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Direct Line To Divine Self


Direct Line To Divine Self



you've a direct line to god

it's as simple as that

he's listed in your contacts

in another name in fact

source, higher self, imaginary friend

you knew in the beginning

and you'll know it at the end

you'll kick yourself a thousand times

when you discover it was true

the lord god almighty, WTF!

was speaking, yes, to you

that gentle yet persistent voice

would drive you round the bend

you said “it's spam”, “it's not for me”

a reply you would not send

he told you time and time again

what you were doing wasn't you

sometimes he'd kick you in the balls

and leave you black and blue

but up you'd get and build again

your house on grains of sand

and when the wind would blow it down

squat someone else's land

you soldiered on and on and on

but he just wouldn't shut his gob

you did your best to drown him out

but booze just wouldn't do the job

so you spent ten years in the space cadets

and it was really rather fun

but like so many folk before you

flew a little too close to the sun

and then one day you did something

you'd never done before

you lifted up the drawbridge

and bolted shut the door

they tried to call, to interfere

give advice you did not want

but you stood your ground, and turned the dial

to your personal commandant

“now listen here”, you heard him say

“you're there to grow your being

wake-up, remember who you are

and change your way of seeing

to free yourself from density

express yourself and play

we're sculpting you most carefully

so you'll be like me some day”

and that was when you realized

that you too were a central sun

divinity in trainers

with nowhere left to run

a single cell of heaven-sent

nirvana's building block

you'd steered your course, you'd found your way

and all upon this rock

“i'm conscious, present, here and now”

you told everyone you knew

you posted twenty times a day

your fan base slowly grew

“i've a christed state of consciousness”

you just couldn't keep it in

they stamped the papers straightaway

drove you off to the loony bin

you'll kick yourself a thousand times

when you discover it was true

the lord god almighty, WTF!

was speaking, yes, to you

you changed your phone, you cut the line

when would this nonsense end?

you said “it's spam”, “it's not for me”

you decided to unfriend

they jacked you up, they tranquilized

they tied you to a bed

they told you to improve your health

gave you pharma-fug instead

you managed to maintain your strength

slipped closer to the door

and when he beamed you out of there

their mouths they hit the floor

you wandered lonely as a cloud

wrote poetry and prose

you walked the miles in gratitude

for the awesome life you chose

and that's when bliss and ecstasy

began to enter every cell

you wrote this story for yourself

only you would dare to tell

and pretty soon your light did shine

kundalini it did wake

cleared everything that wasn't you

the journey of the snake

they cut you deep, they pressed delete

so you'd fill you up with love

live a life of juicy service

that would fit you like a glove




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