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All Hail The Trustafarian


All Hail The Trustafian



all hail the trustafarian

she proclaimed, "there's no need for money"

then she sat back down

on her velvet clown

lips smeared with manuka honey

all hail the trustafarian

"where i'm queen, it's always sunny

so please come and stay

and do as i say

just make sure my yolks are sufficiently runny"

all hail the trustafarian

she declared, "i'm your easter bunny

the revolution's here

we've soaked it in beer

i'll be the judge of whether you're funny"

all hail the trustafarian

tribe sang, "we've had enough of you sonny"

and when mutiny came

she said she wasn't to blame

and that her father'd once fucked a romani

all hail the trustafarian

her crown'd slipped with her peeps not so chummy

she said, "you don't understand

i'm here with the band

please stop or I'm going to tell mummy"




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