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I am absolutely passionate about education. I have spent many years as a teacher in various guises and I take great pride in the cross-transferable teaching intelligence that I have acquired along the way. As the conduit for AYA I am involved in building an organization which has the scope to affect the way we educate as well as the processes that are available for individuals to align with the path they need in their lives.

In delivering training, I am a practitioner of SELF-ORGANIZED LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS. Otherwise known as SOLE.

One can create a curriculum spontaneously by connecting with the passions of individuals in any class or in any process that an individual embarks upon. This is modular education. Yes, we ascertain where we are going, the destination we are headed to with any program or process, but we understand that there are many different routes to get there, and we trust in the process of 2-way education, that what is required will reveal itself along the way. We don't tell our students where to go, what to do, we ask challenging questions, we employ evolved teaching techniques, and we allow the curriculum that is desired to unfold before our eyes.

Teachers and students together create the teaching. The relationship is always 2-way providing a new intellectual basis for transformative education

When the student is ready, the teacher appears

Self-Organized Learning
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