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3D 4D and 5D - The Dimensions and Their Differences



This is Part 2 in this series of 3 connected articles designed to help unpick the terminology around dimensions and move towards understanding the enormity of what is going on. Here we are looking at these as both new vibrational planes of existence, and newly accessible realms coming online for HUman 5D ascension.

The key to understanding this article's perspective is that this is the first time in the history of the universe that a third dimensional physical body (Earth), together with all its inhabitants, is being 'adjusted' and stepped up in gradual frequency through fourth dimension and into fifth dimension...

It is also crucial to realise that the process of gradual integration of lightbody while in human form MUST be undertaken in order for this 5D ascension shift to take place.

This subject is being covered in the ongoing 'The Emergence of the Light Body' series here on the Be All You Are blog. You can find Part 1 of that here:

and then it should be easy to navigate your way through this series.


Please be very careful when digesting terminology used and presented as fact, especially by individuals engaged in public facing spiritual marketing activities, and by many within alternative and spiritual communities and movements at this time. As has always happened with an influx of new teachings, terminologies and definitions and explanations are being twisted and reshaped in order to more easily and comfortably fit personas, messages and brands.

There is a lot of confusion out there, a lot of misplaced certainty, and a lot of whatever-the-opposite-of-humility-is. And, of course, there are many fabulous and wonderfully varied perspectives that have great great value in any given moment.


So - the question I am most often asked by visitors to my website is about 3D 4D and 5D - the dimensions and their differences. Indeed, consistently and without fail, the most visited page of Be All You Are is called '3D 4D and 5D explained'.

I have always been somewhat bemused by this but to better answer this question I decided to put together this little series of 3 blog posts which address this issue from quite different perspectives. My suggestion is to practice your non-dualistic thinking by reading each of the three posts, understanding that many truths can co-exist at the same time, that there are many layers and nuances to this subject, and that this most often misrepresented shift to living in 5D is a super deep process that not so many people actually have experience of.

Below is the second of the 3 articles. It was written by Polaris AB and originally published on

I am including it here in a slightly adapted form, as the second of the 3 connected perspectives on this subject.

You can find the first article here:

And the third article here:

Enjoy the clarity...


First Dimension

First Dimension

The Mineral Kingdom and its conscious awareness of the properties of solid matter and the forces that hold it together: gravity, magnetism, chemical bonds, geometric crystal patterns etc.

Second Dimension

The Plant Kingdom and its conscious awareness. Here we find the beginnings of life sustained by the nutrients of the First Dimension. Reproduction and growth in perfect manner to sustain its own kind with the requirement of light to produce photo synthesis - the conversion of light into liquid sugar food.

Third Dimension

Third Dimension conscious awareness is the current natural state for Humans on Planet Earth (Terrans).

We thrive on the energy we get from other forms of third dimension creatures as well as from the lower dimensions. Individuals will vary in terms of what combinations of nutrition and input is optimal. This is the symbiotic relationship that takes place on each planet on a material level.

We have an animal body and the animal mind which has developed to keep us alive on the planet. This mind is overseen by the EGO. The ego locks us into patterns of behaviour and physical senses, feeds us interpretation of our surroundings, and ensures we remain competitive in order to survive.

Third Dimension is a material world based on the gathering, consuming and manipulation of material substances.

Fourth Dimension

Fourth Dinension is the gateway between material and spiritual existence. We start entering this dimension when we purposefully move away from the ego mind and seek a higher purpose in our lives, other than the repetitive patterning of others. We break free from the expectations and illusions of a belief pattern, and this begins with the opening of the heart consciousness.

The feelings of duality continue into this dimension as we still view the world as dark/light, good/bad, male/female etc. But we begin to purge ourselves of the patterned beliefs, and balance the properties within us.

We are moving towards a sense of oneness…

The new senses and understanding start to take us in a differing direction, and the removal of perceiving negativities allows us to control our thoughts in a higher vibrational manner. Our awareness expands beyond that of our immediate survival needs towards truth and enlightenment of the true nature of ourselves. We let go of that which previously controlled us and start to control ourselves. This requires us to change and to control our ego mind.

Some Background

Explanation for 5D-4D-ASTRAL

Previously, to move from 3D to 5D required death and separation from the physical body. Transition occurred through the Fourth Dimensional bridge to reach 5D.

Many disembodied souls chose to stay as spirit in the Fourth Dimension, refusing to move into the Fifth, so that they could try and continue some semblance of their previous life, by re-enacting unresolved issues or influencing events and people that remained on Earth.

Although these Astral frequencies are higher than Third Dimension, they are denser in nature. We can avoid the influence of these ‘trapped’ souls, and make sure that they do not cross our paths, by staying in high vibrational patterns of thought (as well as feelings, actions etc.) which place our frequencies and our ‘point of perception’ above this level.

However, many loved ones that have passed over remain in the Fourth Dimension for a short while to oversee their former families before choosing to move on. It is this 4D that many mediums use to see and contact spirit. Frequencies and vibrations that are higher than can be seen with our physical eyes, can be seen by opening up the ‘third eye’. These individual spirits too are being moved on towards Fifth Dimension and beyond. Free will applies across all dimensions as all exist at the same time.

Fifth Dimension

Fifth Dimensional entry occurs when we merge our spiritual lightbody with our physical body. The lightbody is our higher self - our true spiritual nature - our divine eternal essence.

For this to occur the physical body must be sufficiently high vibration. Physical changes within us are currently occurring to allow this to happen.

It is not governed by time but by understanding and realisation known as enlightenment. It occurs when we harmonise   all that we are. This is a deep deep process.  It progressively changes our focus, thought patterns, emotional states, reactions, actions, behaviours, habits, beliefs and abilities, transforms our subtle bodies, and requires the gradual integration of the lightbody into our human form.

The Fifth Dimension is beyond logical understanding because it is a dimension that bears no relation to the laws known in the physical world. It is a flowing energetic world of instant possibility and creation and will create the golden age of heaven on earth


There are many 5D beings and planets already elsewhere in the galaxy but they have not been raised from a lower frequency first.

Higher encoded light waves and particles are being sent to Earth from the Central Sun, across the cosmos to help increase the vibrations within the frequencies. These are arriving in monthly waves and many are experiencing these in different ways depending on each individual’s journey. This may include forms of Ray-diation, motion sickness or seasickness, flu-like symptoms with extreme tiredness, and many other forms besides.

Acceptance and grounding of these waves of energy is key to adapting to higher frequencies of vibration within the physical self. The higher the frequencies, the more the discharge of lower negative frequencies. These can cause extreme distress and dis-comfort. This process may lead one to question whether one is ‘going crazy’ or create periods of depression/bipolarity.

Fifth Dimension requires a balance of all that we are, including male/female traits. Previously we created and used karma as a blueprint to plan and bring to ourselves events and situations to act out certain behaviours in order to learn the lessons and incorporate the experiences into our lightbodies.

This was spread over many soul emanations, often requiring an entire lifetime to learn at least one lesson to take back to the soul. This is speeding up to such an extent that we may find, over the next few years, all remaining lessons happening all at once, for us to understand and accept all that we must to enter Fifth Dimension.

Unless we consciously choose to change our minds and attitudes and our states of being towards the higher purpose of what is happening - events will unfold before us to ensure that we DO understand.

Many have found the last few years difficult and will continue to do so over the next few years, unless they ‘awaken’ to the realities that many thousands are beginning to understand:


The door of Fifth Dimension opens once acceptance of all that happens in your life and knowledge that it all serves a greater purpose. Indeed, at some point in one’s gradual integration of lightbody, one will begin to see the divine in all interactions, situations, and observations.

One must move towards remaining calm and centred and aware of emotional feelings and mental attitudes of all events as they unfold. Mastering the merger of male and female energies and using the right attitude at the right time, rather than allowing the emotions and fear/power creating behaviours of others to influence your heart/mind decisions.

It would be all too easy to add at this time the much used saying ‘follow your heart’.

But the concept of using the heart to dictate actions rather than the ego mind can only be experienced not explained.

There is also no point in adding exercises or affirmations or paragraphs of actions to follow. All must choose their own paths. We are all individually responsible. The time of taking the indoctrinated routes dictated by parents, peers, teachers, employers, cultures, communities we identify with, and governing bodies, that has led us to the current state on Earth has passed.

We are all on the path of spiritual evolution and ascension - whether we choose to recognise it or not.

Those who find themselves on the journey of gradual integration of lightbody while in human form, will discover that much of what they have read about what is occurring on our planet at this time is inaccurate or distorted.

This is a time when many sacred teachers and teachings will appear in people’s life streams. One will find what one needs to find at any given time, read or hear the words one needs at the correct moment. One will most likely discover individual teachers, one by one, whose teachings totally resonate,

whose word they trust completely, even rely on for a time.

And then, just as suddenly, one moves onwards and upwards, one integrates the learnings, and one no longer requires or searches for anything else from this source.

Another source comes in, another perspective, another level, another awareness, and so it continues…



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