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The Love Perspective on Ascension
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"there is only love, and it seeks higher and higher forms of love"

I often find myself both talking about and writing about LOVE. Through my own ascension process I have come to understand that we are evolving to embody pure radiant unconditional love - without attachment, without demand.  REAL PURITY. However, when one tries to communicate with another or others about this kind of love, the responses most often come, understandably, loaded with that individual's projections, assumptions, vocabulary and so on. The truth is that there are many different kinds of love, and any conversation about it will come loaded with projection and the potential for inherent confusion, frustration and misunderstanding.


At our highest levels of being we ARE love, and our journey towards embodying this consciously, while in human form, can be viewed as an Earth training program, each of us given our unique curriculum, which we have the opportunity of accepting or not accepting as our education, and which leads, at some point, to our graduation.


So let me be absolutely clear. When I talk about LOVE I am talking primarily about:

Loving yourself

I quite often hear people saying that there are really only two choices when choosing which road to follow - LOVE or FEAR.

I am certainly very receptive to such a perspective but my reply is usually more or less the same: "what type of love?"


On your way, you are going to have to love and accept all aspects of yourself - and move towards maximizing all components of your being.

You are going to have to love yourself more than you ever thought possible, more than you ever thought even desirable.

You are going to learn to love your expressions, love your creative output, even love your imperfections, and be free of the judgement of others. It can come as a surprise on your path to discover that the opinions of others are really of no importance. What's important is that you respect your own decisions and actions - that your own road feels right to you and for you.

"Your path may be different to your family, friends, and country. But despite what they may think, it does not mean you are going in the wrong direction"

(Chamtrul Rinpoche)


You will be guided towards being capable of standing on your own two feet. You will have the opportunity of becoming so self-sufficient in love that, in fact, rather counter-intuitively, in terms of what we have learned and internalized through society, you will draw your divine counterpart to you like a super magnet.


Divine counterparts are separate individuals but at the same time, really the same, pure beings who are meant for each other, but only if they can each stand on their own two feet and generate their own love. No needs, no wants, the way is in.

Perhaps you have already had encounters with him or her - encounters which will have challenged you, may have set you on your way, perhaps even caused you great pain, maybe even caused some kind of internal collapse.

Ascension to 5th dimensional pure love embodiment is not for the faint hearted. It is unfolding exactly the right way for you as an individual, and will involve triggering the release of the old programming that has taught you that love is something you find external to yourself. I cannot say for sure whether each person's journey will involve coming together in physical 3D relationship with their counterpart, but I do know that this potential exists.


"They cut you deep, they pressed delete, so you'd fill you up with love"

(Direct Line to Divine Self)


So am I really talking about Romance? about Romantic love? No, I am not talking about that, although you may experience, or choose to experience that, along the way. If you do, it is important to remember that at this time of ascension, you will be taught through direct lived experience, by those beings you have shared so many lifetimes with, to move towards becoming a beacon of pure love, to truly let go, and to become more and more NON-ATTACHED. Really this means not allowing what happens in the external to affect your internal world, not allowing your light to be dimmed.


Indeed, what good is it coming together with your divine counterpart if they are not as free as the birds?

What is more romantic than helping your counterpart to ascend, to self-realize, to realize themselves as divine, eternal, as a god undergoing careful sculpturing, a being who has integrated the masculine and feminine within?


The best resource that I can find on the divine counterpart journey is here:

Please read and digest that using discernment.

Perhaps you are already understanding the importance of this life you are living, and the shift we are living through.

We are the earth angels we have been searching for.

We trust your journey you will begin...Onwards and upwards.

Wherever you are heading, one must build the foundations on solid ground, and chart a course towards reaching a state of unconditional love for oneself. It is in fact, relatively simple to love another or others unconditionally, loving ourselves that way is a whole other story...

When we truly understand that we are heading in the direction of DIVINE UNION, perhaps stopping off at certain levels along the way, the journey begins to make more sense.



"we embrace a certain awareness, that of the eternal"

One must be very careful not to be drawn in by the vast amount of spiritual marketing out there that can confuse you about who and what certain people in your life really are, what their functions are or were. If you are in longing in any form, you are in a state of disharmony. Union with divine counterparts happens within. All else is a distraction or simply a step along the way to a state of harmony. We must develop a certain awareness: that of the eternal...

Here is the NEW DIVINE HUMANITY on the subject of 


So you thin you want to meet your twin flame. You want to live in paradise and bliss. Full union.

You can do this within your own consciousness. Evolving and moving into greater harmony and union within, is exactly what prepares you for your ascension and merging with your counterpart.

The meetings of twin flames are planned before incarnating for those evolved existence, to be together, to work together and play together. How would anyone recognise their twin flame if they were living in a state of disharmony? Disharmony = NON-UNION. If one was to come into contact with the consciousness of their twin flame before their evolution into a union state of harmony, it would be like a regular relationship of the escalated drama of the 3D. Such meetings really only occur in order to trigger one or the other, or perhaps both, to begin or intensify their ascension process.

Twin flames join and merge in full union and harmony. It is an elevated level of consciousness that recognises this eternal union, and consciously merges with their ALREADY eternal union. The purpose is for this merging in a unified state, the mental body, the emotional body, and the physical body here on Earth. The heaven on earth, the above matching the below, united.

This is why many beings either during ascension or before will be united when ready to merge fully with their twin soul counterpart, soul union. The consciousness can present itself to the form willing to take on this huge leap of consciousness awareness, to live as and be this entity and unified state of being as eternally so, here and now. On Earth, as the elevated Earth, for those who have freed themselves from fear and memories held long ago, as the subconscious reactive states, that must be cleared to ascend consciously to the next levels.

For those of you living with this LONGING, know that any idea of separation from this is, in fact, the very barrier to this elevated level of union consciousness. We are here to be the eternal on Earth. This is the highest calling and the greatest challenge for those immersed in fear.

To focus on the ascension and the merging in harmonious union, living as much as you can maintain your heart centred awareness in harmony is the key.

This facilitates the ease of the release of fear based energy charges that are often referred to as KARMA from past lives and in this life, stored in our cellular memory (what we thought and felt as we took a particular action).

The work is yours and yours alone for your preparation for your next levels. Look to you, develop your harmonious temple within your awareness.

Let it be that of the eternal. As above, so below. The union is divine...

You can find more on this subject in one of my other articles, the link for which is given below:  ​

"and that was when you realized

that you too were a central sun

divinity in trainers

with nowhere left to run

a single cell of heaven-sent, nirvana's building block

you'd steered your course, you'd found your way, and all upon this rock"

(excerpt from Direct Line to Divine Self)

Loving god. Loving your divine self


When I speak of love, I am also speaking of the love for god, the love for the gods, the love for the divine self.

One day you may find yourself saying "well done" to the divine, instead of asking for things, or complaining about things, you will learn how to:


Go with your flow

  When you love humanity as much as you do, the lessons were always going to be tough, and the lessons will come thick and fast at this time. What I can share with you is this - all is well, all is gifted, all is for your highest evolution, the journey to living in divine union with your cosmic higher god-self is beyond compare, and the rewards are beyond juicy. What really helps is to review your limited ideas of your destination.

Loving life, loving humanity, loving the lessons, loving the road

Yes, one must truly love life, love all the lessons that are provided when we choose to take the unique curriculum that is constantly being rolled out ahead of us, a curriculum that we have, in the higher levels, in fact written for ourselves.

"You wrote this story for yourself, only you would dare to tell"

(Direct Line to Divine Self)

If you are being offered the opportunity to ascend, you already have a deep love of humanity. And your highest vision for yourself will both fit you like a glove, and be something that humanity needs.

Loving the road? Do I need to write anything about this? My advice - embrace the road, live your life on your own special road as much as possible. And remember:



Loving Your Earth Training Program, Your Unique Curriculum and Your Graduation

(below is an adaptation of an article by THE NEW DIVINE HUMANITY)


We are Love at the Highest Levels of our being and exist in childlike purity, flowing through all moments, even in those that are living its opposite.

We are visitors of Earth, who have taken on the Earth program of consciousness, so as to one day graduate, as a master of Form. To evolve our frequency of being into the highest embodiment of love, once again ~ consciously while on Earth.


This is the ultimate state of DIVINE UNION state, the journey to becoming an Ascended Master, a graduated being of the Earth Program.

On Earth there exists also the opposite of love. Even with this opposite of love, there still exists its higher level (being of light) of love, at the true level of being, that is eternal. This makes the external view of things, not as they appear to be. There is always more going on at the highest levels than that which the eyes can see or the ears can hear.

Every being is uniquely different and every being views their reality through their consciousness in a very unique ~ frequency specific way.

Earth is a training program, if or when one finds oneself in an existence on Earth, living as the opposite of its highest level, it is for the being's own evolution, and for the purpose of consciousness expansion. All those who are involved with those beings, ultimately are playing out things for their own higher EVOLUTION purposes, also. Even if it does not look as if that is what is happening, to others.

Even when we do not, ourselves, see the highest purpose, it is always preferable to trust our Soul Purpose, move towards letting go of fear and attachment, and return to our own heart space ~ which is the most loving thing we can do for ourselves, and for all those involved in our Earth experience.

That does not mean we allow experiences that we know are wrong, or allow anyone to abuse us or to harm us physically. We must learn to balance using our discernment and being as non-judgemental as we can. We do all we can  to love ourselves, and trust the higher purposes and also be THAT love for others.

All are love at the highest levels, and the return to love, is the return to the eternal being that we already are. It is a sacred union, a marriage of sorts, of the Divine with the Earth flesh experience. It is the highest level, it is the Ascension, the return to the heart. The rebirth into BEING the embodiment of the Cosmic God Self while on Earth.

All things with no exceptions are working out for your own Evolution.

Returning over and over to the bliss and joy in the present moment, is part of your training to the return to the eternal awareness of you.

Everything is a blessing.

Everything is for your Earth training, initiations and graduation.

Everything is for the expansion of your consciousness.

To Being the full embodiment of your Cosmic God Self while in form.

All NOW.


Love is not actually about giving it or receiving it, rather it is about BEING or BECOMING love, seeing the beloved all around you. Be a light unto yourself...

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