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be all you are

This is a great video on the ascension process. It covers the stages of developing:

1. ACCOUNTABILITY - matching your choices and actions with your own deepest wisdom and insights - understanding how what you feel in your body about these choices provides a kind of snapshot about what that particular path will feel like for you if you take it.

2. HONOUR - understanding how every single character in your lifestream is your teacher - so don't make the mistake of rushing into trying to be everyone's teacher or guru. Just bring the skills learnt in stage 1 into action without requiring the validation or approval of others. love is unconditional and you learn to be fed by what you give, not by people's response to you. In other words: DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!

3. HUMILITY - learning to intuit the things that are going to happen anyway when you are in alignment with your path and realizing that manifestation is more about alignment rather than creation. Then your way and life's way can become one. They call this grace...

4. SERVICE - so your service to the world contains everything that gives you your unique joy and the way in which you interact with life is of paramount importance. Let it all come to you and watch and feel as it all assembles around you rather than running around trying to force the issue.

If you can let all that happen, remembering the importance of 7 year cycles and the uniqueness of your own journey, you'll be graduating into 5D living. Enjoy. Live all you are...

This is a great video by the truly wonderful L'Aura Pleiadian on the subject of "Manifesting the Perfect Life for You". As with all her videos, which you can find on Youtube (as well as on her various websites/social media pages: , it lends itself to repeated listening. I'll post a few more here, but I encourage you to explore her collection of guided meditations, activations and integrations, which I feel are perfect for those looking to enter 5D consciousness on the new earth. I often use them myself. With the light body activated, integrating, and online, their effect is really something, but they are useful for anyone and everyone...

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