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Eternity Training - Key Skills Development - Creativity



“Every activity of the human being is to be considered a failure unless he (or she) enquires about the nature of the Absolute”

(Bhagavad Gita)


I’m quite sure that the world doesn’t need yet another post, uploaded onto some virtual platform or other, peddling the benefits of creativity to the building of a better life.

We all take this journey to some degree, don’t we?

Perhaps having explored the experiences and achievements of certain creative men and women, and then, somewhere in that process, discovering the seed of genius that belongs to us all and the practices required to grow it.

Discovering how it feels to finally do it yourself, however scrappy your initial efforts are. How it is to become the writer of untold stories, the painter of unseen places, the player of unheard pieces, the builder of unimagined worlds.

Coming to know the feel of wet clay in your hands, the responsible power you are asked to embody as you begin to sculpt it. The growing realisation that everything is there, that everything was always there, as a vehicle for transformation, as a vehicle for your transformation. You just have to use it.

Act on it. Work with it.

What you feel when you look at what you’ve made for the first time. Complete. When you hear it. Finished. Polished. Ready to work its magic on others.

The process.

What is it?

I don’t know yet.

Just keep going…

I can’t believe it! It’s all gone wrong.

Just mash it up and start over…

How can I ever make anything as perfect as that again?

Just try. Just start. Just trust…

Prioritising making time for creative flow while acknowledging that many geniuses left their best work to the last minute.

Discovering the beauty of structuring, of layering so well that the depth is dug into the foundations before the building has even begun.

Understanding that many truths can exist at the same time, that many truths do exist at the same time. Accepting that many points of perception will make what they will of your pieces.

Knowing that those very same points of perception will be revised, even just a little, by coming into contact with the power of those pieces.

Allowing that. Muddy footprints on the previously pristine.

Building that into their formulation.

Your work finished when it‘s finished.

The work’s real work just begun.




By committing ourselves to creative practice, we develop discipline as we ensure that our creative thinking doesn’t remain only at the level of thinking.

Our output provides inspiration to go further along our way.

We learn patterns of innovative behaviour and inventive practice and let these patterns rewire us from within.

We begin to plan our own development, adapting it with our new found flexibility when required. We become able to assess our own level of skills acquisition and review our ongoing learning goals. We are learner, teacher, apprentice, master, all rolled into one.

Self-talk becomes more encouraging as we understand the impact of our mindset and our internal dialogue on our work. The critical voice fades away. We choose perfectly imperfect in every way.

Originality of thought, fluency with ideas, integration of new perspectives, openness to new experiences, recombination of components.

The artwork of the scientist, the science of poetry, the structure of freedom, the imagination of solutions.

New and transformative ideas come into our own lives and the lives of others.

Techniques are learned, mastered, taught. Building blocks combined in original ways producing penetrating insight.

I suppose here is where the Be All You Are way begins to divulge from the norm. Here is where that aspect of myself primarily concerned with transformative education kicks in.

Much of my work through this Be All You Are platform concerns the development of a divinity-in-training curriculum that nobody realises that they need just yet. Rather a thankless task at this time but a cherished one nonetheless.

Conscientiously and without any validation or encouragement required from the external, I go about employing my unique filter in the creation of these reference materials that individuals who will be experiencing the early stages of the divinitization of humanity can draw from.

Indeed, my creative work, my poetry, the book that I’m writing, even the music I make, has this desire to create manuals for ascension, to provide information, participant observations about gradual transformation to light body at its core.

This program is otherwise known as New Earth Eternity Training. You can find an overview of this modular curriculum here:

Responses to what I’m bringing into the world generally go something along the lines of:

“Life is wonderful isn’t it, especially when you consider the alternatives! Why do you call it eternity training?”

I try not to roll my eyes. A self-realised being, a grounded mystic, is more often than not considered quite mad by the collective. It has always been that way.

Nothing new here.

Go into infinite compassion again.

Better there.

Even when interacting with those who consider themselves very awake in spiritual terms, there is this gap, this chasm that exists.

It is almost as though the brain kind of short circuits at the very suggestion.

This gap, this fire break, seems to stop people from moving into awareness that they are divinity-in-training.

A building block of nirvana finding its way home.

A divine being preparing to take its place so that one day they can have their own ‘school’ orbiting around them. Holding responsibility for the sculpting of beings requires the most thorough training.

Self-realisation and god-realisation are interchangeable terms for a reason.


For the record, I don't actually think that a life lived without “making enquiries about the nature of the Absolute” is necessarily a "failure" at all. For even those walking relatively unconsciously can make a great deal of progress in the evolution of their being. And I feel that this requirement, as set out in the Bhagavad Gita, can alternatively be read as the opportunity to engage in key skill development during our lives so that we can move towards stepping into being Absolute.

Isn’t it better if we just get that out in the open straight away?

These reasons for being.

We can focus better on understanding curriculum aims and criteria. As we open up to our eternal essence, all those re-occurring issues of this lifetime, of all our lifetimes, recede.

As above, so below.

Time to grow.

Instead of focusing on building a better life, we can focus on building a better being.

The life of juicy service, the better life, can come from that. Better that way.

We can understand the importance of working on each component of the self, of moving towards degrees of completion and eventual graduation. Accept that in any curriculum we are always approaching the starting line.

Onwards and upwards.

It’s always like this. And that’s ok.

We never force our perspective on others. Just lead by example - through our life lived.

There is no dogma here.

There are many different ways to train in these key skills, the skills required to become the divinity you’ve searched high and low for all those years.

There are many different modalities. There are many different roads. But the destination is the same.

The creation of radical self.

The embodiment of solo sovereign divine self.

One’s eternal essence integrated and lived from in all moments.

The merge.

The knowing.

Becoming HUman.

A work in progress...

Like so many things, these key skill development opportunities often come into our lives dressed up as some kind of medicine for perceived sicknesses of mind or emotion.

For example, we may be presented with meditation as a way to quiet the mind, as a technique through which to become more centred, more connected, more calm.

This gentle introduction provides us with motivation, with inspiration, with the desire to integrate these kind of practices into our daily lives in an achievable way. It makes it manageable. Possible. It has a point.

But as we change, as we move up through the levels of awareness, as our point of perception is overhauled, so too the curriculum changes.

What we may have previously thought of and used as medicine takes on an altogether different function.

Perhaps what we may have thought of as meditation becomes our natural resting state, easy to turn on and off when we want, and requiring little or no technique to access.

We become able to access higher states of consciousness, higher realms, just like flicking a switch.

And before long we can’t remember how it was to be without those capabilities.

This is ascension.

Things are different here.


We can look at creativity in this way.

As an unfolding.

Of practice.

Of potential.

Of productivity.

Perhaps we reached a point in our lives when we needed assistance to migrate out of destructive behaviours and realities. Perhaps at this point recovering our creative self was the first port of call.

Learning to sing, keeping a journal, taking those first steps on the road.

Finding one’s voice, evolving one’s style.

Finding our why.

Smiling our smile.

Before long, what we may have turned our nose up at in the past, for whatever reason, becomes an essential part of our lives. In time, the essential part of our lives.

I remember quite early on in my own awakening process, when I was coming back into the world, trying to build a new life in a new place from a new level of understanding. I was offered to join a group of women who met once a week. They were learning to sew, to up-cycle, to make clothing and work with material. To this day, I don’t really understand why I didn’t take up this opportunity but I didn’t.

It actually took beginning to live as a permanent pilgrim for me to embrace this aspect of myself. Suddenly being able to sew, mend, adapt, customise and create became of paramount importance. Very little was quite right. Almost everything was screaming out to be adapted in some way. And before long I was customising clothing and equipment, discovering how to source the correct tools and materials, developing some rather raw tailoring skills, and using this skill as a foundation for other creative pursuits. It quickly became an essential part of me.

making hoods, customising bags,

personalising clothes,

upgrading outdoor gear.

materials sourced,

materials gifted. the art of a wandering dervish.

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time" (T.S.Elliott)

Of course there will be many out there who have always put creativity at the very centre of their lives, and quite right too.

But my own story is one of struggle with accessing my talents. This is also true of many of those I am working with through Be All You Are. I was somewhat hamstrung at an early age. I was always considered to be an academic throughout my schooling so I completely missed out on learning any of the arts and crafts that are so important to me today.

While at Cambridge University I basically fell into DJing electronic music and became pretty proficient at providing the highest quality peak time experience for others. This was the motivation. To affect others in this way. To conduct the collective consciousness in any given moment. To convey what I wished to convey through my skills as an archivist. To curate space through cataloguing the excellence of others.

It is a great skill. I see it in others sometimes. Not so often but sometimes. And the real genius comes not from being able to read a crowd, as is so often taught, but in the ability to simply play what you want to hear yourself, and find that is exactly what your audience NEED.

But for one reason or another I never made my own music. I never got my hands on a synthesizer or experimented with a groove box. It just never happened. And during that time in my life, I never really wrote much for myself either. I had become an archivist extraordinaire. Pure and simple. But stuck tight in that role.

Actually, when music came back into my life as part of my ascension and kundalini process, it reappeared initially as an invitation to start DJing again. I was both surprised and unsurprised. I took the bait. I bit.

There were offers to manage me, opportunities to start steering that ship again. But it didn’t feel right. I changed things round a little. Started making some remixes, working with loops, getting my head around Ableton Live, midi controllers, gear. It was fun. I started running a little recording studio. Soon I was learning the piano and beginning to explore the wonderful world of synthesizers and assorted hardware.

OK, so the chance to make money out of music again went out the window but it was absolutely the right choice.

If we fast forward a little, these days I am even carrying a mini yamaha keyboard in my backpack which I can connect to my iPhone, make it sound like a Rhodes piano. Play around with GarageBand, Animoog Z, Synth One, whatever I feel like really. Create my own frequency on the move.

the whole piece - 'jacob’s ladder’

together with a nice little gif showing the real jacob's ladder

onwards and upwards

music played live with a yamaha pss-a50 mini keyboard connected to an iphone loaded with garageband, the (open source) audiokit synth one synthesizer, and a delay unit whose name escapes me

powered by lithium batteries/solar panel

created with love

my frequency feels a little something like this

making it social media digestible!

fun to do that too

really good to take time to design, put together and test the little portable system I want to move forward with. a bit heavier than before but not too much. now really starting to be a lot of fun to work with...much improved...

minirig speaker

jbl clip speaker

korg nanokontrol

iphone 12 with camera kit dongle thingy

usb sound/hub adapter (generic)

anker powercore battery

jbl headphones

yamaha pss-a50 keyboard

running garageband with:

moog animoog z synthesizer

korg module with scarbee electric piano (rhodes sound)

all the bl**d¥ cables

on reflection - it’s a bit too heavy so a couple of components will have to be removed



My journey into fully embracing my eternal essence as a wandering poet was also quite slow. Quite a lot of one step forward, two steps back. Falling over was absolutely part of my process.

Although I did write poems, I hadn’t ever seen this as a core part of my being. Productive I was not.

It wasn’t until I first walked a Camino de Santiago, that this skill opened up. After spending a few nights sleeping in the albergues that dot this famous pilgrim’s way, I decided that I wanted to be able to live wilder. I tested my manifestation skills and found a sheet of agricultural plastic neatly folded up by a river where I had stopped to have a drink. Newly equipped with this protection from the elements, I chose a spot in the forest and lay down to sleep. The plastic was even clear so I could look up at the stars, and it had little holes puncturing each corner so that I could tie it right. My first experience of the life of a tarpologist.

That night the air filled with orbs and I saw the forest spirits come out to buzz around me. It was both playful and profound. I was finding my way. Assistance and encouragement was all around.

When I awoke, I had the first few lines of a poem just flowing into me. As I began to walk I could even see it in front of me. Ten verses on a page always visible in front of me. Beautiful words, although they were not yet in order, a beautiful message. A new style for me to step into.

In the end it took me 12 months after I had returned from this walk to finally get it down on paper. I don’t really know why. But it was terribly challenging to come back into the world after that particular adventure. It was hard to get back to that place. But in the end I did. And ‘Mind and Heart and Bridge’ was written.

You can read it here:

As I began embracing a particular kind of poetry as my primary form of expression, I did not fully realise that this would ultimately mean that I would have to become the permanent pilgrim that I am today. The work requires that of me. I listened and made the choice to live as what would have been called a wandering dervish in certain parts of the world in the past - a seeker of the truth. More than a seeker in fact - a finder.

What may have begun as quite a playful activity, has metamorphosed into the driving force. The veils have lifted, illusion has shifted, and the words are now gifted like never before. As I have levelled up my awareness and stepped into this life, even my income is now directly related to my progress with my poems and the writing of my book.

This is a wonderful position for a creative to be in. The ascension and descension process, gradual transformation to light body, eternity training, all teach us to disentangle ourselves from lower, denser realities.

We are trained not to get distracted by other people’s agendas. We are taught how to remain focused on the higher paths, how to bring in the higher outcomes, how to exist on higher ground. How to not be distracted by the barking dogs that are so omnipresent in ‘babylon’.

The work is the work is the work. The work is its own reward and the work is also rewarded.

We have had to learn that.

The learning can be harshly delivered if need be.

I am quite often asked when I will publish my new poems. I actually made the decision some time ago not to publish anything for a while. After I wrote ‘Lusher Than Lush’ (

there was a natural gap after which I understood that my style was changing, my scope expanding.

At the moment I am working on several pieces, all of which will appear in my book. One of these is ‘Permanent Pilgrim’. I always knew this would be a long one, a kind of epic, and that it would form the centrepiece of this book. It is over 60 verses in length and will require quite a lot of revision before I’m happy enough to put it out there.

As an artist I feel that it is best to do the work first for yourself, to be free from the world’s constant need to consume content. That approach is working for me right now. Maybe things change again in the future, but for the moment I can just focus on 4H pencils and paper.

There are other pieces in the works - ‘Singular Particular’ and ‘The Essence of Nirvana’ are the main ones. And much of my time is devoted to crafting this book. Nice work if you can get it…

For now, here is a little preview. The prologue to ‘Permanent Pilgrim’:

i'd always had trouble with keys and locks

for i knew how beautiful it was on the other side of the door

so i pierced that bubble, released those blocks

and i grew unstoppable, not bound by limitation anymore

a once caged bird, like a jack-in-the-box

who flew out through those now fictional bars,

an eternity to explore

pasar por aqui

pasar por alli


and so it begins…

I hope it is clear from what I have written here that discovering our creative selves and putting this into action is so important for all of us.

One of the most wonderful aspects of ascension is that as we unify with the I AM presence as a conscious and consistent state, our trajectories are reorganised to accommodate these higher expressions.

Our creative projects help us to stay centred as we are guided to level everything up. Creativity is the perfect salve as the mind, emotions and body transform. As the mind-body-spirit complex of three becomes one.

Choose to believe in yourself and now.

As we move up through the levels of awareness, as we drop into deeper and deeper layers of realisation, as we surrender ourselves to a kind of continual unfolding, developing an eternal perspective on our lives, on our relationships, on our journeys, is a great release. We are here to grow our beings and go about our work. We are here to live as divinity-in-training.

Along the way, we learn that accessing our creative selves is an absolute priority. We find the right tools to improve technique and to better express vision.

We find our why and hone our style. We see the effect on our self-confidence, on our internal worlds. We learn that true freedom comes from structure and self-discipline. We prioritise making time for creative flow. We move towards bringing into the world that which is longing to be born through us.

We are trained in the art of responsible co-creation. We can become leading edge creators if that is what we truly desire. We learn that what we focus on becomes our reality. So we take great care of what we focus on as this only intensifies as transformation deepens.

We develop skills and lifestyles to avoid being distracted by other people’s agendas. We learn to exist far away from those barking dogs.

One moves towards proper use of life force, creating rather than imitating, developing the mindset of an artist, taking on the responsibility of self creation. We resist distortion in all its forms.

As we move towards living these lives of juicy service, we must go through periods of unravelling, periods of sorting through what comes with us, and what must be discarded. We learn to let go of that which no longer truly serves us, shedding the old, welcoming the new. We understand the concept of re-occurrence. Those dreaded issues that have accompanied us through many lifetimes. We understand that in this lifetime, we are being presented with the opportunity to resolve these for good.

We learn that densities are amplified as they are released and we must accept that as it is happening. We allow these periods of intensification. They are part and parcel of the ascension process.

We integrate skills in balancing the divine and the human aspects of us. We are always refining our frequency, moving towards personal harmony, for this is what calls forth what we need. Distortions will need to be overridden, overwritten. Crystals of density within us can either be gradually eroded over time, or shattered by a well placed blow.

Coming into alignment with our eternal selves is a tremendous journey to take.

As we make our progress in eternity training, we learn how to hold our own, how to maintain our frequency without being triggered, without being dragged down or blown off course by those around us. We don’t allow the external world to affect our internal world. This is non-attachment.

This is the journey of self-realisation. Harmony is our natural state and achieving personal harmony is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

And as we master this, we begin to access our unique blueprint as light beings.

Our true self’s expressions are able to flow into the world.

Pure and uncontaminated.


Above is a little video I made on a recent wandering. It’s not made for this article but I talk a little about holding one’s own frequency.


So if you want to understand how important your creativity is, how crucial this aspect of yourself is in this divinity-in-training program, just imagine yourself taking your place as a new star, a new sun in the universe. You have graduated. You have your own solar system orbiting around you.

Just as you yourself have been sculpted, it is now your responsibility to oversee the sculpting of beings over countless lifetimes. The responsibility to bring imagined worlds into being, each with their own unique beauty, their own character.

This is quite a job isn’t it?

So what skills will you need to have integrated into your consciousness?




Infinite compassion?

Divine neutrality?

A limitless supply of patience? Belief in the process?

Can you be a hard teacher when it’s needed?

Can you hold firm and not be swayed by the suffering?

Can you carry someone on your back when you believe it is for the best?

Can you stand by and observe an individual being buffeted by the forces of karma, knowing that one day they will learn how to step out of this cycle? Can you continue to create the most beautiful worlds regardless of what is going on around you? Can you do all this while existing, vibrating in a state of nirvana?

This is the nature of the Absolute.

At least part of it.

To build the nature of the Absolute, one must go through eternity training. There are no shortcuts.

Be content.

The universe is in balance.

Your eternity training as a human is perfectly programmed, perfectly delivered.

Each component of your being is perfectly designed for you to move towards your own version of completion.

Each component of your being is perfectly designed for you to finally embrace your divinity. And as you do just that, you will discover that the essence of nirvana is YOU.

Creativity is key.

So attach it securely to a chain and keep it safe in your pocket.

You can’t lose it that way.

You can’t lose what is truly yours.

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they will call it fantasy, but of course, it was true


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