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"She’s coming into her power…
The more she treated him like a king the more he treated her as his slave,
She couldn’t understand this because she thought that if she gave him everything... putting him before her, he would crown her as his queen,
but what she didn’t realize was that he wanted someone full of her “self" not emptied of her “self", someone that would bring forth the hunter, the warrior and the hero in him,
someone who’s respect needed to be earned.
Instead she brought forth the exploiter, the betrayer and the abuser in him.
She felt justified in feeling victimized and she wallowed in this murky swamp with her finger pointing in the wrong direction feeling falsely vilified in her suffering,
feeling falsely supported by the sympathy of her friends…
It took her several rounds with different partners and a great deal of pain before she finally got it,
"her external relationships were always mirroring back to her, her internal relationship with herself".
This was the relationship that she was being called to feed and nurture...
Her “Aha" moment came when she realized that it wasn’t the external king that she needed to bow down to but the royal queen within herself.
She’s sitting on her throne now, it’s new and alien to her so she hasn’t quite relaxed completely into the sumptuous velvet cushion, but she’s aware of who she is and she’s determined to rule her own kingdom.
she now knows what she wants and she’s not willing to compromise...
She’s not willing to sell herself in order to be verified,
She’s verifying herself...
She’s filling her own cup with self loving so she’s not ravenous for his...
She’s creating boundaries where they are needed and opening what was closed from fear…
She’s holding back some,
she’s no longer so blindly eager to please...
She’s giving but keeping enough of herself to serve the queen that she is…
The suitors are lining up, they are respectful because her presence commands that respect…
She’s a woman who is discovering her royal, "Divine feminine" blood line and she’s stepping up to who she truly is.


ॐ" (author unknown )



Adapted article: AN ETERNAL PURE LOVE STORY from the old days:


Shiva and Shakti (Parvati) are personifications of the great powers of Yoga which reflect the higher realities and energies that are behind, and beyond, all universal forces. They are the manifestations of divine consciousness where the ‘whole’  is made up of two opposed but complementary forces. Like yin and yang, they represent the duality behind all energies in the universe.  These energies are present in our internal worlds as they are in the external cosmos: as reflected in the aphorism: “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul”

It is said that at the advent of creation there was a splitting of the primordial principle, and so duality within our lives came into being, together with a strong force that is constantly striving to re-unite the different parts of us. This may or may not be true, in absolute terms, but it is most certainly useful in helping us approach the unification of masculine and feminine principles within one being - a form of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS.

Shiva and Shakti can be seen as the guiding deities of yoga, offering us the power of transformation and liberation. They are the great God and Goddess; also known as Mahadeva and Mahadevi. Importantly, they are not just abstract principles, rather they are the archetypes of Yoga within us. and can offer us a perspective on our personal reality.

Shiva, the Divine Masculine, represents consciousness and awareness; and Shakti, the Divine Feminine, represents activating power and energy.

Shiva and Shakti represent the primary complimentary forces in nature, including mind and emotion, mountains and valleys, the sun and the moon, fire and water, and all other innumerable variations within a dualistic world.

Shiva and Shakti exist as personal potentials within us as well as the cosmic powers outside of us at every level of consciousness, from the macro to the micro: yang and yin, the masculine and feminine; steadiness and dynamic change; awareness and bliss; stability and transformation; being and becoming. Together these energies complete and complement each other.

In Indian mythology the story of Shiva and Parvati is an archetypal romance that is rich in symbolism and meaning and which  provides us with a window into understanding the energy and wisdom of Shiva and Shakti.

Shiva and Parvati’s marriage is the great cosmic partnership: the union of Shakti, in the form of Goddess Parvati, the supreme yogini with Shiva her yogi husband.


The story of Shiva and Parvati

As the story goes, Shiva is supposed to be functioning in his cosmic role as the great destroyer, bringing about endings so that there can be new beginnings. However, after the loss of his first wife, Sita, in mourning, he retreated to his Himalayan mountain cave, and entered into a state of unbroken, deep meditation. Living the life of a recluse, Shiva immersed himself in the stillness of the void, revelling in absolute freedom, so that he became utterly unconcerned with the affairs of the cosmos. During this time, his cosmic tasks are not tended to and his teachings are put on pause.

The other gods realised that something needed to be done to reengage Shiva with his cosmic role. So they asked the great goddess to incarnate again, in order to bring Shiva back to the world. The eternal Shakti took on the form of Parvati, or daughter of the mountain.

Parvati is divinely beautiful, cosmically adorable, and from the moment she can speak, she talks about Shiva. When she is 16, she goes to the grove where Shiva sits in meditation. She brings him food that he never eats, she lights candles that he never sees, and she longs for him to open his eyes to see her.

Brahma, the creator god, recognised that Shiva’s desire needed to be awakened, so he enlisted the help of Kama, the god of pleasure and desire. Kama sent soft spring breezes with the scent of jasmine to the grove that Shiva and Parvati were inhabiting. Parvati becomes more enchanted and her love for Shiva grows.

Kama waited until Parvati was directly in Shiva’s sight of vision, and holding his bow, he let loose the irresistible arrows of love: the Inciter of Desire, Inflamer of lust, Exciter of Infatuation. As they strike Shiva’s heart, he is aroused by the most "un-meditative" feelings of desire.

Shiva opened his eyes and saw Parvati and a stirring arose in his heart.

When the sensations moved down to his groin, Shiva realised what had happened, and opening his third eye, he sent out a beam of fire that incinerated Kama. Shiva returned to meditation.

Parvati, now deeply in love with Shiva, knew that he is touched by her but not willing to give in to his feelings. She knew that she couldn’t ‘have’ Shiva unless she cultivates in herself the qualities of stillness, stamina and devotion. She realised she will need to earn his love through yoga.

Parvati goes to the mountain and for a long time (hundreds of celestial years!) she dedicates herself to her yoga practice. Eventually the fire of her yoga begins to penetrate the upper worlds. Shiva in his meditation began to feel the heat, and remembering Parvati’s beauty, he sensed his unwavering devotion to her.


He recognised that whilst solitary mediation has its own joy, he was now awakened to the bliss that comes from relationship. and he realises that she is his eternal lover.

Shiva and Parvati

And so Shiva and Parvati marry and consummate the divine marriage. 

After years of marriage and lovemaking, the teachings of yoga emerge from their spiritual conversations.

In their domestic bliss and love for each other, and in their arguments that arise, Parvati and Shiva maintain a tension of opposites.

Parvati asks Shiva questions and in doing so draws out Shiva’s insights. 

Her presence inspires him to turn into himself to find words and to express truths that come from the place beyond words.

In making love with Shiva, Parvati draws the transcendent formless absolute down to earth.

The endless conversations are consciously offered as a gift to human beings who long for the secrets of enlightenment.

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a key element in the ascension/descension process

a form of unity consciousness

This piece is an adaptation of an article written by Paul Dobree-Carey, otherwise known as POLARIS AB. It is kept relatively intact so as to preserve its exact communication. In my forthcoming book one of the characters is based on Paul and his work. This provides me with a mechanism to introduce what might be referred to as the Word of Source on the ascension process. I rate Paul's work extremely highly and enjoy being in contact with him. Highly recommended. You can find POLARIS AB here: and here:

divine energies within us all.jpg

You have something within you that is a priceless treasure of the universe, something which is beyond compare. This is the diamond core god spark that lies in the very centre of your heart. This is your soul, your own eternal essence, your blueprint.

Your soul knows how to look after you, it knows all that you are in its entirety. It is often asking you why you seek to separate your self from your soul through the creation of an ego mind that defines you in such limited capacity?

Your soul loves all that you are. It is teaching you that you will learn how to love others once you fully open to loving your self - the sacred truth of who you are - masculine and feminine principles unified in one being: your self and your soul joined as one as a self-realised divine sovereign being.

Direct Line To Divine Self

To reach unity consciousness does not require you to join with others seeking the exact same way of being as you. You will surely be disappointed if this is what you expect when joining a community or group. Who else really knows what it is that you want, and how you wish the world to become for you yourself - when they want the same for their way of being. Your journey is yours to solely create when connecting with others, just as it is theirs to create whilst they connect with all that you are.

Every single individual is a division of duality into one of two genders. Your gender may be male, it may be female, but you are already aware that you are far more than simply your physical body, your form. You are all ways one. You have both a feminine self and you have a masculine self. Indeed, this is one of the first characteristics that you notice in others - how much do they carry of each in their display of behaviours and their emotional demonstrations. So to claim exclusivity to just either of these is to deny a huge part of who you truly are.

The higher self recognises that you are both, and recognises that you have played both roles since you chose to incarnate on this planet, and move towards  graduating from the Earth training program. It is the ego self that seeks to shape your reactions and responses to a world filled with others doing the same, by defining you based on your gender. The higher self sees beyond this, constantly providing you with vibrational matches to assist you to energise, recognise and realise all that you are into this world. Indeed, the shadow or hidden self holds all that you have yet to harmonise within your heart centre, as potential.


The masculine self seeks to protect itself, building walls and barriers in order to create a suit of energetic armour to allow it to face a harsh world of insults, attacks, confrontations, and conflicts. This defensive survival barrier attempts to absorb the blows from others but blocks the flow to and from the heart, eventually closing it entirely.

The feminine self seeks openness and trust in order to become receptive to the emotional flow of energy in motion as feelings. Feelings that determine how the physical and emotional self responds to the needs of others: nurturing, loving, compassionate, and empathetic. The feminine self then seeks those feelings in others, but in doing so, becomes hurt and wounded in the process.

The world is fully aware of the conflict that exists between the two - the battle that takes place within every ONE as they seek to harmonise the opposites within. It is not gender that determines the battle - but the balance sought by the nature of what is present in every ONE.


Opening the heart centre to allow love to fully flow requires the removal of all resistance. This is the only way to reach unity consciousness. However, to become deeply loving is to expose the heart to vulnerability. Learning to fully trust your SELF is to connect with the deepest parts of all that you are, is to shine light on the SOUL within. But there is much fear of what you will find, and of what will happen to you along the journey to your heart centre. What you learn about YOU helps you to understand the nature of what others are also going through.

Trust becomes the measurement of your success. Trust that you will make mistakes, become hurt, disappointed, upset, angry - all the emotional reactions you are here to discover about how you feel about the world around you. Trust is accepting that these things happen and that you will be ok, and become stronger and wiser from the experiences that you have co-created with others in order to bring you the lessons of your soul's intention. You are not a defenceless human on some remote and insignificant planet. You have something within you that is a priceless treasure of this universe, something which is beyond compare. This is the diamond core god spark that lies in the very centre of your heart. This is your soul, your own eternal essence, your blueprint.


Your SOUL knows how to look after YOU, it knows all that you are in its entirety. Why do you seek to separate your SELF from your SOUL by creating an EGO MIND that defines you in such limited capacity?

Your SOUL loves all that you are. You will know how to love others once you open up fully to loving your SELF - the sacred truth of who you are - masculine and feminine, unified in ONE being. Your SOUL and SELF joined as ONE, as a self-realised divine sovereign being.

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