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Lusher than Lush




colder than cold

your heart had grown

its greyness felt within

bolder than bold

your choice to fall

and to once again begin

through crisis came the breakthrough

an awakening most profound

through your cracks the light streamed right on cue

your being to surround

lusher than lush

the girl you saw

when she drew the curtain back

flusher than flush

the hand they dealt

to colour what once was black

your beauty is always noticed

by these irregular eyes

your smile so clear it couldn't be missed

a heaven sent surprise

harder than hard

it was to feel

the connection cut by rust

the way ahead barred

the flames blown out

as the wind began to gust

you'd not yet learned the light was you

and your faith began to fade

till the end of the triggered quest was due

re-union would be delayed

deeper than deep

you dived right down

three keys to locks were found

steeper than steep

the road you climbed

to live on higher ground

your soulmates came in one by one

and helped you to ascend

re-occurrence, lifetimes past re-run

all illusion you would transcend

sweeter than sweet

the vision

when our paths again did cross

neater than neat

the timing

instigated by the boss

as the phoenix spread its wings alight

shared essence filled the room

from the embers, fire did re-ignite

hearts' lotus chose to bloom

stronger than strong

the seed had grown

through the dirt, the dark, the pain

the key yours all along

cut to free the unknown

and kept safely on its chain

the internal worlds of the mirror souls

each other's truth would now reflect

no chapters skipped as you played your roles

a tale to heaven and earth connect

brighter than bright

your light did shine

illuminating all the dust

tighter than tight

the realign

when-to-pair the two would trust

as all the old ways passed away

all that wasn't you dissolved

"i'm better on my own" you say

fear's projections would be resolved

purer than pure

your love became

as your selves began to merge

surer than sure

your footing

as you stood there on the verge

you two perfectly imperfect

each crafted by the other's hand

devotion, passion and desire

without condition or demand

hotter than hot

the flames did burn

sacred union we did taste

an ideal knot

our bodies formed

with our chakras interlaced

we both trembled as completion neared

fusion opened wide the gate

and through it higher light was steered

to an earth we helped create

clearer than clear

the mission

to express so all might see

a dearer than dear


for divine humanity

then up there in the sky above

two new stars would take their place

and between them build a bridge of love

to eternally embrace

so many many mansions

there are in the house of the lord

and in those many mansions

so many gods do board

onwards and upwards






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