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The Creator State - Pure Love Ascension



As the teachings of quantum physics and evolved spirituality begin to merge more completely, our ability to access THE CREATOR STATE on the post-2012 New Earth has upgraded considerably.

The reality is that we are going through a supercharged jump in evolution.

Our co-creative self-expressions have a profound and discernible effect on the unified field of consciousness, giving us an awesome opportunity to step into our power as divine beings.

We are being gifted the chance to embrace awakening to remembering our true essence.

Everything in our lifetime has led us to this point.

Indeed, everything in the sum of our lifetimes has led us to this point, to this moment.

Know that we are the Earth angels we have been waiting for.

No longer are we bound by old karma - or rather tired old cellular consciousness.

No longer are we necessarily bound by any kind of limitation and old programming.

We can now step up to be the masters that we are.

And have a whole lot of fun while we are doing it...

It's all about LOVE, and a very particular kind of love.

This is



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