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3D (not really) 4D and 5D - A Permanent Pilgrim Poet’s Perspective


Art by Cameron Gray


This is Part 3 in this little series of 3 connected pieces designed to help unpick the terminology around dimensions and move one towards a more complete understanding of the enormity of what is going on at this time.

The series is looking at 3D 4D and 5D - the dimensions and their differences.

Each article presents a perspective with its own layers and nuances.

My suggestion is to practice your non-dualistic thinking by reading each of the three posts, understanding that this most often misrepresented shift to living in 5D is a super deep process that not so many people actually have experience of. Yet.

Here we are looking my own poetic interpretations and participant observations of the ascension process. Below is an excerpt from 'Singular Particular' - an epic poem (25,000 words) that will be appearing in my forthcoming book - 'Permanent Pilgrim'. I don't go much into 3D here as exiting old modalities is a theme throughout much of the work so that subject is well covered, and banging on about negative stuff in any given section is not at all my style. The number 3 in this piece is absolutely focused on creativity and self-expression and levelling up. 4D as a gateway/bridge, and 5D, both temporary access to and as permanent abode, are explored.

The first half of 'Singular Particular' (13,000 words) will be published in the coming weeks here on Be All You Are. For any budding writers out there, it forms the basis for the book proposal that will be sent to publishers and agents.

The perspective of this piece nicely overlaps with those perspectives already presented.

You can find the first article here:

You can find the second article here:


The protagonist in 'Singular Particular' finds himself somewhat railroaded into the first wave of ascension as for the first time in the history of the universe a third dimensional physical body (Earth), together with all its inhabitants, is being 'adjusted' and stepped up in gradual frequency through fourth dimension and into fifth dimension...

The poem covers many different subjects such as - making creativity the driving force in your life - self-realisation - the nature of eternal love - the merge between higher and lower self - searching and finding - harmony within and without - and, yes, the process of gradual integration of lightbody while in human form which MUST be undertaken in order for 5D ascension to take place.








out of nothing all originates

ideas and sparks form sweeping arcs

in a sky that always changes

be free

self-creation truly starts from here

the downloads come through crystal clear

these higher self and lowest shelf exchanges

listening to your voice - evolving your style

finding your why - then smiling your smile

recombination of components in wonderful ways

production of penetrating insight

future, past and present combined

with who you want to be defined

rewired reality around you rearranges

we see

a world in which we play our part

that nature she inspires our art

that to really come into one's own

we must cultivate our roots alone

from our passion springs our water's well

as we fashion things that cast their spell

we look and touch and taste and feel

we hear the truth the birds reveal

we innovate and put our new

into everything we choose to do

we collaborate with artists too

but most carefully we choose the who

a trainee

on a journey to discover

who and what i really am

true self i can recover

through this pure program

with learner and teacher and master united

the apprentice is up to top table invited

with our progress these aspects are duly delighted

there’s not a need for a single exam


through discipline to make the time

for creative flow we climb sublime

techniques are learned and layers dug

practice into ourselves we plug

use all that on the way we find

to leave behind the daily grind

our output gives us confirmation

this is the way to total transformation

i am i am i am i am i am


write fact dressed as fiction - not fiction dressed as fact

give each verse its jurisdiction for the best impact

choose for episodes' depiction words with meaning closely packed

tighter lines carry conviction - all compressed - compact

our circuitry is different - the how we interact

the way we are efficient and make real the world’s abstract

we’re both full of contradiction and the most exact

this freedom from restriction keeps our own intact

we are careful with our diction when we’re reading an extract

for the texture of description does the unbeknown attract


to join the few in pastures new - be wise - set out your stall

your wherewithal - your clarion call - one size does not fit all

be true - be you - just jump the queue - and on your feet you’ll fall

you’ll have in view those masters who’ve the power to enthral

you find yourself in what you write

soon no one else has eyes so bright

you take it as far as you possibly can

you make revisions - spick and span

the outcome doesn’t concern you

you’ve always some candles to burn through

comfy clothes and cosy toes

you’re grateful for the life you chose

in partnership with higher mind

the someone else’s left behind

you’ll reach the pinnacle of your craft

you’ve a peach of an office that’s miracle staffed

you know:

i’m otherly

the human condition’s not for me - let others so describe

my acumen’s transition - i’m a born ascension scribe

earthy dreamy quirky be me

purely truly surely suits me

snugly wholly far from homely

lovely lonely i need only



the key

your essence expressed - your dreams made manifest

the wind forever blowing you forward

chart the course you receive - in yourself you believe

breathing life through priorities reordered

build a re-imagined world with your sails unfurled

through the numbers move upward and onward


unbendingly quadrangular

when i catch this bitch i'll strangle her

wisdom, strength - to any length i'll go

do more

solidity of structure whose boundaries protect

a frame for your creations to better project

a fluidity instructor building self-respect

as you move towards perfecting your flow


with a box for an energy - holding your idea

now rooted in the astral - all that you hold dear

up in the ether - supported down below

unexpendable dependable will help you better grow

the door

to a life full of meaning

is always left ajar

your new projects there convening

calling from afar

this your beauty-duty balance in its greening


once again he appears in a vivid dream

with a variation on a theme

of what you learn from beings supreme

of how you float and flow upstream

of when your vessel to redeem

of how this cat can get its cream


“i intervene in the in-between

these words i speak to thee

in timelessness connection’s clean

and what will be will be”

“deeper than deep you’ll dive right down

find three keys are located within

and on this dive you cannot drown

it's lit by the flame of your twin

first you’ll find a love unconditional

for yourself you will adore

next you’ll love this journey additional

to the journeys you’ve lived before

then a love beyond the traditional

for another will you restore”

"and as soon as you find this third

you'll be answered - i give you my word

what was dormant will suddenly wake

kundalini will up through you snake

from the base of your spine

bursts this force serpentine

and the hand of the goddess you'll take

uncoiled and rising


your who we'll between us remake"

“in store

no more square and squat and angular

an elsewhere that’s not rectangular

the gateway’s here into the fifth

increasing entry shall be granted

a rationale that’s newly planted

into 4d will you convey herewith:”

“you’ve already moved with purpose away from ego mind

when ready you’ll be pre-approved - with limits left behind

releasing all convention - survival mode supplanted

fourth dimension - new locale - arrival road enchanted

a dream state of imaginative image and input

raw methods, forms and forces - you’ll be feeling underfoot

all aspects of existence - the awareness is provided

an architect’s assistance to a knowing non-lopsided

on those five senses you’ve relied

now higher skills run alongside

a rubicon for you to cross - a new way to be guided”


the operating system of your higher self’s design

embedded in your changing form - your bio-crystalline

the features of the fourth dimension live in your life stream

these teachers switch attention - truths are more than what they seem

the sixth sense is intuitive

the seventh sense is mine

to elevate perception - bless

they will in you combine”

“immediate understanding at the start will be defied

to remediate longstanding views - these senses are applied

a feeling of being between two worlds initially may result

as the ego thinks it’s strapped to a pneumatic catapult

through training in third density - the wanderer’s polarised

sustaining strong intensity - exposure’s authorised

more efficient here than in the more harmonious densities

this schooling grooms a set of more ingrained propensities”


individuals must release the learnings harboured in folklore

and turn their back on what seems stable, safe and more secure

repetitive pattering sewn by others unpicked and brushed aside

the words on loan from would be mothers hushed or woe betide

emotions may well overwhelm - wild dreams in overload

peripheral light anomalies - familiar furloughed

the busy mind it pussyfoots - it says - i can’t process

these multidimensional inputs will continue nonetheless”


material and spiritual existence here is bridged

the 4d gateway tests the seer - this portal’s privileged

in daily life one integrates the higher self’s perception

a ranging road this activates - each heart without exception

one learns to truly utilise the pathway of intention

just set your wishes and desires - no need for circumvention

time and space no longer will be factors that prevent

achieving your soul purpose in this loving life event”

“you’ll soar

above the shared but shaky ground on which you thought you stood

intent declared - now homeward bound - all for the highest good

new aspects they are guaranteed to start to supersede

the ego mind - it will concede - no longer you mislead

your integration - adaptation - charts between and in

remember that for your migration - art’s your peregrine”



pentacular spectacular

befriendingly vernacular

expanding now we glimpse 5d


at understanding your emotions are wiring your light

new dialogues in motion inspiring delight

shape feeling and notion and cause them to ignite

disentangled from distortion - co-creating out of sight

an artist living wild and free


harmony within builds harmony without

and soon you hear the stories of a she-wolf hereabout

both curious and furious - all the locals shout

unpredictable convictable - that's my girl - no doubt


you've chosen to believe in yourself and now

you've been released from groupthink and you've flown somehow

all dogmatic interference you no longer allow

your own progress you do oversee


right down and explore the deepest reaches of your core

putting out the work that comes from there will see your ceilings soar

all the stuff that makes you who you are's not hidden anymore

these new wings you've grown as you now own your vulnerability


to bring about the way to shout - i love the all i am

here i hangout - yes without doubt - i am my own ashram

self acceptance - sweet expectance

this the first key found

no dissonance - the consequence

i kiss this solid ground

test drive

to take your place in fifth dimension - to make permanent

the thorough purge - as selves converge - one cannot this prevent

the physical changes they will come - the lightbody awaits

for now we work on how and what - to tease apart the gates

new patterns of behaviour are a choice - free will respected

personal preference, selfish purpose, singular mind rejected

these patterns aren’t instinctual - there are no activations

one must relearn habitual - adhere to applications


let go - surrender - your mindset

by casting wide your neural net

a higher flow is hereby set

‘tis tricky to comply and yet

you’ll better cope

within the scope

of 5d frequencies

these patterns follow natural laws

discernment - truth - no hidden flaws

your shadow in the shade withdraws

when shallow thought is given pause

you’ll recognise this choice within

you’ll humanise donatic din

you can ignore

already pure

no hive of secrecies

instruction comes with demonstration

show destruction transformation

follow close your inspiration

take this dose of liberation

the revelation shift will come alive

from explosion to expression

with devotion to obsession

comes a potion for progression

always was in your possession


move over and

let drive



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