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The Emergence of the Light Body Part 1




new earth educational materials on the subject of light body transformation, 5D ascension, sacred beginnings, the birthing of a new divine humanity, embodying higher realms, the merge between higher and lower self, the ascension and descension process, the shift in consciousness, expansion into multidimensional self

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time" (T.S.Elliott)




(i) Upgrading Our Ideas Of Destination

(ii) If I Had Considered

(iii) Gobbledygook

(iv) Leading Edge Creators

Humans don't react very well to being told that they are not yet HUman.

They don't react very well at all.

On becoming HUman…

A work in progress...


Let me be absolutely clear. Right from the start. I did not commit to my own higher path, my own spiritual evolution, my journey of self-discovery, because I was aiming to activate, grow, and integrate a light body while in human form. My ideas of destination most certainly did not include piercing the false parameters of the bubble of collective consciousness. I had no desire to assist in laying the foundations for our new divine humanity through my life lived. I had zero interest in helping to anchor in Gaia's new post-2012 operating system through the vast portal of my own heart. I had no clue that I would be required to embody a total rewrite of my being, and no idea that all this was something that I had, on some level, signed up to in advance.

I had some idea that I would be required to chart a course towards becoming a kind of hero in my own life in order to achieve my goals. I had some idea that the way ahead would involve fully embracing living in "juicy" service, living on my own version of higher ground. But embracing my own divinity? Developing an eternal perspective on the happenings of my life, on the happenings of my lives? Becoming a willing student on the New Earth Eternity Training Program? Were these destinations I was focused on? No. Far from it.

Following my own initial awakening in 2008/2009, I was mostly concerned with following vision, or at least with following what I thought was my vision at that time, with putting myself in a position where bringing that vision into being, allowing that vision to unfold, could become a possibility. I was not thinking at all about living a 4D physical existence with a 5D consciousness. For starters, I would have struggled with the vocabulary! I was not yet aware of the possibility of kundalini awakenings. I’m not entirely sure I had even heard of the word “kundalini”. I may well have switched off completely if someone had tried to talk to me about it. I would most probably have dismissed it as yet more new age yoga dogma. I may have thought that it all sounded a bit too far removed, a bit too beyond my own capabilities, a bit too outside of my comfort zone. After all, I wasn't planning on living in a cave in the Himalayas anytime soon. This was something from the old spiritual texts, something that others more dedicated than I spent whole lifetimes in pursuit of. I was not planning on walking the road to embodiment of my divine self. I was not planning on climbing up and down the endless stairwells of ascension and descension. I had no intention to tread those paths signposting the merge between higher and lower self. I had other roads in mind.

Indeed, I was completely unaware of the unavoidable and unstoppable physical transformation which would accompany me on the way I had stepped out on, the way I had stepped out on in good faith. I would learn that all ways, all modalities, all steps taken, would ultimately lead to finding the path within, the inner journey to true self. I would learn about the enormity of who and what I really am, of who and what we all really are. I would learn that to live as true self would involve the gradual but complete rewriting of consciousness, the overriding of all distortions standing in the way of divine, eternal perfection. Perfectly imperfect in every way.

Focused on "moving towards" what I considered was my destination at that time, I devoted myself to this path that I had mapped out in front of me. This pure intention, together with moving towards raising my vibration and refining my frequency more in alignment with my core truths, led to the way, or at least a way, appearing out of nowhere for me to follow. But it soon became clear that my maps were somewhat out of date, my pencilled-in markings were quick to fade, easy to blur, and leading me astray. My presumptions and assumptions, my belief systems about who and what I was, my projections, were not correct at all. Something else was going on here. Something altogether more challenging than what I had been expecting.

And before too long it became clear that the way would quite literally 'kick the shit out of me'. All that was not truly me would be erased, until all that was left would be my true divine blueprint, skilfully sculpted through my direct life experiences, my changing reactions to these happenings, the emotional frequency band I would begin to inhabit, and the actions I would take, equipped with this knowing. I was going to have to accept that the goals of my divine self and the goals of little old me would frequently diverge - that is until they didn't. I was going to have to go through the washing machine of life on a super-charged cycle. I was going to have to untie the knots in my own consciousness until all that remained was my true essence as a solo sovereign divine being, until I could embody my true nature as light that knows itself as eternal light.

As my acceptance grew, and resistance was released, I would begin to develop roles as an ascension guide, an ascension architect, a grid worker, a new earth educator, and an artist. Increasingly, my perspective was directed towards the eternal, my focus on seed design for the future of humanity, be that through my projects, my writing, my art. I began to think in terms of the next 150 years with regard to these seeds that I am choosing to sow. One day, I would even begin to feel the birthing of a new star within my being. I mean, really feel it happening in my physicality.

I began to truly understand that I was on the way to embodying soul - on my way towards integrating this level of being into my physical form through what I would come to know as the light body. I began to understand, through my experiences attempting to communicate with others, that this would be tremendously challenging to explain. Yet it would become an essential part of my service to explain. The goal of ascending the material body to accommodate the descending of the spiritual consciousness had not been on my mind at all in those early days. But now, it is simply an accepted, fundamental, and cherished part of my everyday life.

It is only when we have fully embraced the destination of merging with our divine self while in human form that the ascension/descension journey makes any sense.

It is only when we understand that our ultimate destination is to become a patient, compassionate, potent co-sculptor of other beings on their very particular journeys to realizing their own divinity, that the practices of divine neutrality, non-judgement, non-attachment, non-duality, de-densification, and so on, really make sense. This is not medicine. These are necessary skills. This is the New Earth Eternity Training Program. This is Self-Realization. This is a wild wild ride...


If I had considered what would be required from me, during those early days, I think perhaps I may not even have started. I may have chosen another road, one less challenging, one that did not ask me to embrace my divinity so fully, one that did not require me to step out of karmic cycles, to no longer have the lower emotions and limitations anchored within my consciousness, one that did not insist that I become so drunk in spirit. I suppose, looking back, I may have decided to train as a primary school teacher instead. I rather like working with children after all. But then, of course, I would never have been able to stop the children gazing out of the window in their distraction, when I too would have been taking every opportunity to stare into the distance, wondering what might have been. It was never going to happen that way.

I was always going to take this road - this road that I am on.

It had already been written.

It does appear that I wrote it for myself!

It all just needed to start out in a more gentle, more manageable way, a way that seemed more possible, more achievable, more grounded, more real. Otherwise I may not have stepped out at all.

Little did I know…


I’m not sure what I would have made of someone telling me about the emergence of the light body, about the secret chambers of the heart, about the periods of unravelling, dismantling, intensification, and revelation. I may have found myself gazing out of the window once again while they blathered on about moving up through levels of awareness, about transforming one’s point of perception, about working with star family, visiting light ships, travelling to other realms of consciousness, other systems, other dimensions, about the divine council of overseers, and graduating from the Earth's training program. It may have resonated with me to some extent, but it may also have felt rather distant, even rather off putting.

But here I am, some way down the line, writing here about how there are a number of individuals now walking this planet, a number that is increasing all the time, one by one, building a new earth from within, going through the gradual transformation to light body, and doing all that without a manual. These pioneering beings are embodying or moving towards embodying their higher selves through integration of the light body, the sacred mind physically joined with the sacred heart. They are experiencing the at times overwhelming process of the mind + body + spirit complex of three, becoming one, in this transition to a new form. And they are having to deal with the lack of understanding of others about what this destination really is. It is not an easy role to fit the vastness of who you are into an ascending physical body, even though our vessels are designed exactly for this process to occur.

But the way showers have taken this on, and many more will take this path when the time is right.

One by one.

Many of these beings may not actually have intended to take that path at all. But at some point they will have had to accept it, to embrace it, to live it. Part of their mission is to anchor in the experience of transforming to light body, to communicate it, to be it, so that the collective can, at some point, embrace this themselves, in a relatively calm and open way.

They are walking as pioneers of the new divine humanity - Homo Universalis - insert your choice of terminology here.

The new HUman…


These way showers are experiencing all this, have been experiencing all this, ahead of others. This may have come as a surprise to many. This has been necessary to anchor in the new post-2012 operating system, to make more accessible the way to living as a self-realized solo sovereign divine being for the next waves, one by one, to ascend, to descend, to embody their unique expression of enlightenment.

They, like those on the (much misrepresented and oversubscribed) twin flame journey, are LEADING EDGE CREATORS of the new world, leading edge creators of the vibration that the whole of humanity, in time, will function from. This is a vibration of ultimate freedom, of pure eternal essence, a frequency range where anything is possible, where life can be lived through feeling good, through positive, aligned use of vastly upgraded life force, and an amazing life can be brought in from that. As each stage is mastered and moved up through, as each step is taken, there are many rewards in the physical world being brought in from the higher realms, from a higher vibration. Much like the twin flames incarnated together in the physical at this time, the way showers have experienced and transcended, are experiencing and transcending, the collective energy of humanity through their own personal lives. Never before have so few done so much for so many, without any recognition, without any acknowledgement, without even any desire for recognition or acknowledgement. The answers for these pioneers come from vibrational understanding, built from experiencing the true cause and effect mechanics of the mirror system we call life. As all worries and fears are cleared, and limitless possibilities are embraced, one moves into the energy of the deep let go, the energy of source incarnate. We let go of everything that hurts us or harms us, of everything that devalues or de-prioritizes us, of everything that seeks to control us. We move towards not allowing anything to affect our own particular frequency, in every given moment.

We disentangle ourselves from the lower, denser realities. We disentangle ourselves from the unravelling, the dismantling, the distortion, the nonsense. We learn to observe without getting caught up in it. We learn to care without carrying.

All else is madness.

One learns and understands, one moves towards "knowing" that true love, divine love, has sharp edges, felt strongly and jaggedy in the early stages of integration. This divine love is finally fully embraced, and understood and accepted as having been necessary for our own highest evolution, as we smooth out our own edges and more fully embody our own unique blueprint. Our transformation can certainly be felt, it is all about the only true thing that exists - feeling - but it also cannot be seen, at least by the vast majority of other beings. Our transformation will most often be invisible to others as we learn to explore, integrate, and prioritize the unseen into our lives. We begin to live uncorded to anything external to ourselves. Our vibration takes care of everything, not so much what we do physically, not so much all the little details that may have busied our minds in the past. Our actions will become organically aligned to our highest path, and at some point the only way forward that makes any sense will be to live in service to the ascension of humanity. And this service will involve all those things that give us the most joy, remixed so that they are pure, so that they are tailored purely to our true selves' requirements. We will begin to experience true liberation, true freedom, true completion, ultimate empathy for ourselves, and from that, true compassion for others. Uncorded…

Love Is the key that unlocks all doors, that dissolves all barriers. But this is a very particular kind of radiant, unconditional, self-generated love, absolutely free of attachment, free of duality, free of judgement. It is a love that is increasingly embodied by us in all moments, in all ways, in all dimensions. And that is not to say that other forms of love are not of tremendous importance too. All types of love are continuously seeking higher and higher expression. That's just the way it is...

Of course, because we live in a physical reality, moving through this process of gradual transformation to light body, of making sure your every action is highest aligned, of letting go of old ways of being, doing, having, thinking, feeling, dreaming, can be confusing for us, and for others who are interacting with us. This is the new divine humanity after all. Things are different here. What were you expecting? To learn the new system, one must go through the growing up process again - crawling on hands and knees for a while, bewildered, then walking like a toddler as everything changes, as the learning is integrated. We must embrace our apprenticeship, knowing that any road that is not in alignment with our highest path, will quite simply not work out. Eventually every choice that we make becomes one of ascension. Duality disintegrates around us. Try communicating that to others!

Humans don’t tend to react very well to being told that they are not yet HUman.

They don’t tend to react to this very well at all.

This is the first of several articles to be published in this ongoing project. Subsequent instalments will be uploaded to this "Latest Articles" section of the website, before being brought together on a dedicated "Light Body Reference Materials" page.

This is the voice of that aspect of myself primarily concerned with education and the provision of accessible materials.


Extracts, adaptations of, and clarity from the work of Ascension Architects: Polaris AB, Sandra Walter, New Divine Humanity, and anonymous others.

Conversations with Quantum Disentanglement Technician: Catiya "Kitty" Darling.

Although principally my own work, at times extracts are included in their pristine state, and at other times extracts have been adapted. There may be some repetition but this repetition is mostly intentional so as to serve process. "The Emergence of the Light Body" is light-encoded to assist you in your development of knowing.

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