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I often find myself rather confused, as well as inspired, when I connect with some of the great eco-warriors of our time. I have a history in ecological protest, I even have the dubious honour of being the first person who was arrested under the Criminal Justice Act in the UK during the 1990s. My confusion comes from the fact that I constantly hear a story being told and re-told of how humans are something like a vermin on the earth. And I know that this is not true. I see the ecological crisis as a great opportunity being presented to each one of us to transform both our inner and our outer lives. I think this is an important missing link. That what is important is the transformation of consciousness. When we have done our inner work, our lives tend to come into alignment with what is best for the planet anyway. It's a bit like preaching forgiveness, preaching that we need to forgive others. Well, when we have truly forgiven ourselves, forgiving others just naturally flows, it takes much less process.


I should say that I value many different kinds of approaches even if they don't match my own, but I see "living green" or however else you would like to term it, and living a spiritually evolved life, as one and the same. Although I agree that when we are teaching, when we are learning, when we are practising, "the stick" can be useful, I see much better results when there is "a carrot" dangling in front of us. Does that make sense to you? More carrot, less stick please.


This poem by Jewels Wingfield pretty accurately sums up my thinking...

all you are

Phoenixes really do rise from the ashes sometimes

I can give a concrete example. If I were to put on an outdoor music event, I would choose to power it with solar energy. I would make sure the gear was light and durable, that we could store energy throughout the day, so that we could power the system through the night, or I may even choose to party during the day and rest at night! So the power will be given in a clean, silent and beautiful way. It could all look rather artistic. Do I need to listen to arguments as to why using a diesel powered generator is a bad idea? No. It´s loud, filthy, heavy, and expensive. More carrot, less stick please.

I celebrate the protest, the campaigns, the great work being done by so many committed individuals, so many wonderful groups. But I am also here to remind you that crisis is the most important evolutionary driver that there is, that GAIA has already ascended to support 5th dimensional frequency, that we are about to enter a wonderful new age driven by those who are able to live completely in the now, to live as avatars of their higher selves, and able to live their lives through spiritual intuitive logic. Crisis was a necessary component in this. The lessons contained within the current 'climate crisis'  are obvious. However, one must also be aware that we are entering an era where there is quite simply less of a barrier between us and the sun. This is part of the lifting of the veils...The resurrection of the self and the resurrection of the planet are indeed linked in awesome ways...

One of the seeds I am carrying at this time - AYA - will be a beacon for living in an ecologically responsible way. AYA: an instinctiveslowgrowthharmonyfundeddreamfactory

For now,all I can say is that what I am bringing to whatever table I happen to be sitting at is the ability to create projects, organizations, bodies and entities which are well adapted to the new operating system which has been anchored in on our planet. And what happens when you ally those great eco-warriors with such a modus operandi, nothing less than 3D reality bending to your will. If you are interested in connecting with me about this, please get in touch.


If you press the button below, you will be brought to the CORE KNOWINGS of AYA. These are to be added to, and should be viewed as a work in progress.

Capture Minds: gain behaviour. Capture Hearts: gain commitment. Bridge Mind and Heart: go stratospheric...

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