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the love perspective on ascension



This is a tremendously exciting moment for us as human beings, and for Gaia too. Today we are in a time that calls for a jump, a shift, a rapid change, not just because we can but because we must. And this could be the most important, the most beautiful, the most profound lifetime you ever lived.

If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room

This is not the time to sit on the sidelines, to be a passive traveler through life, to stagnate through passive ideology. Life on the planet is in the hot seat. Gaia has already ascended to support the embodiment of 5th dimensional (pure love) consciousness by those humans who are willing and ready to begin their process.

What deeply committed individuals there are in this world! Such a profound strength of spirit and heart exists in people. What a joy it is to feel safe, encouraged, and honoured as a human being.

7 distinct shared elements that all spiritualities uphold universally

 - An open heart, having our hearts as a reference point.

- A practice of living in the present fully, not partially but fully. This is not a given but something that is cultivated purposefully.

- Non-judgement of differences in others, be it religion, race, capacities, predilections and all that is not like me, or what I want.

- Lightness, creativity and joy. Creativity feeds our non-linear self, it is a state of mind. The more detachment from our story we build, the more kid-like we become.

- Optimism as a choice. Choosing to be shiny and engaging and positive because that is the state of our psychology where doors open, and the best outcomes unfold from.

- Actively allowing mystery in our life. The state of not knowing is intrinsic to the spiritual experience, while at the same time it is absolute knowing that perfect the manifestation process. It's even an awesome feeling to accept that there are many things we may never know.

- An impulse to give, to help, to support others, to care for the planet. Feeling part of a bigger whole, feeling connected totally enhances our spirit and gives us meaning.

Of course feeling aligned with our highest vision or visions for ourselves is beyond awesome

How do you connect to the divine? What are the particular ways, personal to you, in which you feel connected to spirit, to a higher order? Kindly consider this and move towards bringing it more clearly into your daily life.

What is important to you, right now, for your spiritual journey? What are the lessons that life is presenting to you in this moment that you need to be aware of, open your eyes to, and embrace? Kindly consider this and let this larger context completely change, or remix, how you are relating to what is happening in your life.

When in deep meditation, one can feel the silence, it has a physicality, you can touch it, and feel it enveloping around you. When in group meditation, there can be doubt that we all share the 7 elements (given above) of universal spirituality.

"Evolution is not only gradual, sometimes it makes a jump. Today I am convinced that what is happening here is a jump into the emergence of a new type of consciousness for our time, a Homo Universalis" Barbara Marx Hubbard

Your beauty is always noticed by irregular eyes

conscious evolution
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It's no coincidence that the ASCENSION TRIBE contain some of the world's great EMPATHS, although they will be most likely defining themselves rather differently now.


Human evolution can be seen as a journey fueled by empathy.

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Having mastery of awareness mandates that we be in alignment with the mood and realities of the world we live in - the TONE of our time. We can also be timeless with our creations and expressions, and be in the world, but not of it.


Being in alignment means we don't resist our life stream because we get tight and our functionality goes down, rather we ADAPT to the felt presence, of ourselves, of the moment, of the curriculum that is being constantly laid out in front of us,  and we take the best out of it, so that we can

dance with the world.

We truly need to become HOMO UNIVERSALIS to reach our real potential, to connect with off world brethren, and become all that we are.

Crisis is one of the most important evolutionary drivers that there is.

Crisis on a personal level, crisis on a social level, crisis on a planetary level, all are fueling the ascension process.

Are you hearing the call?


the clarion call has sounded

hear the call

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