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Yes, since the middle of 2012, the ascension tribe have been experiencing contact with beings from higher dimensions. It was not something that particularly interested me but when it happened, it made a lot of sense, and, before long, it was happening pretty regularly in my own process. First contact can be a little overwhelming, but one soon gets used to it. It can be wonderful, sometimes it is not exactly clear what is happening, and other times, what happens is exactly what was needed at the time. What is always clear, is that these beings are on your side. Gaia is at the base of a system of interlinked planets/systems, which exist in progressively higher dimensions or frequencies. In order for those other systems to ascend, Gaia must ascend also. I view it like this, through numbers. We could be seen as currently exiting the number 8, which represents karma. Please remember here that there is not actually a force called karma in the universe which seeks to punish you or whatever. Karma is cellular consciousness, when you did something you had feelings and thought forms attached to your actions, which are then stored in your cells and subsequently transmitted in order for the universe to reflect back to you. These have echoes too. Many people on the planet have now exited the number 8, and released all karmic ties due to past actions, past lives, past programming, echoes. We are being presented with the opportunity to move upwards to embody the number 9 - self-sufficient, radiant, unconditional love. Higher dimensional beings and the realms where they come from also have their own ascension journey -  to the number 10 - completion/nirvana, and, I am told, the numbers 11 and 12  and 13  are of great importance too - in developing capacity to  hold your own in the world - to share the bliss without being dragged back or triggered by lower consciousness. So for systems and those within those systems to ascend, the lowest realms must evolve. The work of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky is well worth visiting if you are interested in these.

There is a lot of investment in us, there is a lot of assistance available to us, and as we ascend in our frequency, as we disentangle ourselves from lower denser realities, our STAR FAMILY become more able to help us. For me, my contact has included being transported to other planets, being operated on to solve a problem with one of my vertebrae, being visted in order for them to tell me that it is my book which is my most important job, and to remind me that all the work I am here to do, all aspects of myself, are interconnected and important for us and the planet. No pressure then!!!

Please remember that it is as challenging for star family to descend, to come down through the dimensions to meet you, as it is for you to ascend through the dimensions and meet them. And they are not "perfect"...


I'm afraid that she charges $30 for this but it's the best I could find. You may be able to find it for free with some intelligent googling. Discover what protocols there are when we make contact with STAR FAMILY

I will be writing more about this on a dedicated COSMOLOGY page on this website, just as soon as I am able. There are now wextra resources at the bottome of this page, including the CE-5 handbook for contact...

*some more videos, links, information about developing

your capacity to liaise with "star family"*

I'm not going to say too much about these resources. I trust you will find something here that resonates with you and can make your own way forward. The keys to all this are internal rather than external...It is all part of one's transformation process.

It is absolutely OK not to have the slightest interest in such things!!

*CE-5 Handbook PDF*
an easy to use guide to help you contact star extra-terrestrial life

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