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Singular Particular


this is a sneak preview of 'singular particular'

it's the first of the epic poems which will appear in my book: 'permanent pilgrim'

and it's what i'm currently working on.

our protoganist loses a husky called 'bliss'. after receiving instructions in a lucid dream to set out on a journey and explore the numbers - none to thirteen - he finds himself dropping into deeper and deeper layers of self-realization, until...

well, that would be telling, wouldn't it.

it's an ode to creativity and a manual for the ascension and descension process now presenting itself to so many on our planet.

it's an eternal love story.

it's an autobiography.

it's many many things all rolled into one.

i'm currently deep In the number thirteen, the longest section by far, and thoroughly enjoying every minute spent writing it.

estimated length of the finished piece is 25000 words.

the poem is designed for the pages of a book so i've had to modify some of the line structure for mobile view on these little super-computers we all carry around.

i aim to publish it when it's good and ready here on

with a good wind...


permanent pilgrim poetry


SINGULAR PARTICULAR they will call it fantasy, but of course, it was real the day she left was the worst so far the dog you loved - loss left its scar that cross-bred husky you'd christened 'bliss' just disappeared - you'd been remiss the following night came the lucid dream instructions clear from a being supreme and as you listened to the words he spoke a higher sense of purpose woke "if you wish to find what's gone astray then walk this road, don't stop halfway explore the numbers, search inside and out you'll soon discover what this was all about and when you're whole again and in sovereign command you'll feel who and what you are expand to a state of being that can evoke the magic of your masterstroke” “become a numerical adventurer an empirical deliverer a graduate of my new earth school and through your own life lived, without doubt or fear bliss will return, she'll reappear none to thirteen - you’ll ascend on this ride and with what you uncover, please write us a guide" so familiar was this gentle voice you were left without another choice like honeyed oak your teacher's tone unturned you'd leave no single stone so you packed your bags and grabbed your tarot always would be in front an arrow first steps you took without delay and out of nowhere would appear the way friends - all that i've found in the faraway i shall do my best to now convey ......................... none circular curricula unendingly vehicular centred in this infinite space no one can touch me through the borderline all authority i'll reassign elusive unity of self to chase well done expansion through the modular your motivation not so popular the whereabouts of bliss to chase and have fun as a fool who's not yet even a student incapable of being prudent but finding joy in the commonplace you have begun one singular particular ascending perpendicular everything with ease and grace union of masculine and feminine in alignment with the all within your expression with love embrace here comes the sun that spiritual bridge you love so much is conjured by the magician's touch she warms your face and sets your journey's pace hard won yet interference still from zero cell you own two houses and a gym in hell but know your oneness from this silent place one glove two about more than you just like a mirror to view the core of all relationship a clue from a priestess high secrets supply intuition on which you can rely she'll never let your patience slip break through what it means to exist in duality why we need the presence of boundary with such knowing we ourselves equip new recognition of sameness in all as one dissolution of aimless searching finding footprints in the sand she's almost holding your hand but still a way to go with digit researching true all's an aspect of you - not your missing shoe go figure three bee creativity out of nothing all originates ideas and sparks form sweeping arcs in a sky that always changes be free self-creation truly starts from here the downloads come through crystal clear these higher self and lowest shelf exchanges listening to your voice, evolving your style finding your why, then smiling your smile recombination of components in wonderful ways production of penetrating insight future, past and present combined with who you want to be defined rewired reality around you rearranges we see a world in which we play our part that nature she inspires our art that to truly come into one's own we must cultivate our roots alone from our passion springs our water's well as we fashion things that cast their spell we look and touch and taste and feel we hear the truth the birds reveal we innovate and put our new into everything we choose to do we collaborate with artists true but most carefully we choose the who a trainee on a journey to discover who and what i really am true self i can recover through this pure program with learner and teacher and master united the apprentice is up to top table invited with our progress these aspects are duly delighted there’s not a need for a single exam artistry through discipline to make the time for creative flow we climb sublime techniques are learned and layers dug practice into ourselves we plug we use all that on the way we find to leave behind the daily grind our own output gives us confirmation this is the way to total transformation i am i am i am i am i am the key your essence expressed, your dreams made manifest the wind forever blowing you forward chart the course you receive, in yourself you believe breathing life through priorities reordered build a re-imagined world with your sails unfurled through the numbers move upward and onward four unbendingly quadrangular when i catch this bitch i'll strangle her wisdom, strength - to any length i'll go do more solidity of structure whose boundaries protect a frame for your creations to better project a fluidity instructor building self-respect as you move towards perfecting your flow explore with a box for an energy, holding your idea now rooted in the astral, all that you hold dear up in the ether, supported down below unexpendable dependable will help you better grow the door to a life full of meaning is always left ajar your new projects there convening calling from afar this your beauty-duty balance in its greening five spectacular pentacular befriendingly vernacular expanding now into 5d arrive at understanding.your emotions are wiring your light new dialogues in motion inspiring delight shape feelings and notions to cause them to ignite disentangled from distortion, co-creating out of sight an artist living wild and free alive harmony within builds harmony without and soon you hear the stories of a she-wolf hereabout both curious and furious - all the locals shout unpredictable convictable - that's my girl - no doubt thrive you've chosen to believe in yourself and now you've been released from groupthink and you've flown somehow all dogmatic interference you no longer allow it's your own progress that you oversee dive right down and explore the deepest reaches of your core putting out the work that comes from there will see your ceilings soar all the stuff that makes you who you are's not hidden anymore these new wings you've grown as you now own your vulnerability six sustainable obtainable

when there's a reason for your art unexplainable but trainable

you're anchored in the heart you're making creation - its wisdom to impart you're living in service by standing apart just clicks not for everyone but anyone who senses your joy certain points of perception you may even annoy your inventions are gifted with a life of their own their attentions are lifted from their comfort zone compassion and empathy - with this your work is full your pieces possess their own strong pull new tricks you dream of your husky with a saddle on her back a tiny you is riding her - you're both on track the skills that you've learned by nurturing your needs the capacities you've earned by sowing your seeds embodiment of radical self seems just around the bend no need to rush your chronicle - you'll get there in the end we mix in your dreams are found the lovers, exploring the unseen as once upon a different time together they had been but in her earthly incarnation: polyamory, disrespect and these the aspects of her you would totally reject the muck from out of both of you this process deeply dredges the training hard, its calling card: divine love has sharp edges now female and male can start the merge in each interior for this is how these parts converge in a love that is superior with her wandering dervish formed anew, all about her she would look you're never squandering her wish for you to write your holy book and when she's finally accepted what is written on her heart she'll know that it is you she loves, and it has been from the start now she doesn't want to have to say again a fond farewell but what will be the outcome - only time will tell one love



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