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I cannot be sure one way or the other if a kundalini awakening or kundalini rising is absolutely 

necessary for the building and integration of the light body which is necessary to exist in 5D, but if I had to hedge my bets, I'd say it was...

Signs of Kundalini Awakening (otherwise known as Ascension or Spiritual Awakening)
Awakening symptoms

Symptoms will become less intense the more you understand the nature of what is being brought to the surface and do the work of releasing it.

Kundalini awakening can surface as a result of an emotional trauma, extended periods of meditation, or integration of the three keys of unconditional self-love, unconditional love for the journey so far, and unconditional love for another or others. Self-love and self-enquiry are beyond crucial. Kundalini awakening is the early stage of the phenomenon, and really, no one can classify or try to classify what is necessary for a Kundalini awakening to occur. It just is.

Kundalini awakening in its early manifestations usually, but not always, begins in the lower chakras and lower torso and feels like an electrical current that permeates through the body. It generally begins with periods of great intensity then subsides, but once again, on the journey to true self, there is no usual, no normal. The duration is dependent on your ability and willingness to attend to the physical, emotional and mental healing needs as they arise in the lower chakras. Kundalini awakening quite often coincides with some kind of midlife crisis, however, more recently, younger people are coming to me who are undergoing an awakening. Crisis of one kind or another does seem to be rather important in one way or another.

As far as I understand it, there are two main types of awakening. The first may be called a full blown kundalini awakening, which involves the energy bursting out of the base of the spine, involves a night or perhaps a day of intense, full body orgasmic, blissful, ecstatic energy consuming the body before coming to rest in one of the chakras, which for me was the heart - and so it begins...

The second type would be a kind of incremental kundalini rising. I have no experience of this so cannot really describe it, but it appears more and more common.


Kundalini Rising

Kundalini Rising is a full blown body response. Thought patterns, belief systems, spiritual dilemmas or concerns will be brought to the surface. It is important to work with the energy. Ignoring something that comes up could make the experience unbearable and would prolong the stage you are working through. All the shifts that occur in your body will assist you to become more open and aware. The Kundalini at this stage is an electrically alive current of energy that is in constant motion in the body.


Symptoms or Signs

You may feel or experience:

- Confusion and feel uneasy or unsettled but not able to pinpoint the reason. You may go through periods where you feel completely alone in the world and no one understands you. You may feel estranged from everything and everyone you have known. Trust that this is a temporary condition that manifests to encourage you to explore your relationship, emotional and mental patterns.

- A fiery current of energy running through your body, sometimes it’s intermittent and other times constant.

- Bouts of depression or something commonly known as the dark night of the soul: this is important to process as it will lead to many insights and growth. Many experience more than one dark night of the soul.

- Ecstasy. Periods when the energy rises up through individual chakras, all the chakras at once or just the spine, in an ecstatic, orgasmic state of divine bliss that is not connected to a sexual act. We are heading to a point where each breath we take has the potential to be ecstatic. Pay attention on the path.

- Fluctuations of body weight. Many clients experience weight-loss, particularly if their Kundalini awakened as a result of a relationship trauma. In these situations clients are commonly convinced they have met their ‘twin flame’ due to the intensity of the experience. However, it is my belief that the intensity is due to the need for karmic balancing. It may be necessary for the intensity of experience, the intensity of feeling that comes with ‘thinking’ that you’ve met your ‘twin flame’ is what I’m saying here. Weight gain is also common place in the early stages and points to emotional blocks that require releasing. Be gentle with yourself as emotional blocks have many layers and can be a prolonged healing process

- Aches and pains indicate blocked energy. Your body will want to adjust and balance energy through the various stages of Kundalini awakening and rising. Kundalini energy when it arises will hit trauma stored in the body which can be quite intense and magnified but is necessary to motivate you into action.

Aches and pains are the physical body’s feedback system indicating the energy is not flowing freely. This is a normal part of the process and should be addressed with healing work as outlined in this book. When the healing is complete the discomfort will go away. The same chakra may flare up again. This is an indication that healing another layer, not previously addressed, requires your attention. The analogy of layers of an onion being peeled away is a good one.

The body has an intelligence of its own. When these discomforts arise, it is the body’s way of illuminating an area where healing is required.

- A younger appearance or feeling younger. Many awakened souls will naturally look or emit a younger presence than their actual years. This is the light. It just is.

- Heightened spiritual, intuitive or psychic awareness, as layers are peeled back and you become more soul aligned; your gifts will increase exponentially. Enjoy that.

- Sudden surges of electricity through the body that makes you jolt, especially during spiritual work or meditation. In the early part of Kundalini awakening this jolting may happen very frequently.

- Energy going through the body varies a great deal from day to day, particularly in the early stages of awakening. Sometimes the energy is gentle and can feel like champagne bubbles through the body, sometimes the energy is so strong that you must find time to do some healing work, and lie down, or sit in lotus or half lotus position. The secret here is to get in tune with what your body’s needs and respond to it. If you need to clear an emotional block do the work, and if your body is crying out for rest, rest up. Just be in touch with your internal guidance system and do what is being called for.

- Snakelike movement through the body can be felt at different times just respond to energy in whatever way is called for. You may find you need to dance, roll side it side on your back or form your body into a yoga position even if you have never tried yoga before. Spontaneous yoga positions can happen in the healing process, called kriyas, just go with your body’s needs and respond to it. You may experience these muscular kriyas. As Kundalini rises through the body it produce not only physical manifestations of shaking, jolting but movements that are reminiscent of yoga poses (kriyas) or mudras even if you have never been exposed to them before. Trust the process. But yes it’s pretty freaky.

- Dreams may take on a deeper significance. Past life dreams are not uncommon and may begin to filter through into your dreams frequently. The dreams will be extraordinarily vivid in colour and emotion and can leave you a little shell-shocked. The purpose of the dreams is to bring to the surface something that needs healing. Look at it as a signpost that takes your attention to a pattern or problem still operating in your current life. Many important messages will come from dreams, so keep a dream diary and reflect often until the message is understood. When we become advanced in our ascension, we can have prophetic dreams, or dreams that are designed to make decisions about what do that very day. This is really a form of avatar consciousness, where higher self is guiding us while respecting our free will. Of course, eventually higher self and lower or smaller self integrate fully. We must be careful with these terminologies and with what we read into them.

- Your personal vibration or aura becomes more pronounced as you awaken particularly after clearing the third chakra. That can make you very attractive to people and they may not really know why.

- An awareness of connectivity with everyone and everything can follow a chakra awakening.

- A need to develop trust. It is very important on this journey to develop a higher level of trust. Allow the awakening to unfold whilst keenly tuned to your guidance. The guidance will become strengthened the more you trust and respond accordingly. I can’t state how important this is. Trust is the key to your awakening. Just as understanding the potential of surrendering or understanding the nature unconditional love. Don’t expect to get the entirety of this at once. It is a process and for each level of these spiritual keys that is understood another layer is revealed. In other words the lessons just keep coming. Onwards and upwards.

At different stages on my own path I have thought I understood the nature of trust, surrender and unconditional love but as the awakening turned into full blown Kundalini rising, and as the ascension path accelerated or deepened, more and more aspects of these spiritual keys and other spiritual attributes revealed another level of complexity and subsequently led me deeper into my personal journey. And believe me, awakening is a personal and individual journey despite the many classic symptoms experienced collectively by those who are awakening.

- Called to challenge your beliefs systems and thought patterns

- Enhanced healing ability and spiritual gifts

- Spontaneous automatic yoga poses or mudras during an intense healing session.

- Sensitivity to people and environment. When the energy you are processing is in a heightened state, you may become sensitive to people who you had no problem being around previously. The energy of certain people will feel depleting to be around or you may find their attitudes to life jarring on your senses. Certain environment may become intolerable to you, such as bars, clubs or even schools if you are a student. At this time it is common to find pungent aromas, visual or auditory data extraordinarily uncomfortable. The key here is to honour your needs and spend time in environments that you feel most drawn to.

- Watch that you don’t get caught in a messiah complex where you have a feeling grandiose enlightenment, of being special. Cultivate humility. “You’re not the only one, but you’re a strong one…” that was what I used to tell myself to avoid being driven off in a white van!

- Traumatic change of existing conditions. As Kundalini rises, it draws into your life, conditions that result in an emotional trauma to facilitate a breakdown of everything you know and understand, so that a new life presence can emerge from the ashes that once was your old life. A good analogy of the system in place is demonstrated by the Tower tarot card. I believe the Tower represents the aims of the Kundalini experience. It is the complete destruction of the old so that a new structure can be built in its place.

- Any unhealed childhood wounds will resurface in order to be resolved. Unresolved childhood wounds may begin surfacing, both before and after the awakening, and brave decisions to end relationships or contexts that are not working for you anymore will have to be taken. In my own life, almost a decade before I understood I was experiencing a full blown Kundalini. It is also possible to go through stages where you may live in complete fear and limitation, and indeed lack, despite having so much knowledge and experience of the spiritual realm. Go figure!

When the Kundalini begins awakening, your demons will need to be laid to rest and believe me there is nowhere to hide. When you are at the stage of early rising you will have spasmodic episodes of intense emotional releasing or intense spiritual experiences that in time, as you peel back the layers, will escalate into full Kundalini rising.   

- You may also experience shifts in consciousness, shifts in beliefs, perspective, release parts of yourself that are no longer aligned to the awakening aspect of you. An awakened Kundalini accelerates everything.

- Kundalini burns off karma. I approach karma as cellular consciousness, rather than as a force in the universe that is there to punish you. When we take an action, how we think and feel about it is stored in our cells and remembered. We then transmit that to the universe which reflects our cellular consciousness. Remember, we are divine beings, not victims.

- The dismantling of the power of your ego has had over you.  

- Emotional maturation is common.

- Electrical equipment such as computers or televisions may breakdown, and light bulbs pop due to your high vibration. Meditate, relax or get out in nature to balance and control the energy you are emitting.

- You may smell smoke, incense, roses or other aromas periodically.

- You may hear sounds such a buzzing, humming, ringing, music or an ongoing drone or roaring in your ear.

- Paralysis or numbness, in part of, or all of your body during sleep or healing.

- A full body response with a whole spectrum of emotional feelings and sensory responses. All the shifts that occur in your body help you to become more open and self-aware.  

- Kundalini energy as an electrically alive sensation that is a constant current flowing through your body.


The Journey of Kundalini Awakening

Our greatest challenge for our awakening is uncovering the unconscious programming that limits or defines our experience of life. I have spent a lifetime working through all my beliefs inherited from my childhood and previous lifetimes and it has been a slow, arduous, sometimes painful process. The analogy of healing being like an onion with many layers has been the reality of my journey and will be for you too.

Each layer reveals a deeper truth and the journey will ultimately transform your life. It has been a long and hard road to travel, but one that allowed me to step into an authentic way of living and of experiencing my life, and I would not have it any other way.

Please remember that Kundalini demands authenticity and everything that is not soul aligned will start to be dismantled one by one. Every belief, every hurt, every emotion that remains unresolved is blown up into huge proportions so there can be no hiding from it. Absolutely everything is revealed and exposed, every lesson you need to learn, every unresolved behavioural, emotional or mental patterns will be brought up. There is no hiding when these issues arise. I experienced many dark nights of the soul where I thought I could no-longer go on but go on I did. After each soul lesson was learnt, I experienced a more authentic version of me that I had never known before, begin to make an appearance in my life. Processes must be gathered, learnt and integrated, and yes, dreams really do become an important method of receiving important guidance

Ongoing self-reflection is another key. Your behavioural, emotional and mental patterns are the unconscious programs, predominantly hidden from you, that actively play out behind the scenes working against your conscious attempts to change your life experience. You must uncover and release them. Sometimes it takes many attempts to change long held patterns, and we can get stuck in looping behaviours, or negative repetitive responses to triggers. These long held patterns sometimes have many layers and all the layers contain lessons that need to be learned one by one. I am writing that through gritted teeth as I’ve experienced a few of those perpetual loops. Thankful for them now, and thankful to be out of them too.

Journeys to true self in ways that work...kundalini style...

Onwards and upwards
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