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In this Sunlit Garden, I, the Beloved, establish this blessed school where the young Universal Human learns to grow up. In this sunny expanded Sanctuary, I bring up unto me all disconnected local selves trying inadequately to handle problems. I say to all of them,"Come up unto me. I will take your burdens, I will heal your pain. Stop trying to figure anything out or solve anything in this agitated state.

Nothing you attempt from your separated state will work. You are off duty now! You are to come up higher, past all your local self-contractions, into the field of lightness, joy, wisdom, and empowerment through resonance with Me, through attunement with the larger design and the actual truth of each situation.

I who before have been abstract and discarnate, must truly exercise my presence and authority to create the heaven within where the local selves can meet with me in absolute safety.

In this divine arena of integration and infusion, I exercise for the first time my full authority, love, and wisdom within this household.

It is my place of learning to be fully incarnated, holding the love and intention for all my local selves, as a teacher does with disciples.

My local selves are my disciples. I am the teacher within. Now it is my turn to learn to teach, to presence myself with such radiance and attraction that all my local selves are magnetized toward me.

This is the way I create 'Heaven on Earth.'"

Barbara Marx Hubbard


this letter was written in remembrance of

Barbara Marx Hubbard

after she passed in Spring 2019

April 10, 2019

Dearest Beloved Friends,

It is with great personal sadness that I share with you that our beloved Barbara has passed into the next world just a few hours ago.

Barbara you were a blazing light in this world.


The Wild Stallions that moved you were yoked to the evolutionary impulse itself. Evolution was awake as you in Person. Reality delighted in having a Barbara experience.

You felt the ecstatic urgency of the evolutionary impulse moving through you all the time.
You took the pain of depression and turned it into the joy of evolutionary activism.
You took fate and turned it into destiny time and again.

You were the greatest Evolutionary Story Teller of our time.

Your dreamed of social synergy, of the Peace Room, the Office for the Future, you  incarnated a vice presidential bid, a historic speech at the democratic national convention, the great Foundation for Conscious evolution, all of these were the vehicles you audaciously manifested for the impulse.

Abraham Maslow, Bucky Fuller, Jonas Salk, and so many more,  including this writer, - you charmed us all, you recognized us all,  you inspired us, you called us forth with you.

Friends, allow me for a moment to be intensely personal. I spoke to Barbara last Friday evening. She was filled with life. We were going over the evolutionary code I had written for evolutionary church the next morning.

Barbara, I called you the next morning. The nurse said you were not well. She held the phone to your ear; you said filled with life, “Marc” ...and that was the last word you spoke. I flew to the hospital to see you right after church - on the next flight - expecting to meet you  after the surgery - awake and fully alive. You did not wake up.

It is trite to say but it all happened so fast. I thought we had at least several years left to deepen the work and take everything to the next stage, and to drink many glasses of the wine you so loved along the way.

You were ninety and a force of evolutionary nature.
We communicated several times a day on evolutionary thought or vision. Each letter was clear, potent and reaching for the future. You lived in the future. In so many ways you were a memory of the future human. And in so many ways you were simply human.

Oh my God,  I/We will miss you.
Barbara, we will hold a first memorial service for you this Saturday morning at Evolutionary Church. We will send everyone a link tomorrow.  But I know you loved a big party.

So for your central memorial service -we will do exactly what you asked us to do. We will - all of us together throw a big Evolutionary Party, live streamed on line and in person.

We created together the Wheel of Co-Creation 2.0. Together we placed "hearts desire"; at the Center of the Wheel of Co-Creation.

At the Evolutionary Party, everyone in your honor, inspired by your calling forth, will speak their hearts desire for the sake of the evolution of love.
Barbara - We promised you we would throw the party - you promised to come.
So we are counting on you to show up.

Tears streaming down my face.

A Great Leader has passed.

A Great Feminine Co- Creator - reborn again and again through what she called Regenopause - a woman who was getting newer every day and never got older -  has left our world.

A Great evolutionary has passed.

A great light has gone out in the manifest universe.
But I/We  promise you Barbara, all of us -  I/we will continue our  EVOLUTIONARY  PARTNERSHIP. Deeper than ever, with more evolutionary joy, with radical commitment, with mad love and delight.

A great sun has set.

A new sun must now rise.

The torch has been passed. We must all pick it up and light the world on fire.
Evolution must become revolution. The New story - “evolving the very source code of evolution” is not only possible but urgently necessary as we stand between dystopia and utopia.

Barbara love, do you like what we wrote here, do you want to edit it or rewrite it as you often did with me?

I love you Barbara. We all love you.

Tender, Audacious, Wondrous, MADLY. Maddening...

You are blessing.
You are the goodness of evolution pouring into reality.
You spoke the word. You were the Logos.

We will continue to speak the word, to tell the story until the world is transformed and every unique self knows they are personal expressions of the evolutionary impulse itself, worthy of infinite dignity, and joy.

All people are born creative. Let us create together - with you guiding us Barbara -  from the new world which you are already lighting up.


Marc Gafni


Co- Chair Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Co- President, Center for Integral Wisdom

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