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Los Lobos - Old Friend, Old Foe


Los lobos


Los lobos - old friend, old foe - so many times we have met. Mutual respect born of shared experiences over so many lifetimes.

Me most often on my own. Solo sovereign self making his way through the wilderness. You most often in your little groups. But sometimes, only sometimes, you came to meet me alone too.

You always tracking me, waiting for me to make a mistake, to weaken, waiting for my stamina to drop, for my pace to drop, for my guard to drop.

Sometimes what we shared was extraordinarily beautiful - mystical moments on the road. At other times, what I saw, what I felt, was the base, the brutal, the breaking point.

I forgive you. I have learned through you how to transcend these tower moments. I have learned from you how to do it my way.

And although you most often got your way in the end, I thank you for what we shared together. I thank you for how you helped sculpt the being I would become.

Take care though friend. This time I am stronger, fitter, quicker. I am better equipped, I am lighter and more experienced.

Indeed, I am full of light now, and free from fear.

My transformation has made me much more than I was before.

I have the very highest quality support and the finest magic at my disposal.

And the world has moved on - I have some pretty cool tech in my bag now - beware.

I can move on and away quickly now rather than get cut down by the cold.

If you really want to play again - take care - make sure you’re at the very top of your game.

For our story will never again end the same.

Go well.

Till the next time…


Los lobos



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