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Mind and Heart and Bridge


Mind and Heart and Bridge



I am Mind. Only I can truly know

I shape the world with thought. Its seeds I sow

A thousand times I've had to walk this way

Each time a little harder than the last

And still I cannot work it out

For I am alone

I am Heart. Only I can help you grow

I shape all with rhythm so that all may flow

A thousand times you've made me walk this way

Each time more painful than the last

And still I cry

For I am alone

Heart. Always beating. Won't let go

Mind. Never feels. Just wants to know

A thousand times we've walked this way

Each time a little closer than the last

Tired from talking. Tired from walking

Tired of being alone

Heart. Please whisper to me. Your truth please show

I'll listen to your wisdom. I'll not say no

A thousand times more we'll walk this way

Each time a little deeper than the last

No need to worry. No need to hope

For we are not alone

Mind. This time. I have a feeling. Very strong

If you can stop your thinking. Not for long

A thousand clouds will clear out of my way

Each time you'll feel me shine through stories past

Now quiet yourself. You'll finally know

You were never alone

And here is Bridge. The way to show

To countless travelers who think they know

A thousand times you've heard them say

"There're jewels in your foundations grey"

Let us together dig down deep to find

Your belly holds the key to Mind

Now thought’s in coalition with the Heart

Found love without condition's just the start

A thousand times we've met you here

This time is different. Without fear

No needs. No wants. The way is in

We trust your journey you will begin

Bridge. Now move. Now practice what you preach

Down in the ground beneath please reach

A thousand times you've told us. Come what may

Let go and find another along the way

Dig deep. We promise that we will build

A bridge to dreams always fulfilled

The clouds have cleared. Real self shines through

It comes when it comes. Serene and true

A thousand times I've stopped just short

This time complete in this sensuous port

I spoke these words so many times before

It's your turn now. I'll speak no more

Perhaps. Once more. I'll walk this way

Some words I'll write. Some notes I'll play

A thousand dreams I'll help begin

A thousand journeys end within

A thousand times but really all the same

Live all you are. Enjoy the game...

Be All You Are



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