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Facing the fear of transformation
calling in your divine dna
put it inside them
calling in your divine dna


Soul Body / Photonic Light integrated into your form

(ascension and light body integration came without operating manuals)

There are no "hard fast rules" that apply to "one way" anymore. That was the linear, 3D, 3rd Dimension Density "old way": realities built based upon levels of (un)consciousness (heart closed/ego separation/programming/conditioning, distorted illusions, etc.)


There are pre-ascension realities/timelines and post-ascension ones. These are VERY DIFFERENT. Post-ascension is based upon Unity/Love Consciousness, and creating more and more in alignment with your Higher purpose(s). While the "two" can co-exist within the same space (a little bit), the post-ascension realities will begin to overwrite the lower ones.


With the Light Body, everything we "put" our energy (invest our energy in/focus our energy on), materializes "faster" as our reality here. This means that the Light Body will not tolerate the old anymore. We start to understand, from a Quantum Level/State of Consciousness, that everything we participate in, support, allow, focus our attention on, creates a reality to experience. It also "takes" all of our energy, which becomes our Source Creator Life Force to support, activate, inspire, maintain, sustain, which in turn affects our physical body/reality as well.


The ability to hold the highest states of consciousness, means that the very high amounts of PHOTONIC LIGHT are utilized from our physical body forms. Integrating the Light Body involves existing within/as a FIELD OF LIVING BREATHING CONSCIOUSNESS and everything within this FIELD AFFECTS. This means then that our entire FIELD is our "responsibility" to maintain/sustain, shift, stabilize, hold, which can be simple and easy or as challenging as we allow.


Part of multi-dimensional existence means that our physical Light Bodies function differently than "human/carbon-based" bodies do. Every vibration, every transmission, everything visible/felt/read/seen is important and affects our reality. We live in a massive living holographic field where all is inner-connected, where all works cohesively in Divine Flow, where all has to be maintained IN-TUNE constantly and every vibrational shift affects the entire whole. Our RESPONSIBILITY to hold all together is immense. Until we "gain" the ability to maintain/sustain and HOLD everything with great ease, no matter what's in our field, "how" we live/function/exist changes quite substantially, as clearing our fields constantly is a necessary part of our highest aligned existences here. 


How we "inner-act" with reality changes too. Everything is all about highest vibrational alignment, because IF WE ALLOW LESS "for too long", then that vibrational frequency overrides and starts to affect "the field", which then affects our physical Light Bodies, requiring us to shift, overcome/override and our energy must be stronger to affect the field and change the codes being transmitted, which then affect the trajectory, and the reality we experience. Everyone then must move towards being fully highest aligned, in-tune, responsible for their own everything, contributing, sharing and creating, and this creates a shared reality that is very different than one where there is lack or need.


If there is something to tune/clear, we do this ourselves. It can be as easy as recognising what needs to be shifted, and instant shifting to a much higher frequency bandwidth, or as challenging as me ourselves make it, as deeply embedded programming is a part of a matrix held by our bodies. Each of our abilities to shift/change this matrix at will is different, the more carbon-based, the more linear, the more programming/conditioning/limits/fixed structures in place that have to be re-worked, the time it takes to break these belief systems/structures down takes as long as each is insistent to holding on to them, or as fast as one's heart opens completely and truly consciously chooses to shift OUT and over to a whole new matrix system.


A Christed/Crystalline Matrix system operates on different frequency bandwidths and FROM a very soft, kind, gentle, loving, open, caring place/space/energy. It operates through a UNIFIED CONSCIOUSNESS instead of a separated one. It is very pure and the "signals" transmitted are not "pulling" or "needing" or holding any lack energies at all.


An ego-matrix is not only deeply embedded through an individual’s carbon-based bodies, it is held together within that individual’s field. This is why things are visible, as the MATRIX of one’s reality is not just in their energy, it's in the body too, and held in place by one’s fixed/linear/limited beliefs - this energy is STRONG, whether silent or loud - it doesn't matter as we "hear" energetically, we "see" energetically and we understand "energetically" through an immense geometric system that SHOWS everything. Through this field we also "see" how to shift everything, restructure everything, recode everything, and recode at-will, which then will shift/change the entire reality as quickly as each is truly ready for this.


Every dimension has a different density, different geometric make-up, different codes and "rules". The ability to EMBODY and hold all of these, currently up to the 12th Dimension (templates/DNA/physical make-up/photonic light) takes every ounce of energy we have. The ability to "do this easily" is a process, a massive one, that occurs over many many linear years of deconstructing the old templates and replacing them with all new, a continual recalibration process where Photonic Light completely "re-codes" our physical Light Bodies and our Realities too. This is a vibrational existence, an energetic one where we have a "form", yet this "form" constantly goes through immense upgrades/rewrites as a part of our Gatekeeping/Gridkeeping and Source Consciousness processes/roles here. 


When we "walk" in the physical, we are not in a physical reality, the physical reality is in OUR FIELD, as a part of a massive holographic reality that we inner-act with and have the ability to "dictate" with our own Full Consciousness here. Acclimating takes a lot of time until we get the hang of things. BEing a part of an inner-active reality, a beautiful and magical and magnificent one means that we each have to HOLD this fully within ourselves, and be so totally aware of HOW WE AFFECT THE FIELD, that which dictates our actual experiences here.


HOW we live is nothing like "pre-ascension" was, and when we "complete" various stages of the ascension process, all new dimensions/processes open up, for us to "accomplish" here, as a part of our AGREEMENT on a Soul/Galactic/OverSoul Level here.


Everything becomes QUANTUM, as linear abilities completely change, as do how our bodies "work" as they transition from Linear to more Quantum States all along the way. Physical work is linear, so there are many days/times that we can't do anything "physical" because our physical Light Bodies are being re-coded through "new" quantum codes that break the cellular structures of our bodies down, and until the re-coding, recalibration, re-everything process is complete (integration), we are not easily able to "do" for anyone or anything.


Once our Bodies ARE able to accomplish/produce, we have to CHOOSE what to allow, invest our time/energy in, as every reality is dependent on this now. If we "go human" (ego), then the new holographic structures that hold everything in place, they all collapse. NEW Earth is nothing like OLD, and how we live/exist is nothing like old either. It's an entire Quantum Field where every vibration affects the greater whole. For all LIVING NEW EARTH REALITIES, these are completely different frequency bandwidths (densities). What each contributor holds and transmits out is what dictates the New Earth experience. It's a multi-dimensional experience, that's fluid, soft and pure, it's surreal at times, dreamy at times and so very beautiful.


"Getting here" is not as the human aspect would "think" (or desire). It's a process, an immense one, where our entire body/form/reality has to be completely reworked according to cosmic codes, pre-ascension human programming isn’t catered to anymore.


NEW EARTH is available to EACH as a whole NEW REALITY, as each individual fully chooses, commits and puts in the time/energy/resources for this. NEW EARTH REPLACES our old realities. Little by little or in huge steps. This is determined by many things, many of them unique to the individual, and nothing linear at all. 


NEW EARTH IS A FREQUENCY BANDWIDTH EXPERIENCED through our entirely connected, deep sacred heart, through our own PURE Connection, and the more we HOLD this, the more NEW Earth becomes our new HOME. Ascension involves days and nights full of MASSIVE PHOTONIC ACTIVITY to support and assist each with this huge transition that we all agreed to before incarnating/walking in here. Embracing, honoring, allowing and choosing, all a part of how "simple" or complicated this all is for each individual walking this path. 


We choose SIMPLE, the ego aspect chooses all of the other ways that are not. ♥


Reality is nothing as the human aspect perceives and it takes full expansion 24/7 to do this with great ease. It takes complete inner-connectedness and choosing to let go of all things that are not the highest aligned. We then move into phases that will accelerate these processes for all. 


Imagine a matrix and you in it and holding onto it as it collapses, this is how the ego realities work. Imagine one that forms "new realities" easily and "new" appears instantly too. This is how ours works, "how" is up to each one of us. Our hearts must be wide open to be truly ready to live this fully here.


And remember - If you find yourself clearing/experiencing immense density, this is an important part of the process too. Hang in there and hold love and respect and know the moment your heart opens completely, that everything will shift for you too. ♥ Inside first... then outside... ♥


As we complete the integration process, then all becomes “easier” because old timelines have collapsed/cleared your body, old codes have broken down, with new ones replacing them and transmitting out "new frequencies", which cause new realities to come forth. This works completely differently than the old days of "trying so hard". This is the opposite. This is an allowing while choosing what "not" to experience anymore. ♥

adaptation of an article by

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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