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journeys to self in ways that work



- otherwise known as AYA -

an organism with enormous global scope now ready to be born...​​


This seed of AYA has been specially designed to be extremely well adapted to the new operating system which is now anchored in on our planet.


AYA has at its core the desire that each of you can better discover, align with, express and realize the path you need. That each of you can live visionary lives with your own creativity as the driving force


We have been waiting for the correct context for its germination, growth and subsequent reproduction. Instructions have now been received to begin the process of planting.


The conditions are considered optimum.


As a result,

the concept of AYA is being freely gifted to the worldwide Rainbow Family and Rainbow Gatherings movement.


From September 2024, All You Are will be made available to the various Rainbow Families to run move towards...

If that occurs, then All You Are will have found its home within the Rainbow movement. It will bring a new dimension to those gatherings where it is present and will greatly assist in harnessing the self-evolution energy which Rainbow Gatherings are so good at facilitating.


Humble beginnings in fertile soils are considered advantageous for strong and fruitful future growth.

The vision of All You Are is awaiting your input...

We  will be building fully functional VISION FACTORIES, beautiful and effective DREAM FACTORIES, for the highest good of all concerned.

, align with, express and realize the path you need...

All You Are can be seamlessly integrated into existing gatherings - all we need is a separate area -or can take place as a standalone gathering in its own right - large or small.

The challenging aspect of AYA will be the repeated construction of its centrepiece in this separate area. This will be either a dome or a roundhouse type construction built out of local, natural materials. The requirement is that some part of this, preferably the roof or the walls or both, is made of a honeycomb structure. That we build into the construction cells of interlinked honeycomb shaped spaces.

The honeycomb element could be very basic or more advanced in design. Its fabrication will most likely vary depending on where the Gathering is located. Different ways, different materials, different interpretations around the world using variations on this theme to create the structure. One such design is based on a traditional MILKWOOD ROUNDHOUSE, without walls but with its roof made of this 3D honeycomb structure, fabricated simply, using wood and canvas.

This is the focal point of AYA. A focal point to fire the imagination.




…journeys to self in ways that work...



Most gatherings take place on or near to either existing ancient pilgrimage routes or walking paths of some description.

Pilgrimage - by which we mean a JOURNEY TO SELF - is a key component of AYA.

AYA encourages those who attend a RAINBOW GATHERING to undertake a pilgrimage before they arrive. A minimum of 1 week is recommended but the duration and manner of pilgrimage will be up to the individual. Hike your own hike etc etc...

This pilgrimage is a kind of VISION QUEST.

Of course there are many other ways that one could integrate a pilgrimage - a journey of self-discovery and self-enquiry - into attending a Rainbow Gathering.

The guidance is for the individual to focus on allowing vision to present itself during this time. Some examples of open questions to ask would be:

Who do I want to be?What do I want to do?

What would I like to create through my own life lived?

What do I need to make that happen?

How do I connect with my life purpose(s)?

How can I find my place in the totality?

How do I start?

How can I get rid of all the stuff that's holding me back? I feel powerless to change, how can I?

How do I get from A to B when I don't even know where B is?

Individuals will arrive at Rainbow and be able to decompress and crystallize their process and their pilgrimage experience. Those who are choosing to engage with AYA will be invited to contribute an expression of the vision they have been connected with along the way. Each will be given an individual cell of the AYA honeycomb in which this expression - painting, picture, poem, piece of writing, lyrics, song or whatever - will be housed for the duration of the gathering.

This is your imaginal cell.

These AYA areas will not be meant for workshops or teaching but specifically to provide individuals with a space to continue listening to their own truth and working on their expressions.

But at times, of course, we can turn the spaces into performance areas in rainbow style - and have that high vibration of music, drumming, performance of whatever kind - helping to increase the manifesting power of our dream factory and the beautiful creations contained therein.


For All You Are, honeycomb is absolutely central as it symbolizes the fulfilment of the potential of the whole, where each imaginal cell is, in fact, unique.

As an algorithm, it minimizes the space between cells.

The honeycomb structures can act as both symbolic and practical tools for expression and the manifestation of this work. They give a dramatic impression and allow for the blurring of the boundaries between audience and performers.

The focus on honeycomb will also strongly connect with the presence that AYA will be building in the virtual world.

Yes…that will be a controversial element…



All You Are also wishes to become involved in developing an internet application to support the actualisation of the visions, projects and raw ideas expressed by those who engage with us. This is of great importance.

This may begin slowly, for example, simply by effectively tagging, logging, documenting and recording these visions on-site, and developing a relatively simple application. Most probably we will need individuals to summarize their vision in a paragraph - using keywords and such like - this will depend on what the application needs to work well.

AYA will always respect the decision of Rainbows to keep technology away from gatherings, but this requirement to record the visions will most likely need some technological input. Perhaps this happens at the end of the Gathering. Decisions will need to be made about this.

We’ll be able to create a platform through which people can be connected with others who can help to make their vision a reality, and with the resources required.

These resources could be the tools, the space, the finances, the time, the support, the life situation, the focus.

We{re looking to develop our own application with honeycomb a key part of its functionality.

Can you help with that?Is that similar to your own vision?

Are you interested in creating virtual platforms that are so well fed into by the natural world?

Is that your area of expertise?Is that kind of development work your passion?

The balance between the natural and virtual aspects AYA has been carefully created so that individuals can better navigate, with purpose, the waters of this new era of conscious, creative evolution that we are all living in.

AYA is designed as a hyper-reality of whole centred consciousness, as a place for chance to incubate, for joining our unique individual genius, for discovering and answering callings, and for giving birth to awakened new roles and projects.

The key to AYA’s success is that individuals will go through a process both by walking on the pilgrimage routes and by attending the gatherings themselves that connects them with their raw vision, unspoiled, uncluttered by the stresses and strains of everyday life, the opinions of others, or the machinations of general society in the modern world.

Once this raw idea has been expressed and harnessed, it exists in its pristine state, and the power within it exists. That can never be taken away.

Whatever doubts come into the consciousness of the individual, whatever difficulties get in the way of the vision's realization, it doesn't really matter - it has been documented and recorded in its pristine state - the idea itself has already been birthed. It will remain in its power in the virtual world until the individual is ready to begin.

The long term plan is to be able to build on this raw idea and resource individuals to follow the path of their vision, resourced and supported, with ease and grace.

Through their contact with AYA individuals will be supported to live their lives as the highest expression of self and in the elevation of their work, aligned with their passion and their vision, to mean life purpose.



We will be focused on getting things going on the ground for now, but opportunities to grow will no doubt come. We may need backers, investors with vision, collaborators and partners, to help us grow in certain directions. Alternatively, we may not.

Although AYA will always be free within the Rainbow contexts, at some point it may become an organism - a body - through which resources are flowing. It will therefore need to be modelled.


If indeed that is the case, 2 models stand out: Private Foundation and Benefit Corporation.

Looking at one of these as an example, we can see that a Benefit Corporation is a type of corporate entity that can make profit but that has positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment, as its legally defined goals, in that the definition of 'best interest of the corporation' is specified to include those impacts. Such an organisation is a strong form, a strong model which can more easily go head to toe with some of of the world's purely profit driven corporate entities. It also allows one to run events, activities and processes for free, for money, or however one wants to in any given situation. Any money coming through this entity can be reinvested into the core values, mission and vision of the corporation, which in AYA’s case means better resourcing individuals to follow their dreams and live their true essence.


Some example CORE KNOWINGS IDEAS can be found here and below...


All You Are identifies as a transformational platform to show that self interest and mutual best interest, can, in the right conditions, be identical.

...some AYA core knowings...


All You Are aims to enable people to access doorways to the creation of less linear, more fulfilling lives. Direct experience will show how social convergence can be the key to our hearts' desires, how each life purpose is vital in the emerging body of humanity, and how going deeper inward awakens our social potential, positioning us in the right context.


We understand that by going deeper inward, each individual's personal evolution has the potential to awaken in us the design of our unique vision and a new role for ourselves which will be best realized, not by permanent separation, but by deeper participation with others.

We trust in the power of pilgrimage to assist in revealing our new pathways to us.

We support holistic modular transformative educational practices that revolve around the essence of each individual.

We understand, that although not perfect, Rainbow is the best seeding ground and an excellent starting point for following your dreams, embracing who and what you really are, and being supported along that road. Rainbow Gatherings are superb locations for individuals to release any blockages that they may have and which may be stopping them from fully self-actualizing. We aim to support Rainbow in its continuing growth and evolution.

All You Are chooses to be a communicator of a more benevolent cosmology of limitless possibility, which more accurately reflects the opportunities available to each individual should they choose to engage with the curriculum continuously being laid out in front of them.

We aspire to be fully present both in the natural world and the virtual world. We will operate to the best of our abilities in both domains, creating integrated pathways to living visionary lives.

We help individuals to simplify their life in alignment with vision, to capture raw ideas for the long term, in creative expression facilitation, in self-empowerment and personal development, in virtual and real world networking, being linked with others to help realise one’s ideas, and walking a path to living as authentic self.

We are about building long term success rather than focusing on short term gains.

All You Are is absolutely for everyone and must always remain accessible to all.

All You Are is essentially spiritual in character, without being explicitly so, and without requiring any belief other than the choice to believe in yourself and now.

Yes, AYA has the potential to have profound personal, social, and evolutionary impact.


At this time, what's important is to connect with others who can see the possibilities in the design and come together to begin making it happen, begin grounding it all.


A seed has been created, a seed that now requires planting...





+44 7947 467642

Not affiliated to any religion, or idealists in any sense, we simply understand that for any whole to function well, whether that be an individual, an organization, a body, an organism, a family, a classroom, a method of education, or a community, its constituent parts should be working towards resonating at their highest possible level.


~ AYA ~



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