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guided pilgrimages
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Permanent Pilgrim




I run very special self discovery adventures in many different locations around the world.

I deliver these 1 week long, small scale, intimate, memorable and transformative experiences for both INDIVIDUALS and SMALL GROUPS (maximum 4 people).


The exact focus and itinerary of these self discovery adventures is customised to meet the needs of the individual.

Investing yourself in a self discovery adventure with Permanent Pilgrim will have a profound and lasting impact on your transformation process.



We will work together on raising, refining and holding our own unique FREQUENCY. We will prioritise making the time for allowing the creative flow to come through. We will develop our self-expression capabilities and move towards making our creativity the driving force in our lives. We focus on developing new skills and capacities and building confidence. We work on reprioritising what it is that we put our energy into. Working with me in this manner is always a 2-way process. These self discovery adventures assist individuals to move up through levels of awareness, grow their being, progressively upgrade their point of perception, and move towards ACHIEVING HARMONY in all aspects of their lives, both internal and external.


Journeys to Self in Ways that Work

harmonize - embody - create - true self

I myself live in a kind of permanent pilgrimage. I move around the world, living wild and free in a self-sufficient way. I carry everything I need in order to continue delivering my services, to write my poetry and make progress with my book, to facilitate gradual transformation to lightbody (ascension), and to embody the ongoing merge between higher and lower self more completely by existing largely outside of society. I work on my projects, I play a little music when I can, and I balance the rewards of living as solo sovereign self with coming together with others at gatherings and through my work. This style of life is crucial to my own creative process, to my own ascension process, and to me living in harmony as my true self.

I run Permanent Pilgrim Self Discovery Adventures on the Camino de Santiago in Spain and Portugal, in the Canary Islands, in the Azores, in Turkey, in Sri Lanka, in South America and beyond. Locations are not confined to established pilgrimage paths. Often we will be walking on a dedicated route as part of the process - but this is not always the case. I have run very successful programs  where we have wild camped for a week in one spot, very much away from the outside world, and where the only walking was to pick up water and provisions.

Those who work with me in this way discover the freedom of SIMPLIFYING AND LIGHTENING THE LOAD ON ALL LEVELS...

What you are carrying in your backpack, what you are carrying internally, and what you are carrying through your choices about your context will all be explored and overhauled. Self-realization is a tremendously powerful process. It's best to understand and accept this journey...

a Permanent Pilgrim Self Discovery Adventure


Simply get in touch with me directly to discuss your personalised program. If you can give me 3 months advance warning - that's great - but I often find that I can fit someone into my schedule at shorter notice - these kind of things often just fall into place in a mutually beneficial way. I will listen to your ideas, I will contribute some of my own, and we will agree on a plan. I will need to price your self discovery adventure and confirm with you how much it will cost. I have given some example prices further down this page. Prices include my services for 1 week as well as 2 x 60 minute online sessions before it takes place. During these sessions we will talk things through, and we will discuss your needs, your process, your situation, what kit to bring, and anything else that comes up. You will need to pay your own travel and personal expenses (eg food). Self Discovery Adventures must be paid for a minimum of 21 days in advance.

These weeks I spend with clients are very precious indeed. What happens is very different each time but this page should give you an idea of commonalities. Things do not always run smoothly and there will undoubtedly be challenges to overcome. What we do during this week will feed strongly into your process. You will experience the liberation that comes with being able to create a productive shelter space that works for you wherever you find yourself. You will delight in the discovery that your creativity can flow well in wild places.


Investing in a Permanent Pilgrim Self Discovery Adventure can work well in tandem with continuing to meet with me for online sessions.


I'm looking forward to hearing from you...

Be All You Are Online Mentoring Sessions

See things from a higher perspective. Evolve and integrate your point of perception. Move towards liberation and living in harmony with your own organic divine blueprint

Engage with the curriculum that is constantly being rolled out in front. Listen to what comes in - guidance is coming from your divine self. Allow the unfolding of true self

Bridge heart and mind in action. Identify what it is that you need in order to shine. Realize new perspectives and horizons. Build confidence, trust and knowing

Understand the importance of de-densification on many levels. Simplify your life and lighten the load. Understand how the right kit aids liberation. Experience living wild and free

Awaken your magic. Move up through levels of awareness. Learn to embrace the unknown. Become skilled in manifesting your needs. Maximise the pilgrimage experience

Access your true nature as a limitless, fearless, self-sufficient, creative, solo sovereign being. Integrate a more eternal perspective. Connect more deeply with your birth vision

Understand what the lightbody is and how we are moving towards living as 5th dimensional consciousness and beyond. Accelerate and integrate your ascension process

Develop key skills in non-attachment, non-duality, non-judgment, divine neutrality.

Maintain your inner world regardless of what is going on in the external

Awaken to unique new roles. Be yourself. Radically! Connect deeply with the land. Do things a little off the beaten track. Use what you find to live more self sufficiently. Live minimally

Reprioritize. Live every aspect of yourself. Complete a creative project over the week. Keep the quality of food and water high. Discover the freedom of finding good wild camping sites

Create. Create. Create

Be All You Are Online Mentoring Sessions
Mountain Range


This week was spent in a nicely isolated wild camping location close to the Camino Real de Guadalupe in Extremadura, Spain.

The focus was on maintaining a consistent frequency, discussing his process, keeping the quality of water and food very high, and building confidence and experience so that this client could do this kind of thing on his own regularly.

He spent the last night alone after the week was over, and I often receive photos and updates from him in various locations he has scouted for himself.




A week spent both walking and wild camping on the beautiful island of La Gomera in the Canaries.

The creative focus was writing and prioritising the time for that. Manifesting needs and allowing clarification on the client's birth vision was a big part of this one, as well as developing a higher perspective on the process that had led her to this point of potential.

I still meet with her occasionally online as she continues to move towards consistent harmony in her life.




A section of the Lycian Way in SW Turkey was chosen for this one. We walked a lot and camped somewhere different each night.


This individual had been struggling with the intensity of the clearing, the depth of the work that had presented itself since her awakening. She had been finding it all rather overwhelming. Less focus on creativity.


Discussion and focus was on the nature of ascension at this time, on making decisions about future direction, and on how to integrate and maintain levels of self-mastery while existing in the world. Building trust and knowing was key.


i'd always had trouble with keys and locks

for i knew how beautiful it was on the other side of the door

so i pierced that bubble - released those blocks

and i grew unstoppable - not bound by limitation anymore

a once caged bird - like a jack-in-the-box

who flew through those now fictional bars - an eternity to explore

pasar por aqui

pasar por alli


and so it begins...

(excerpt from Permanent Pilgrim)

new earth eternity training services

Permanent Pilgrim Self Discovery Adventures
Journeys to Self in Ways that Work

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