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What Is Ascension?




In this film, Permanent Pilgrim explores the question: WHAT IS ASCENSION?

“As far as we are aware, for the first time in the history of the universe, a third dimensional planet, our Earth, together with all its inhabitants, is being adjusted and gradually stepped up in frequency from the third dimension, through fourth dimension, and into fifth dimension and beyond. This is Ascension.”


This video covers:

First Wave experiences of gradual integration of the spiritual light body into one’s physical form.

Post-2012 New Earth Operating System Dynamics.

Journey to Solo Sovereign Self.


Zero Point.

How every aspect, layer & level of an individual being undergoes acute transformation through - the merge of higher/divine/infinite and lower/human/finite selves - THE ASCENSION AND DESCENSION PROCESS.

Key Skills Development on the Ascension Path.

3D, 4D, 5D. How the Resurrection of the Planet & the Resurrection of the Self are interlinked. How permanent access to 5D requires the Light Body integration process.

“HOW DO I ASCEND?” Preparation. Advice. Curriculum. Process.

An overview of destinations and what to expect on the path.

A reading of ‘Direct Line To Divine Self’.


You can find information about key skills development on the ascension path here:

Donations to my work can be made here:

Information about my online ascension guidance sessions is here:

Sandra Walter, who I mention towards the end, can be found here:

Onwards and upwards…


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