, it becomes time to let go of those struggles permanently. And it is really as hard or as easy and graceful as you make it. The 'ascension tribe', let's call them that for now, have had to do this too, and so many of us are able to pass on our experience and wisdom to others who are set to take this journey. The rewards are extraordinary, but at times, it certainly can seem like an impossible or undesirable path. It comes down to trust.

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The ascension process is necessary so that the higher frequencies of light can activate deep within you and within your cellular consciousness and your heart.

Your heart can then open in a deeper, more acknowledged way, within your being, as the presence of your divinity. Your original light is being activated within you, so that you become what you in fact already are. This process can be perhaps best described as AWAKENING TO REMEMBERING. And what occurs is a profound deepening and opening of your heart and your higher heart to more and more of all that you are. And all this occurs in the physical, the 3D physical. Yes, it's challenging. No, it's not comfortable, but worth it, it most certainly is...

It is only really now, in 2019, that I myself feel totally in alignment, walking an intuitively driven path, living in expanded consciousness, feeling and growing a brand new expanded lightbody. I've had to develop methods of interacting with higher vibrational beings, star races and so on, I've had to change a lot about my life and my lifestyle and embrace my highest visions for myself. Experiencing our star families and higher realms of consciousness is truly awesome, and available to all along this path. It is our true nature as divine beings.

We've all had to sharpen our ascension practices, hold our physical vessels in loving arms, clear, clear, clear, meditate often, hydrate continuously, exercise, earth, ground ourselves, move, oxygenate, all so as to hold more and more light. We've had to accept our imperfections, to understand that we are all perfectly imperfect, and that this is key to being part of the jigsaw of life, and that these imperfections are actually key to many of our meetings with important members of our soul family and so on. That's lovely because such synchronicities and encounters lead also to a deep acceptance of our imperfect natures and, indeed, our shadow side. Our bodies are intelligent vehicles, and tell us what they need to adapt to the new light, and one must remember that transformation happens through the body, not away from it.

I now truly expect the unexpected, and understand that what is coming is always beyond my expectations. I understand that I simply must keep myself as healthy as possible, remain centred at all times, and remain flexible and open to what occurs. And I choose my contexts very wisely, sometimes having to move away from people who previously I was very close to. We are all feeling and responding to the clarion call, we all feel it, the subtle anxiety, the excitement, the unknown presenting in a stronger and indefinable way.

Unity consciousness requires us to perceive pure ONENESS, and for us to loosen the grip of egoic identity or hierarchy so we may level up with our higher aspects...

In 2019, those of us who have been in ascension since 2012, are experiencing the restoration of the organic timelines, that many of us have been previously presented with but perhaps shied away from for many different reasons. Now we are ready. Between our own embodiment, the core magnetic shift of Gaia, the deletion of the akashic records and what has been termed karma (more accurately actually our own cellular consciousness), the migration of previously distorted realities to the truly organic timelines, and the behind-the-scenes unfoldments, we are now living limitless lives of service, supported more than we ever thought possible. We are non-judgemental' compassionate, patient teachers in waiting. We live in non-duality, free of attachment, totally self-sufficient, without needing the praise of others, without needing to be popular, without thinking much about the past, just being here and now, and learning to be guided by our higher selves through the symbolic, but very precise language of the dreamworld, and other dimensions that we often slip into without much warning. There is a restructuring of dream-state to accommodate this new consciousness, there are new star-gate openings and solar adjustments, and there is so much going on with the Gate and Grid community. And so many people are now awakening and embracing the journey. The future looks very bright indeed...the present even brighter.

Masters, brotherhood and sisterhood, inner Earth aspects, Galactics, and so much more are presenting in our fields, in our visions and dreams, and we know more than ever that we are never alone, that we were never alone. This year is one for embodiment, where we experience what has been termed the 'hall of mirrors' or 'zero-point' - where our state of consciousness is constantly mirrored back to us through others, and any distortions are shown clearly to us to be worked on or let go of, so that our lives become quite simply better and better, more magical, more pure, more beautiful. 

3D separation is falling away as we enter a christed crystalline state of oneness. And it's about time too...Onwards and upwards...Hear the call...Jx

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Blue Hummingbird
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